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L’Occitane Divine Collection DEBUNKED! - most common allergen in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
L’Occitane Divine Collection DEBUNKED!  -  most common allergen in skin care products
In my previous center, after debunking l ococcitane Immortelle Precious cream, I carried the Immortelle sacred of the debunked l ococcitane s.
L alimococcitane put pressure on their sales staff to sell their sacred product line in the first place.
I have had the same experience.
When I visited the l'encoccitane store in the South City mall of Kolkata, the sales staff did not even ask my preferences and began to keep talking about Immortelle's Precious Serum, sacred scope, etc, then start implementing the sales strategy.
Well, I'm sure you have the same experience if you 've been to any of the l'encoccitane stores.
In this center I will show the truth about the sacred collection of l ococcitane Immortelle.
If you can share this information with your family, friends, colleagues so that others don't make such expensive mistakes and will eventually pay a lot for the treatment of damaged skin, that will
"The only sacred thing about this product is the price (at least from the company's point of view), which is to assume that divinity has some sort of association with the high-priced label.
Marking this product as "full Regenerative Skin Care" is far from the mark you can't even see the target.
What's more, if this is a complete regeneration product, what are the uses of other Immortelle products?
Is this the best option for them to be immortelle?
Also, since it does not contain sunscreen, it is certainly not a complete option for the day!
Although this moisturizer has impressive beneficial ingredients, the number of synthetic and natural spice ingredients is worrying as they are irritating substances, as are some plant extracts and myrtle oil.
According to the comprehensive database of natural drugs, local use of myrtle oil can lead to asthma and asthma
Just like the attack or respiratory failure of infants and children.
Of course, this is a product that is suitable for children, but why bother to include this problematic, unimpressive ingredient because there is no research showing that it is of any benefit to the skin?
The jar packing issue is not even worth discussing in detail as it is just a very bad, too expensive product.
Overbearing leadership you only exist in selling a product line (sacred) without considering that skin care is actually good for customers.
Just sell God cream!
Expect to harass customers who are out of touch with post-80 sales.
Modern shoppers usually want to stay alone and ask for help if they need constant role play.
These advanced formulas combine organic Immortelle essential oils rich in active molecules to provide unique resistance
Aging Beauty effect made of a combination of plant-derived active ingredients.
This powerful combination helps fight the obvious signs of aging and gives the skin the youthful glow you 've always wanted.
The new, advanced formula combines a unique inverse
With the enhancement of 7 plants, the aging properties of the eternal Immortelle flower
Derived active ingredients.
This powerful combination helps better against signs of anti-aging than ever before, giving the skin the youthful glow you 've always wanted.
Let's dive a little and discover the depth of the deceptive marketing wisdom of l ococcitane concept.
The above-mentioned company's claim for its Immortelle Divine Collection is absolutely false and is intended to deceive the public.
The Palmitate retina produces excessive active oxygen species, interferes with cell signals, causes mutations, and causes cell death, which may be related to cardiovascular diseases.
Skin that converts vitamin A palmitate into vitamin. .
Products containing this ingredient (prescription or OTC) may cause some irritation when used, but stimulation should be reduced after about two weeks of continuous application.
Therefore, do not use during/after hair waxing.
, Should be careful to prevent excessive skin exposure under ultraviolet rays.
In the presence of UVA and UVA radiation.
Scientists say vitamin A stimulates excessive skin growth (hyperplasia) and palmitate, a vitamin A acid, can form free radicals that damage DNA under sunlight. Too much pre-
The formation of vitamin A (vitamin A, vitamin A and vitamin A acid ester) can lead to liver damage, brittle nails, hair loss, osteoporosis, hip fracture and other health
Excessive vitamin A can cause abnormal bones in the developing fetus.
For the above reasons, the Norwegian health authorities have warned breastfeeding or pregnant women to avoid taking products containing vitamin.
Due to excessive vitamin A in food and cosmetics, children will also suffer many adverse health effects.
Please watch the video below, and Tom talks about the research report published by authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration, the National Toxicology Program (and many others) on the harmful effects of vitamin A acid Palm ester.
The "fragrance" and "fragrance" on the cosmetic composition actually represent a mixture of dozens of chemicals. .
Any individual may have a risk of skin irritation or runny nose when exposed to these chemicals. .
DEP or phthalate diester is used in cosmetic spices to keep the fragrance lingering.
Because they are cheap and widely used, O-benzyl ester is a special choice. .
(If the mother has been exposed during pregnancy ).
In the video below
Gloria Gilbert talked about the harmful effects of perfume in daily life. 1.
It is a toxic substance that can cause other toxic effects. 2.
It will stimulate the skin. 3.
It may cause allergic reactions to the skin. 4.
It can cause serious damage to the eyes. 5.
It may be harmful if inhaled. 6.
Cause respiratory irritation. 7. .
Mainly used as a spice additive and sometimes as an UV absorber.
This ingredient is found to cause skin irritation.
The international Spice Association has restricted its use in spice products because it has potential sensitivity and can cause allergic reactions.
This substance has been listed as an allergic substance in Europe.
Even if benzene Ester is present in the product, the concentration is 0 in minutes.
001%. OTC leave required by European Cosmetics Directive
Show its presence on the product. 1. H315 -2. H317 -1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.
Symptoms: Symptoms of exposure to this compound may include contact dermatitis. 2. 3. 4.
Irritating skin, eyes and breathing.
After reading this center, I am entirely up to you to decide how misleading the ads about their products are.
I'm sure your conclusion will not be
Different from mine. 1.
Please visit the local protests. blogspot.
Read after 'L' Occitane treat customer 'which I â x80 x99 ve listed of details L â x80 x99 Occitane â x80 x99 s shop assistant cheat the I, they of products is â x80 x98 97% natural 3% Organic â x80 x99 then sold to I of soap very dangerous I with it in I of appear on the skin rash.
Complaining about soap to customer service, I had to go through a harassment in which the staff at l x99 occitane blamed my skin and never even considered what was wrong with their soap.
When I found out the truth through a survey of the ingredients that l alimoccitane used to make the product, I started writing about this so that in the future, no other consumer should experience and experience what I have experienced in osidan.
While the topic of this blog has nothing to do with the content of this center, I still ask you to visit this blog and read how L \ 'occitane treats their customers after selling them dangerous products. . . . and. . . 2.
My previous center "debunked L" occitane Immortelle Precious cream, where I wrote negative comments about Immortelle flowers and experts on said products.
Immortelle flowers have a natural adaptability that does not wither even after picking.
L \ 'occitane wants customers to think that the oil of Immortelle flowers can transfer the natural adaptation of this flower to the human skin.
Scientific literature disapproves of what L \ 'occitane promotes through deceptive marketing.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this center.
If you would like to say more about the topic discussed in this center, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Take care of your skin. i.
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