l'oreal grows natural cosmetics focus with vegan firm logocos - organic plant based skin care products

l\'oreal grows natural cosmetics focus with vegan firm logocos  -  organic plant based skin care products
PARIS (Reuters)-
L'Oreal, the cosmetics group, said on Wednesday it had acquired Germany's Logocos Naturkosmetik, a manufacturer of vegetarian beauty products, among French group customers
L'Oreal did not disclose the financial terms. L'Oreal said the company aims to expand international sales of German brands, especially in Western Europe.
L'Oreal, the world's largest manufacturer of cosmetics, has increasingly entered the factory
In recent years, when consumers are increasingly wary of chemical components and are looking for natural alternatives, product-based.
It has launched a vegetarian range, obtained from plants in Botanea, India, its professional product division that served the salon earlier this year and already has other organic and biological products
Friendly labels like Sanoflore.
L'Oreal once owned the UK's "Body Shop", one of the pioneers of ethical and natural cosmetics, but the business is in trouble as competition in this area intensifies, the business was sold to cosa Cosmeticos in Brazil last year.
The Logocos naturmetik brand, which includes Sante and Logona hair and skincare products, will be affiliated to the mass market department of L'Oreal --
Its largest sector, in recent quarters, has grown more slowly than other sectors such as its luxury sector.
In addition, L'Oreal also said on Wednesday that it had offered to acquire Roche Co. , Ltd.
Posay thermal station in western France is a 1921-square-meter site dedicated to the treatment of skin diseases.
It already has tags with the same name, La Roche-
A wave that specializes in sensitive skin.
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