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List of Marijuana Stocks That Are Publicly Traded - medical marijuana skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
List of Marijuana Stocks That Are Publicly Traded  -  medical marijuana skin care products
A list of publicly traded cannabis stocks that can be bought and sold on the US stock offer service or stock exchange is provided below.
Due to the fact that the cannabis industry is so young and growing rapidly, this list may change over time because, depending on past circumstances, the company may choose to start or end the operation of the cannabis business at any time
Changing market forces and legal changes affecting the cannabis industry.
One thing you'll notice about the cannabis inventory list is that many companies in the industry are not very good --
A well-known company.
Many of these companies are very small companies whose shares are traded as penny shares on the counter (OTC) stock offer service.
It is highly recommended to buy any of these stocks.
Prior to any investment in these stocks, appropriate due diligence should be conducted, including consulting financial planning professionals or registered financial advisers if necessary.
Note: Please feel free to comment in the comments section at the end of this article on suggestions for deleting, adding, or changing this list.
Aurora Cannabis
Produce and sell medical cannabis products.
The company has been very active in acquiring other companies in the field of cannabis with the aim of becoming a market leader.
Famous billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, who became a consultant to the company in March 2019, is expected to help Aurora develop new products and complete new acquisitions and cooperative transactions.
The group company of Cronos.
It is an investment company that invests in the field of medical marijuana.
In December 2018, tobacco company Altro invested $1.
8 billion of the Cronos Group to obtain a 45% stake in the company. Tilray, Inc.
Participation in the cultivation, processing and distribution of medical cannabis in several countries that have legalized it.
Drinks giant Anheuser
Busch InBev has established a partnership with Tilrary to study cannabis
Beverage products.
Growing and selling medical marijuana in Canada. Aphria Inc.
Produce and sell medical marijuana in Canada and international.
CannTrust Holdings.
Production and distribution of medical grade medical cannabis products to patients in Canada, as per the Health Practitioner directive.
It will be traded on the NYSE from February 25. The transaction code is CTST.
It is a medical marijuana company in the United States. is a U. S.
Investment companies specializing in the cannabis industry, especially in the planting and production facilities, pharmacies and vertically integrated cannabis companies across the United States.
The company has high
Its board members, including former US speakerS.
House Speaker John Boehner and former Prime Minister Brian Muroni of Canada. WeedMD Inc.
Produce and sell medical cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis resin, cannabis plants and cannabis seeds in Canada.
Advanced Cannabis Solutions Company
Participate in cannabis cultivation and distribution and advise the cannabis industry.
Grow, manufacture and sell medical marijuana through retail locations.
Cannabis companyTerra Technology
Water cultivation systems and planting accessories are provided, as well as cannabis cultivation, production and pharmacy. ENDEXX Corp.
Medical marijuana company
Cannabis Science
Developing and selling cannabis
Based on pharmaceutical products.
Safety and Security Technology Holdings Limited.
Produce and sell cannabis and cannabis oil in Canada and other countries.
Developing cannabinoids
Based on prescription drugs. Mcig, Inc.
Participate in the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and retail of cannabis products. sells hemp-
Super food products. Hemp, Inc.
If this list is incomplete or incorrect, please feel free to comment below on the proposed additions or clarifications. .
Buy any of the stocks listed above as the list is provided only to expand awareness of these stocks.
Be sure to consult a registered financial advisor before investing in stocks.
Stocks, due to the rapid changes in the price of the penny stock and limited information about the company; .
Cannabis inventory list | what is cannabis inventory?
The list of cannabis stocks provided below includes various companies related to the emerging cannabis and cannabis industries.
Listed companies are involved in the cultivation, distribution and retail of various cannabis and cannabis products.
It also includes companies that provide products and services to the cannabis and cannabis industries and consumers, as well as companies that develop and sell cannabis --
Based on food and medicine.
Cannabis is a sister plant of cannabis that contains a much lower concentration of psychoactive compounds than cannabis for industrial purposes such as rope making, paper making and clothing.
The amount of income generated by companies through cannabis and cannabis business activities varies greatly.
Some companies focus only on cannabis and cannabis businesses, while others participate in other business activities other than cannabis and cannabis.
Legalization of marijuana in the United States has been going on at the state level, and many are expected to take place at the federal level soon, as polls show public support for legalization.
Cannabis production was legalized at the federal level in the United States in December 2018.
Increased legitimacy of cannabis and cannabis will increase demand for products and services provided by companies in the list below.
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