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list of cosmeceutical ingredients mint chicken tikka the refreshing appetiser for you

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-06-07
Mint chicken tika is an exciting recipe where you can find refreshing flavors and delicious flavors in any food.Below is a complete list of ingredients and procedural steps for making recipes.Mint chicken nuggets are a refreshing variant of the very famous chicken nuggets.
The project is basically from North India.It is made of boneless chicken nuggets, lime juice, white pepper, cheese sauce and stirred eggs, making it a completely promising food for your taste buds.You can treat your family, friends, and all your dear ones with this mouth --The occasion in your home can also serve as a pleasant snack for starters.
The taste tour it offers will not disappoint them.This will also give them the impression of your cooking skills.So, get ready to make such a great dish with your hands.
Boneless chickenPress mint into a pastemelted butter-egg-cheese spread-garlic paste-lime juice-Shredded cashew paste-ginger paste-Green bean curd powderWhite chili powder-Step 1) start with delicious recipes, wash boneless chicken nuggets and let them dry for a few minutes.On the other hand, bring a boat & drop garlic-Ginger sauce, lemon juice and salt.Combine it properly.Then, carefully put the mixture into the chicken nuggets.
Let it marinate for a while.
Step 3) Now, add white pepper, green bean curd powder, cheese slices, stir eggs, cashew sauce and mint sauce to the chicken nuggets.Let it soak for about three to four hours.Step 4: Make sure you don't crush chicken nuggets.
Next, place the chicken nuggets on the skewers and fix them, then bake them correctly in the skewers.You can apply it with melted butter.Step 5) when cooking, remove the tikka block from the skewer.Heat it up with your favorite hot and sour sauce or sauce.
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