jessica alba leads mommy war on synthetic chemicals - organic non toxic skin care products

jessica alba leads mommy war on synthetic chemicals  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Jessica Alba is known for her role in the Dark Angel, Sin City and the wonderful four, "she is playing her worst role, but she warns her mother, she says the dangers of toxic chemicals in many daily products. The 32-year-
When the old actress and the mother of two children were pregnant with the first child, she began to worry about the problem and became allergic to the baby laundry detergent brand. "I was like . . .
"I am an adult and who knows what will happen to my child if I am allergic," Alba said . ".
"So I did some research and I found that there was a lot of toxic chemicals in the daily necessities, and what I was more afraid of was finding that there were more toxic chemicals in the baby products.
"Alba's concerns have prompted her to become a public image of the campaign to try to avoid synthetic chemicals.
It started with Alba, when she met Christopher Gavigan, author of the book healthy children, Healthy World, a guide on a healthy lifestyle.
"I asked . . . . . . What product did I buy? he said, 'Well, this company does one thing, this company does one thing. 'I said, 'Gosh, why don't a company do everything.
"It's too much pressure," Alba said.
The two joined forces to create an honest company.
Unlike traditional products, the order business begins by selling 17 products of ingredients they claim to be safe and tested.
"We don't have a regulatory system in the US that allows and/or monitors and/or requires reporting of internal conditions at least," said gavgan . ".
"So raw materials and ingredients. . .
They don't need to report this.
They don't need to prove that they are safe until they enter the market.
"Alba is not the only mom to worry about.
For the past seven years, Ellen padonos has made her mission to avoid the synthesis of chemicals in her home, and everyone in her family of four lives according to her rules.
"Everything I do is to stay away from chemicals and [move]
Closer to plants
"Raw materials," she said.
"I hope they are normal, still kids, like small things like bathing, don't be too extreme, so I still let them have things like princess toothbrushes.
"With some exceptions, the husband of the panda had complied with his wife's rules.
"I will never complain about things related to body, health, food," he said . ".
"There are other things that I would argue more about a pair of shoes when it comes to things like extra clothes, rather than what my child is going to take a shower.
"There are more than 87,000 kinds of commercial chemicals in the US market.
In Europe, more than 1,110 chemicals are prohibited from being used in products, but in the United StatesS.
Only 11 chemicals were banned.
Nearly two years after the establishment of the Honest Company, it has sold seven.
With 5 million products, the product line of Alba has been expanded to 50 products, from diapers to lip balm to leadfree candles.
As demand grows, small businesses have sprung up, ranging from beauty products to stainless steel baby bottles.
After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Valerie Grande started a toxin, Odacite.
Free beauty products.
Four years later, she shipped 100,000 shipments to more than 20 countries.
"I realize there are a lot of toxins in skin care.
"This is something I don't know," she said . ".
Aerospace engineer Roger Moore and his wife Jennifer created the "Pura" stainless steel baby bottle as a replacement for plastic bottles.
Amy Ziff is the mother of three children living in Palo Alto, California.
Started a company called Veritey.
A website dedicated to toxins --free products.
"They are canaries in the coal mine and their reaction to everyday baby products made me realize that there are so many chemicals in our products," said Ziff . ".
She also has a part of the chemical police, a part of the personal trainer, going to the client's house and looking at the products they use at home, from the kitchen to the nursery, and what she says is a safer option.
"Just because it's sold in a store and just because you see it on TV or in a magazine doesn't mean there is any regulation on the product, for the specific ingredients inside," she said.
Both Ziff and gavgan agreed to the fragrance lotion.
"Perfumes, they qualify as trade secrets for personal care.
"So a company doesn't have to disclose the ingredients in the perfume," gavgan said . ".
"The reality is that the ingredients on this label can increase by 150.
"But are all these worried about overreacting? U. S.
Manufacturers say their products are safe.
According to the US chemical commission, "more than a dozen federal laws stipulate the manufacture and use of chemicals, and consumers can have confidence in the safe use of chemicals in daily products.
Many people agree.
Merrick White is the mother of two children living on Huntington Beach, California.
She said she was not worried about the traditional products she used in her home.
"As far as I know, the stuff I use doesn't hurt my family's chemicals, they work for us, so I'm not willing to pay more for organic products," she said.
White whining about the website's blog.
She trumpeted her love for popular brands.
"The products I use are just the traditional ones I get in large businesses --
Box store in bulk, cost-
They kept my house clean, "she said.
"I have never seen such a label. . .
Honestly, I really don't care.
I will use it if it works for me. "Dr.
Phil landreagan, director of the Center for Children's Environmental Health at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, an epidemiology and pediatrician, said it was a concern.
"I feel that American families need to be aware that they are exposed to unproven toxic chemicals every day," he said . ".
"We have been working very carefully on the link between early exposure to toxic chemicals and adverse developmental outcomes in children. "But Dr.
Cyrus Rangan, a medical toxicology consultant at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, said more research is needed on this issue.
"We need more research, which is not the area where we come to conclusions," he said . ". But Dr.
Cyrus Rangan, a medical toxicology consultant at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, said more research is needed on this issue.
"We need more research, which is not the area where we come to conclusions," he said . ".
The US Federal Drug Administration also acknowledged the need for more research and told ABC News that "certain chemicals in cosmetics have been receiving widespread attention at the moment.
The FDA believes that by conducting a scientific assessment of the safety of these chemicals and removing those that have not been proven to be safe, it will contribute to public health.
"Angela Logomasini of the competition Enterprise Institute, Washington, D. C. C. -
Thinking based on free will
Tank, who conducts research and analysis on environmental regulation issues, said she did not see the need to worry about traditional products.
"I think consumers have reason to believe that the products they buy in the store are safe.
I don't think they should worry about trace chemicals or low
"The level of risk," she said.
But Jessica Alba did not wait for the science to give a clear answer.
"We have this task," she said . "
"What we do, what we want to do in life, we want to leave our planet for our children and children, so we create solutions.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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