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laser treatment for dermatological purposes: who can ... - dermatology and skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-25
laser treatment for dermatological purposes: who can ...  -  dermatology and skin care products
For more than a decade, laser therapy has been used with limited frequency in certain dermatological applications such as tattoo removal, acne scars, wine stains and skin imperfections.
However, in recent years, laser treatment for hair removal and wrinkle treatment has become more and more popular, which has subsequently increased the demand for laser treatment providers.
Since state law provides for the question of who can perform these procedures, it is important for all current and future laser treatment providers to be familiar with Michigan law, including the provisions of the Michigan public health code delegation on the use of lasers for dermatology purposes.
In addition, on December 5, 2005, the Michigan Department of Community Health issued a statement of position on the use of laser equipment by health professionals, clarifying relevant laws on the subject.
According to the position statement of mdch position, laser therapy belongs to the definition of medical practice under the Michigan public health regulations, because treatment includes diagnosis, treatment, prevention, treatment or relief of human diseases, defects, complaints or other physical or mental conditions through attendance, advice, equipment, therefore, in general, laser Surgery in dermatology should be performed by a licensed doctor.
However, McCulla 333.
16276 allow the licensee, registrant or other individual to perform a laser procedure for dermatological purposes, as long as it is performed under the supervision of the licensed physician.
It is worth noting that the delegation will not allow the patient to know and agree that the procedure for receiving laser treatment is made by a non-physician.
The delegation also provided that physician assistants and nurse practitioners could perform these laser operations without supervision, as long as the procedure is performed in a health care institution defined in the narrow sense of Michigan's public health regulations (E. G. g. , a hospital).
It should also be noted that the authorization clause does not allow physician assistants and nurse practitioners to delegate the authority to perform these laser surgeries to others.
As pointed out and clarified in the position statement of mdch position, the key aspect of laser procedure authorization is the definition of supervision, since all providers of laser therapy should be clear, the ultimate responsibility for the tasks and duties performed by any assigned individual shall be borne by the licensed physician.
The doctor acknowledges that the authorized person has the experience of proper education, training or proper use of the laser.
The doctor and the authorized person continue to provide direct communication in person or by radio, telephone or other telecom.
Regularly arrange physician consultation, education and review of the records and practices of authorized persons in laser use.
Written procedures and agreements for directing the use of individual lasers are developed by physicians.
These circumstances clearly indicate that when considering the possibility of authorizing laser treatment, a licensed doctor must give a high degree of care and attention.
A licensed doctor is not only ultimately responsible for the results of the operation, but also needs to be available at any time to assist (personally or by telephone or radio) the individual who has been delegated at any time.
Authorized terms of MCLA 333.
16276 Limited in laser applications for dermatological purposes.
This requires medical necessity and cosmetic conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair and nails through a variety of surgical, reconstruction, cosmetic and non-surgical methods.
Therefore, this provision allows for the authorization of procedures such as laser depilation or acne scar removal, however, it does not allow the delegation of other laser operations that are not related to dermatological practice, such as laser eye surgery.
Licensed physicians considering authorization to use laser therapy for dermatological purposes should address this issue in a cautious and thorough manner, as the law on this issue by michigan Kumar is strict.
Specifically, great care must be taken in determining whether an individual has the appropriate qualifications and training to perform the laser procedure.
This compliance corner provides two tips to help consider certified physicians for this delegation. Tip 1-
According to the statement of position of mdch position, the authorized individual may be a licensed or unlicensed individual.
Nevertheless, it is recommended that certified physicians conduct extensive research on the background, education and training of any potential authorized person to ensure that the person is duly qualified, since it can be reasonably assumed in practice, proper education or training may require at least laser treatment certification.
Certified physicians shall keep a personnel file on each representative, which includes any and all certificates of laser therapy training and other documentary evidence.
In short, it would be nice to have a licensed doctor
It is recommended to make mistakes on the side of over
When choosing to authorize an individual, it must be remembered as an authorized physician that he or she is ultimately responsible for the results of any authorized procedure. TIP 2-
The doctor should provide a wide range of hands to the appointed person
Training on laser therapy.
In addition, the doctor must create detailed written procedures or agreements to assist the person being delegated.
This agreement can be in the form of a manual with stepsby-
Instructions for steps to guide individuals.
The necessary duties and tasks of the authorized individual shall be clearly stated in this written agreement.
In addition, the performance of the authorized person should be reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis.
The authorized person shall keep a detailed record of all laser surgery performed under the supervision of a practicing doctor.
Licensed doctors should also review these records on a regular basis.
It is important that authorized individuals not only have the appropriate background qualifications, but also maintain a satisfactory working record of performing these laser procedures.
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