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jude law plays cross-dressing minx in new film - masked facial expression

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-24
jude law plays cross-dressing minx in new film  -  masked facial expression
BERLIN (Reuters)-
A barely recognizable Jude Law plays a cross
In a new film made entirely of faces, wearing a model called Minxto-
Video interview
Anger premiered at the Berlin Film Festival on Sunday, with director Sally Porter calling it a "naked" film.
Despite starring Law, Judi Dench, Steve Buscemi and model Lily Cole as lettuce leaves, the production cost is less than $1 million.
Part murder mystery, part send-
In the fashion world, the film forced the audience to use their imagination to fill the gap outside the camera.
All the audience must continue with a brief confession monologue, composed of a series of characters, from Dench's scathing fashion writer Mona Cavill to Merlin in Simon abcaria, who
John Galliano, life designer.
They spoke to an invisible character named Michelle Angelo, a student working on a fashion industry School program, who posted clips taken on his phone on the Internet.
Each part is taken against a computer blue screen and is usually used for complex action sequences and effects.
Porter just changed the color, which means that the only interaction between the actor and the audience is facial expressions, body language, and the script.
"This is to tell a story through the amazing complexity and diversity of the human face, trying to make the simplest form of bone retention, Potter said in a press conference.
The film seems to have split the media, and some praised the anger with enthusiasm, but dozens of others left the film early.
"It's about telling stories naked. . .
With the background of the clothing industry.
"With initial caution, the actor quickly opened the door to him. “We . . .
"Living in a culture that is a bit of a cult of false confession in the form of a reality show, confession made for effect or fame," Potter explains . ".
"I am trying to return to the early lines of repentance, which is a relief in truth --
Say and remove the mask if you want.
Riz Ahmed described a pizza delivery boy who said the film was a reflection of the Facebook generation and once posted pictures and accounts of the event on the Internet that everyone could see, it's only one night out at night.
The joy of anger comes mostly from Potter's script.
Merlin was carried away by his own genius, and he said, a garment is not just a garment, but a divine vessel of miracles.
Carvell describes fashion as "porn that millions of people are addicted ".
Worse than heroin, take it from me.
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