Its never too late to start, your body will always thank you: Stunning mother-of-three shares the se

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'It's never too late to start, your body will always thank you': Stunning mother-of-three shares the secrets to her ageless appearance - so can YOU guess how old she is? - aloe soothing facial mask kwailnara

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-18
\'It\'s never too late to start, your body will always thank you\': Stunning mother-of-three shares the secrets to her ageless appearance - so can YOU guess how old she is?  -  aloe soothing facial mask kwailnara
She's an amazing mother. of-
The three have an enviable bikini figure and a radiant complexion.
Model Abigail O'Neill from Byron Bay, New South Wales reveals her beauty, health and health secrets to her agedefying looks.
In an interview with the Australian Daily Mail,year-
The old writer shared the uplifting health system she swore --
What is her typical day on the plate.
Here, she explains the secret of glowing to her timeless appearance.
In short --
Clean diet, hydration, daily consumption of raw chocolate, spa, rest, Trust (release stress), exercise, no drinking or processed food, and plenty of sunshine, she said.
"I also fast regularly just to give the organs a chance to rest and detoxify.
If your internal organs are happy, your skin should also be radiant.
In fact, I have lived like this for a long time, 30 years, but I believe it will never be too late to start, and your body will always thank you for your good treatment for it.
She explained that "the key to her appearance when she was young" Spa is one of my favorite health practices.
"I do any exercise or hot bath and shower every day with an uplifting cold wind --
Summer to winter.
"I also like to swim as much as possible in wild mountain streams and seas in winter.
Hot and cold is excellent for increasing metabolism, improving overall health and a young look.
Morning Routine. she started preparing breakfast for her family.
She has persisted in her daily life for more than 20 years.
I have been doing it for 26 years, she said.
I made them all foodies.
Super Food breakfast, one of the gifts I gave them all to start the day with excellent nutrition.
After that, I made something for myself and took the time to breathe and appreciate the new day.
"I 've also been walking in nature, or adding some gentle yoga in the morning, which is great.
"You are what you eat, I eat very well and have been following the mantra that what you are doing inside is shown outside," said Abigail . ".
Mom says she eats organic food.
Mainly eat plants
She said that I only eat organic food, most of which are raw, most of which are plants and locally grown agricultural products.
I only eat food-based supplements like bee pollen, spirulina and barley powder, he said.
Raw Chocolate Abigail swore with raw chocolate-
She insists that "super food" is the secret of her eternal skin color.
"Raw chocolate is basically like taking multiple vitamins, it's just more delicious," she said . "
So it's not surprising that she even prepared more than 100 raw cocoa recipes for her book --
Chocolate model
I eat a lot of raw chocolate every day, she said.
"I found this to be the best way to eliminate the desire and give my skin and body the energy to rejuvenate, beauty and energy.
"On average one day on the plateau, Abigail starts her day with a glass of lemonade or herbal tea.
For breakfast, she will have a fresh seasonal fruit, Barley Green and spirulina.
"Sometimes I had a delicious breakfast with light poached eggs.
"I like to eat eggs twice a week with fresh herbs and seaweed in my garden," she said . ".
At lunch, she drinks a cup of antioxidant-rich cocoa beans and green smoothies, or a few homemade raw chocolates with a cup of tea or hot potion.
Then in the afternoon I usually have a fresh cold-pressed vegetable juice.
For dinner, she usually cooks root, beans, or rice with a green salad and adds a large amount of chopped herbs, including British leaves, basil, coriander and parsley.
Cold pressed olive oil, lemon juice, and cayenne are my favorite natural condiments, she said.
"My food is always nutritious, alkaline and satisfying.
I always exercise outdoors, she said, and I think it's more interesting.
"I like to walk four to six kilometers a day to relax and move naturally.
I climb trees every once in a while or surf. 4 longboard.
"I love a little gardening, climbing up the rocky cliff, a few times a week, I will jump off the high waterfall instead of your daily outdoor activities, but I am happy to be active in this way, instead of having a strict regime.
Nature filled me with vitality, center and joy.
So I think you can say I don't really exercise the "regime ".
For me, it's just being active every day to some extent.
Abigail has three children, finding a balance between career, family and health
The two sons, aged 18 and 21, were 23. year-old daughter.
"My kids are all grown up now, so I have less juggling there, and I actually wait until they are older to focus on my things," she said . ".
"It's been more of a fun vacation for me since I started modeling than high
Work under pressure because I usually only work on a fixed part time.
"I can get to Brisbane or Sydney in a day or two and go back to our tranquil country house, and if I'm busy working as a model for a few weeks I'll always make sure I have time to rest and rest
Gather at home before handling the next thing.
"As exercise, when I explore the wild, I like to make this part a way of life where I love nature, and I find that I am also working out, so I use exercise as part of my entertainment, I highly recommend it if you can find a way.
"Unusual beauty hacks" I like to exfoliate my whole body at least once a week with a mixture made of Epsom and sea salt, and I often add essential oils to coffee, seaweed or cocoa, she said.
"Sometimes I use wet sand on the beach, then swim in the sea, and then apply it with coconut oil. Feels amazing.
"I also polish my face every day with real no medicine and creamy essential oil.
You can easily add them to your favorite facial oils such as jojoba or rose hip oils and apply them at any time.
"My attitude towards beauty is that I like nature very much. I am a big person --It-Yourself girl.
"I also have a hot hair oil mask that I like to use to keep my hair healthy and a decadent Coco super food mask, both of which I share the recipes in my book.
"I like coffee as my Portuguese tradition," she said . "
"It's just that it's very acidic, so if I drink a lot of extra water, fresh raw juice, and eat a more delicious green salad, I'll be sure to indulge.
"I also like to add medicinal mushrooms if I indulge, so that you can balance your adrenaline.
Spicy spices can be a great choice when I'm craving but trying to resist.
DAYSAbigail said she never had a day to cheat.
"Unless you count, organic tacos are made of coconut oil," she said . "
I may eat with my family once in a while and sprinkle it with ginger powder, spices, and delicious slices of yeast.
To be honest, I 've never had a desire for unhealthy foods because my diet is rich in all the basic nutrients I need, and also, I 've been eating processed foods for a long time, I really think they are annoying.
My advice to people is if you feel like you need a cheat day, do your best to resist and look for a healthier way to meet your desires, it's a lot easier on the days when we have thousands of healthy recipes at our fingertips.
"After a long day, relax," she said. My favorite way to relax at the moment is to go barefoot through my yard and pick fresh figs or local cherries from our trees . ".
"Take a deep breath and take a moment to thank all the beauty and precious things in my life.
When the full moon rises, I also like to swim in our local waterfall at night. 'WHAT'S NEXT?
I will share my experience with others as much as I can, she said.
"As a woman, I have the privilege of coming to a very fulfilling place and now I really want to share my views on health, beauty and happiness.
I want to write a book full of natural skin. beauty-
Body recipes and inspiration for organic lifestyle.
"I also plan to travel to Europe with my husband and being a model in a different city is my long-standing task.
Five years later, she was on the cover of fashion magazine.
"You will never dream old," Abigail added . ".
Here are the recipes, hard copy and electronics that Abigail O'Neill extracted from the chocolate model
There is a book version here.
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