korean beauty: the takeover - every man jack facial sheet mask

korean beauty: the takeover  -  every man jack facial sheet mask
South Korea (
Or SoKo as many beauty insiders know)
It has surpassed Japan and Paris to become a global skincare Mecca.
Seoul is the center of the high-tech industry, with highly mature consumers driving the pace of excellence in innovation.
Technical recipes, breakthrough textures and trends
Define start.
The Western world is catching up. The most striking thing is the United States and Britain. BBs has aroused consumers' curiosity (beauty balms)
One of Korea's most famous export products.
In fact, BBs was created by a German dermatologist, but it was the Korean beauty industry that promoted BBs and paved the way for letter cream.
Still, there's more to it than beauty balm-we're eager for innovation from Korea.
In the United States, many online retailers are selling Korean goods.
Only beauty brands are flying;
According to Target, South Korea's thatlantic IgE is one of its best-selling products.
Our founder Alicia Yoon
South Korea-based global online retailer beautyPeach & Lily also issued to companies such as urban garment manufacturers and Sephora, witnessing the same popularity explosion, adding that, "90 of our customers are from North America, and most of them are not Asian.
"In the UK, we have seen similar trends --
Korean brands include dr.
Jart came to the store and popular European brands are keen to make money and they are hijacking the latest Korean concept for themselves.
This shows that some trends are not very good.
The high hyaluronic acid content of snail mucus puts it in an amazing position in South Korea, but here it is just a short curiosity.
Similar fate also occurs on the face of the flame, which uses the flame to exfoliate the skin and promote collagen-
Promoting the process of treatment (thank goodness).
There must be so much.
Trys with steering-
Clear, so if you're not ready for your K-
Beautiful, these are the trends to try now.
Rebound cream: in short, this is a new moisturizing gel mixture
Cream with jellylike jiggle.
Unlike regular creams, these gels are formulated with memory polymers that can deform back to the original shape, so it looks like you 've never dipped your finger every time you re-use it.
In addition to this satisfactory form, the innovative texture brings a refreshing, melted effect to the bounce creaminto-
Skin quality and liquid consistency make them the best for those who don't like the rich feeling of moisturising.
Soko purists should look for real cream water bombs from belif, one of South Korea's most popular skincare brands, miracle sleep cream from other wiseegarnier, £ 12.
99 is one of the first companies to imitate this technology.
Garnier's new product was also inspired by the sleep pack (
A Korean man wearing a sleep mask
Although lighter
In the first few hours of sleep, which treatments and hydrating skin)
Helps nourish the skin and reduce the impact of fatigue (
Especially dim skin color).
Cushion contract: Asian brand Amore Pacific sold more than 50 million cushion products worldwide in January 2015, and the proportion of Korean women using cushion contracts was 75. So-
Compression housing spring called "buffer-
The load sponge of the light Fluid Foundation filled with water-pressed on the sponge, it will flood with the foundation.
Those who like full coverage won't get all the fuss, but those who want to whisper --
Compared to the foundation, the light-colored foundation is more similar to the colored moisturizer, and it will find that they have the light, compact convenience of the liquid foundation and the fuzzy effect of the BB cream.
Korean women in three quarters will not be wrong, and this convincing statistic is enough to convince Lancome to launch itsmircushion for £ 29.
50 in the UK in February.
Charlotte Joe, boss of Sokoglam
Codemand, a prolific blogger of Korean skincare products, predicts that we will see buffer technology applied to a range of cosmetics from blush to eyeshadow.
"The cushion formula allows you to become more glossy during the day, with less matte and easier to build.
With the export of technology, it is possible to export fresh technology. faced no make-up-make-
Korean women are eager to look up.
"Beautiful Sheet Mask: Although sheet mask is not a new concept (
Japanese brand SK-
The 57-year-old iii's facial mask has been on the market for many years in the UK)
They have gained more traction outside Asia.
NPD Group reported that in 2014, mask sales exceeded the overall sales of skin care products, and sales in the UK increased in June 2014 compared with July 2013.
Single mask saturated in concentrated serum
In response to very special skin care problems, Korean women can walk into the shopping center and choose in rows at each price point.
"It's not uncommon for them to have a large wardrobe of sheets masks and even buy them for hundreds of dollars," Cho said . ".
However, mask selfies that can be seen everywhere may end with sheet masks beautifying along with our skin.
Think of masks decorated with lace, patterns and even animals --
Cleaning Sticks: We think it's convenient to clean wet wipes, but since the interviewers quickly point out that they are not done thoroughly enough, we are beginning to be obsessed with the trend of clean oil in Asia.
Now Korea reinvented the wheel (again)
Amazing clean simple.
Introduce the solid cleaning tape perfectly formed for convenient application, massage the face (
We are told that we need to do more and more things.
And travel (
There is no need for large cleaners equipped with pump dispensers that will distribute themselves without help in your suitcase).
The cleansing stick is usually made of high oil quantity and melts as the temperature rises in contact with the skin, making the soap easy (
No feeling of slippery)
All the skin is married.
You will expect the ingredients of love from the dedicated facial cleaning oil.
The export that everyone is full of praise is Su: M37 miracle rose cleansing stick;
Buy it fromsokoglam.
Com, it is shipped to the UK.
ESSENCE: when the French bought American micellar water, South Korea (
And other parts of Asia)
The skin essence is introduced to us.
These lightweight serum/water mixtures are used as a precursor to serum, pumping deeper skin layers with more hydration (
Consistency of water helps to absorb the ingredients)
, And make it work in the best condition by starting the skin (
More moisture means better cell communication)
Essences makes it more effective for any product that is applied at the top to penetrate.
"Korean women are very focused on hydration, and this is the most important way to get rid of wrinkles," Cho explained . ".
"In order to improve the hydration of each layer, they usually introduce nine to ten products, so 55 of Korean women's beauty products are related to skin care.
We see this translate into the US and European markets.
Up is still the biggest category here, and women pay more attention to skin care, especially hydration.
"This month, Kiehls introduced its calming, nourishing Iris extract activation essence 36 and added with tom Ford's Intensive infusion therapy essence 82, which softens the skin and relieves the skin tone
While we may have just mastered this additional step in the skincare procedure, in Korea the essence has found a way to base foundation and lipstick, so we are predicting something similar here
Fermented skin care products:
Listeners may be raving about eating these things, but the fermented ingredients have been used in Korean skincare products for some time.
Fermentation of food in salt water will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, help metabolism, help the absorption of key nutrients, and improve immunity.
Because it's good for our intestines, it's good for our skin, though for a slightly different reason.
For skin care, the fermentation of natural ingredients concentrates active compounds to make them more effective, easier to be absorbed by the skin, and not exposed to high temperatures, which may damage their efficacy.
Simply put, this means the biggest impact of your skincare products (
Easier to swallow than sauerkraut).
Best Skin Pro cleanser for ESPA, £ 30, with tongue
A preservative made of radish roots fermented by microorganisms for the production of Korean kimchi.
Or increase inventory in two fermentation
Special Korean brand, SU: M37andSooryehan, dose K-
Beauty in your regime
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