juicy chemistry to organise first-ever pop-up show - organic hemp skin care products

juicy chemistry to organise first-ever pop-up show  -  organic hemp skin care products
A few years ago, when Pritish Asher checked the labels of the cosmetics, he was shocked by the list of ingredients.
While the front label claims herbs and other skin
The friendly ingredients hidden behind them are a list of artificial ingredients --
Sulfuric acid, P-ethyl acetate, and various petrochemical products.
"When my family business deals with petroleum products and chemicals, I can understand the harm of applying petroleum products on the skin every day.
At that time, I decided to provide effective skin care products with nutrients.
"Nature provides a wealth of raw materials," Pritesh said . " He launched juicy chemistry in 2014.
From then on, Kota Kinabalu
Pritesh and his wife, Megha, began working on a variety of natural ingredients and learning about their properties to develop the recipe.
"After repeated trials, we came up with our formula.
We don't make an oily treatment of our products, but we remove the moisture completely from the formula and make it highly concentrated.
"By doing so, we have also eliminated the use of preservatives and stabilizer," Pritesh explained . ".
Their products are roughly divided into five categories: facial care, body care, hands and feet care, aromatherapy and hair care.
Traditional ingredients for home therapy are used in these products such as neem, tulsi, ginger powder, saffron, Rose and aloe vera.
They import certified organic oils from Germany, such as hemp seed oil, raspberry oil from the United States, prickly pear oil from South America, baobab oil from Senegal and plum-
"In addition to importing some oil, we also use organic almonds, argan, avocado and coconut oil.
We also replaced artificial spices with essential oils . "
Certification of juicy chemical products according to Ecocert standards, ensure all ingredients used (
Even the soil where the ingredients are planted)are organic.
The label also clearly mentions all the ingredients used in the product.
Pritesh and Megha are organizing their first ever pop-up presentation in Chennai to educate and explain their products.
"We are going to organize a few pop music.
As a customer of most of our online purchases, ups finally launched our retail store in Chennai ,(www. juicychemistry. com)
"It's from Chennai," Pritesh concluded . ".
Delicious chemistry
The screening is on November 23 and 24 Mesmereyes makeup studio, and Nungambakkam is from eleven o'clock A. M. in the morning to eight o'clock P. M. in the afternoon.
Please call 9655663566 for details.
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