isis cosmeceuticals before and after Letters for Tuesday, January 13, 2015

isis cosmeceuticals before and after Letters for Tuesday, January 13, 2015
I would like to endorse the comments of Vivian Davis, North Island, New Zealand (Examiner, January)xa02 ).
Outside of the CBD, our natural areas and protected areas are absolutely overlooked.
The canyon is an asset to our city and should pay more attention to all its methods.
—Peter mainbridge in Launceston
Last week's shooting in Paris was regrettable and tragic, and it is understandable that the world media has carried out extensive and detailed reports on it, I don't understand why another more horrific incident that happened about the same time in northern Nigeria was hardly mentioned.
The terrible thing is that until 2000, in the town of Baga, which borders Chad, the militant Islamist group Boko Haram slaughtered most children, women and the elderly.
The report appears to be unbalanced, or I dare say "important", depending on where the atrocity took place, not to mention the response of world leaders.
—Robert Lee of Summerhill

It provides another year of special support for the work of the Launceston City Mission, especially through your recent call for empty inventory.
November and December are always busy months for us.
In the last few weeks of 2014, our family service center provided assistance to more than 1100 people who had experienced difficult times, providing food, debt assistance and other essential necessities to make life easier.
We were able to maintain a toy room again, where customers could choose gifts for their children under supervision without incurring costs.
We have been able to assist with electricity and rental bills to enable customers to retain electricity and accommodation during Christmas --During the new year.
Our crisis and long stayDuring this time, the long-term housing center in Launceston is still very high.
Empty inventory appeal has a long tradition of delivering good social outcomes at critical moments of the year through various community service providers receiving services.
—Brian Roach from the city delegationxa0Community relations and fundraising manager.
The perpetrators of the Paris atrocities train and fight in Syria, and then return to their planned France, and then carry out terrorist acts in the name of Islam, which should ring the alarm for all of us, because we have people who have trained and fought the same battles in the same country, who have and are returning to Australia and live among us.
They may also have blood on their hands.
It's time to stop pretending everything is OK because it's not.
It turns out that there are people among us who hate us and our way of life, and if there is a chance, they will, hurt us as happened in Sydney and Melbourne, if it weren't for the vigilance of our federal agencies, there could be other attacks.
The media must also face the reality and tell it truthfully, not the usual popular phrase like "radical", "feeling isolated" or that he/she is "lone wolf, we have enough lone wolves. they all support us.
In order to reduce this threat, many peaceful Muslims in our communities must stand side by side with the people of the countries in which they have been adopted, not only after the atrocities, but at any time, because together, we have the opportunity to overcome the militants and their evil and to live in peace and harmony.
—Kerry welfare in Launceston
Myuran Sukumaran, a nine member of Bali, has been reporting endlessly for many years and eight years ago he was sentenced to trying to import eight kilograms of heroin into Australia, which in the end made me very annoyed enough to write this
An Australian lawyer in the case is still working to create sympathy for a criminal who clearly doesn't care how much pain these drugs can cause.
He also asked the Australian government to call on President Joko Widodo to revoke the punishment, stressing the criminal's remorse.
If the smuggling is successful, will there be any remorse?
Of course not.
Only when you get caughtxa0You will be punished if you feel sorry.
Even idiots in the village know that drug trafficking is a crime and is sentenced to death in Indonesia, so the answer is not to violate Indonesian laws, and you don't have to worry.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott should not interfere with Indonesian laws.
—Because the EGBERTS of newst

On Saturday, January 10) "Islam has no problem with violence compared to other creeds, but it certainly has problems with extremists ".
But Islam does have more problems in terms of violence than its Thaksin's, because the people who choose to explain violence to the Quran are the people who lead to atrocities around the world.
Yes, they are extremists, but they are followers of the Muslim religion and use their views on the Quran for political purposes.
Violence related to the Qur'an is being whitewashed by the media, politicians and others, and the Muslim community has not been actively dealt.
Islamic law may be cruel, and it is the same in some countries, so the reputation is not good.
However, it can be interpreted as an emphasis on love, peace and tolerance, but these aspects have not been effectively disseminated among vulnerable young Muslims.
The result is the rise of ISIS and other organizations that use media resources very effectively, especially the Internet, to recruit followers.
The answer seems to be that all participants recognize the violent appeal of Islam, but work together to make the other approach more attractive.
This means that Imam and the government need to recognize the appeal of violent Islam in a strong public relations campaign, rather than whitewash the religion, but, working together to expose its anti-social and non-religious aspects, make it unacceptable.
It was a message from Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the world, but it was ignored.
ISIS and other extreme movements are using social media very effectively.
It is time for Imam and the government to do the same, to promote Islam as a religion of peace, not as a religion of oppression.
Like we do now, continue to allowThe mood of the Muslim community grows as social discord increases.
—John Coulson of Dilston

, Page 1, January 9 ).
The workers paid the highest dollar in crowded, often dirty conditions, trying to cook food after long days in the wild.
These are just some of the many complaints I often hear as hosts.
Think about the damage this has done to our country's reputation.
Land of "fair trip.
These young, often very smart, college-trained young people go home and tell these horror stories in their home country.
These are our trading partners who will sell our products in the future.
My husband and I helped a young woman with a case through a fair work Court in Perth, Washington.
Compensation was made to the company for record losses of more than $270,000, and another $55,000 was paid to his wife, plus legal fees and arrears of wages.
Good result.
It taught other employers a lesson.xa0Like in tazhou.
Don't feel safe if your company does this, because there are Australians who are willing to help these children achieve fair and equitable pay.
—Susan Hartley of Winard
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