lifevantage corp (lfvn.o) - organic natural skin care products canada

lifevantage corp (lfvn.o)  -  organic natural skin care products canada
Lifevanage focuses on biology
Crack the aging code through nutritional genomics.
The company is helping people achieve their health, health and financial independence goals.
The company is engaged in the identification, research, development and distribution of advanced nutritional dietary supplements and skin care products, including Protandim n _ 2 zengers, Protandim nr1zengers and Axio.
Sell products in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, UK, Netherlands and Germany.
Protandim rfid booster and Protandim Nrf1 booster are a patented dietary supplement that can reduce age
The dependence of oxidative stress markers increases and provides a great deal of benefits to combat the various negative health effects associated with oxidative stress.
Protandim nrt1 booster is a dietary supplement designed to work in conjunction with its flagship Protandim rfid booster to further enhance the body's natural production of antioxidants and reduce the effects of cell stress
The Protandim NRF1 booster activates NRF1, a protein that regulates mitochondrial DNA transcription, translation, and repair expression of related genes.
The unique mixture of ingredients in the Protandim NRF1 booster supports mitochondrial slowing down cell aging and increasing cell energy.
From: facial cleanser, perfect lotion, Eye Serum,-
Chen Nian cream, Micro
Improve serum and hand cream.
Facial cleanser is a concentrated, Super
A rich cleaner for removing impurities and light-colored cosmetics-
No need to dry or peel off natural oils in the skin.
The perfect lotion is a hybrid lotion that is specially formulated for a smoother, radiant and brighter skin.
Eye Serum is a serum that significantly improves visible signs of fine lines, creases and wrinkles around the entire eye, reduces edema up and down the eye, tightens the upper eyelid, eliminates skin tones and dark circles, these are obvious signs of aging.
Anti-aging cream is a deep moisturizing cream that helps fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Micro-ascending serum is a serum that can tighten and smooth the skin around the eyes to counter the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Hand Care Cream is a cream containing the ingredients of F22. it can moisturize the skin and improve the obvious signs of premature aging of the hands.
Dog Use of Petandim is a specially formulated supplement to combat oxidative stress in dogs through n2x activation.
Petandim for dogs is built on the active ingredients in the Protandim rfid booster to reduce oxidative stress and to support the joint function, mobility and flexibility of dogs.
Axio is a series of smart energy beverage blends designed to improve alertness and support mental performance.
These energy beverage powders provide continuous energy and improve the mental focus to promote positive emotions.
Axio comes from a unique combination of science.
Active ingredients.
PhysIQ Smart weight management system the PhysIQ brand includes: PhysIQ fat burning is a supplement containing natural active ingredients that stimulates the breakdown of abdominal fat, increases energy and supports long periods of time
Weight management;
PhysIQ Probio is designed to support long-
To support the health of the digestive system by restoring healthy intestinal bacteria, thus terminology intestinal health;
PhysIQ cleanse is a supplement designed to stimulate healthy digestion and regularity, supporting the cleaning of the digestive system, and physIQ protein shake is a combination of fast and slow-release proteins designed to satisfy hunger, amino acids are also provided to support rapid recovery and improvement of muscle synthesis.
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