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lemon - a miracle for beautiful hair and - free ... - how to make your own skin care product

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-22
lemon - a miracle for beautiful hair and  - free ...  -  how to make your own skin care product
Although we buy the most suitable beauty products for ourselves in the market, sometimes we just need to find better solutions in our own home.
To our surprise, we may also find it in our own backyard.
We're talking about little lemon.
For years, this Lemon has been used as one of the most important and useful beauty products we can imagine.
It is rich in nutrients and helps your skin and hair.
The lemon itself or any other ingredient is a very good fusion for skin or hair care.
It is so common that anyone or everyone can use it.
It cannot be said that only the rich and famous can make good use of it.
It contains a lot of vitamin C and it makes things easier if you want to have a lovely and charming skin.
This is a very good cleanser because the nutrients are amazing both internally and externally.
Thanks to the great work done by our digestive system, it helps to provide very clean and clear skin.
If you add lemon to a cup of warm water and drink it every day, it will help clear the toxins in your body.
By cutting the lemon and rubbing on the skin and keeping it for almost an hour, it will help to remove the sun.
It will also help reduce the chance of wrinkles and treat the growing flaws.
If you happen to rub olive oil before rinsing, the effect will be better.
It's bleach, so avoid using this mixture before sunbathing.
Lemon is also good for your hair as it helps to remove dandruff.
Rubbing or massaging lemon juice on the hair can regulate the blood of the head and help the hair grow.
The glands are also regulated, which helps to produce oil and thus have beautiful shiny hair.
As lemons help to stimulate, many aromatherapy soaps and essential oils use lemons to rejuvenate you in every way.
If you have crispy nails rub sliced lemon every day, it will help you to have stronger and stronger nails.
You can try a common nail treatment, soak your nails in lemon juice for 10 minutes, then brush your teeth with the same amount of vinegar and heat it to maintain a good shape.
It is also used to remove blackheads.
If you rub lemon juice on blackheads, leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning, it will help you a lot.
Continue to do so every night until blackheads disappear.
It can also be used as breath mint.
Spray some lemon juice in your mouth, rotate it in your mouth for a while, and drink it.
This method helps to eliminate your peculiar smell. Lemon is acidic;
People should use it in a proper proportion.
It is an astringent and it may not be good to have too many.
Please make sure you are not allergic to these treatments before you try them.
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