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Living in an Ashram in India (for westerners) - international skin care products in india

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
Living in an Ashram in India (for westerners)  -  international skin care products in india
Have you ever thought about how it feels to live in the dojo in India?
I have lived in India for 4 years.
Those years were filled with meditation, hymns, asanas, spiritual books, real guru and some who wanted to be guru. Some not-so-
Beautiful spiritual experience.
I will tell my story and anecdotes in this shot and give some suggestions.
During this period, please feel free to post if you have any questions and I will reply as soon as possible. .
In this shot, I also suggest some books to introduce you to the culture so that your Fusion is more smooth than your first fresh arrival from the West.
I'm still adding more information as memories come along.
(Updated as of September 16, 2013.
Instead of adding more information, I write a book and make sure to cover all the issues I receive.
And keep an update on the publication of my book. Update on Jan. 8, 2014.
My ebook A choice, A trip, is now available on Amazon ).
Like Hollywood shows?
Did you watch a movie? Eat, Pray, Love?
The dojo where Julia Roberts's character lived during his stay was indeed very similar to the regular dojo.
From the clothing it seems to have been filmed in Mumbai and I don't see so many headscarves.
What's the difference between ashram in Mumbai and ashram in northern India?
The large number of headscarves you see on the streets of northern India, mainly.
It may be the weather. The South is warmer.
So there's no big difference.
So yes, it's almost the way the movie describes it.
Details and requirements vary from guru to guru, but in general, if your guru is out of dojo during your visit, that's all about dojo life.
When foreigners are allowed to visit our guru in India, this is how my dojo life is.
When he was touring the world, we were left to follow our own intensive meditation schedule, along with seva (chores at home), to listen to the recorded lectures done by our guru.
Otherwise, it is very quiet when he is in the dojo and visitors are not allowed, with a lot of contact and personal attention with our mentor.
Do you pray or meditate when you get up in the morning?
I didn't live in southern India, but if I said all the Indians woke up in the early hours of the morning to pray, I don't think I would boast.
It's hard to miss it.
Some temples even use loud speakers so everyone can hear their prayers and not just God (I hope I didn't offend anyone for this joke ).
So if your dojo is close to a temple or a full boarding school, whether you plan to wake up early in the morning or not, it's possible that you miss out on loud prayers.
By the way, this photo shows the monks inside their mosketo net.
Very important thing in India!
Sometimes, when the weather allows, we spend the whole night outdoors, inside our mosketo net, or sitting in meditation, or lying down and sleeping.
The only downside is that it tends to get too hot inside.
They are the best choice for cool or breezy nights.
What about clothes? Now, clothng.
After arriving in India the night before, my first day in India was very interesting.
I put on some comfortable loose cotton pants and a loose and comfortable top. . .
As low as my waist.
My waist is something I have always been proud of, so I always show it off. Uh-
Well, big taboo in India.
Especially in the dojo.
When they saw me outside the foreigner building, I was asked to change to something longer than that top.
Later I went to the local store to buy punjabis.
Traditional clothing. . .
Punjab in northern India.
Strangely, saris is as sexy as they are and can be worn for locals, but not for us. No biggy.
Whether it's Asana (commonly referred to as yoga in the West) or meditation, Punjabi people are very comfortable. . . and traveling!
Introduce the comfort of Punjab!
This is a comfortable suit in Punjab.
We wear very simple in the dojo.
They are made of cotton and are usually soft or pure white.
Clothing is required to be simple and decent.
Women need a chocolate when they walk out of the dojo.
Chocolate is a dress-like shawl that covers your head (and chest! ).
Remember, your chest must also be covered in order to be considered modest.
Yes, all women, including Westerners, need to do so in my master's dojo.
I mean, Punjabi is required, and so is Rooney, though it doesn't matter if it covers your chest as long as we're in a Westerner's house.
If we get out of that building, we have to dress like the locals. would.
After all, Rooney is not that bad!
You are used to it and it is useful to cover your face from the sun.
How to find a reliable Dojo? Google it!
Sorry, just kidding.
In fact, Google is not very helpful in finding the real ashram. . .
The best way is to contact the guru representative on the earth side.
Many reliable experts have now extended their "mission" to almost every country.
Speaking of Google, I need to warn you about the spam you find on search engines that want to charge you thousands of dollars.
You may have guessed that they are here to make money.
People need to make a living, and I don't think it's bad, but I want to know how honest it is to call them "Ashrams.
Of course, if what you are looking for is a resort like an experience, where all your needs will be met, you will not be asked for any return other than the money, in any case, these places may be exactly what you need.
There is nothing wrong with them, as I said, but they are not the real experience.
They have become some kind of spa or "themed" resort.
If what you are looking for is a genuine spiritual experience, you first need to find a genuine spiritual group.
The best way to do this is to be here personally, in the West.
Are you interested in meditation?
Visit the meditation group and ask if they have a mentor in India.
Usually only the master will have ashram.
The main idea of the dojo is to be a monastery that promotes a simple life, so there is no charge for your stay in their facilities.
You shouldn't think it's free now.
In exchange, most of the time you are asked to join their teaching daily chat.
Keep in mind that you should be there for spiritual enlightenment instead of looking for cheap tourist accommodation.
You may get it for free for the rest of the time.
For the four years spent in my master's monastery, I have never been asked for any money, except once, five of us, Westerners, live in a house that has recently become Asharm.
I was asked to pay Rs 600 per month and now about $14 per day.
But then I realized that this lady --
An American who should know her better, ashamed of her! -
Those who asked for money did it without the permission of our guru. . .
But her behavior is between her, our guru and God.
Yes, it is not because you are in the dojo that everyone becomes holy, kind, even honest and sincere.
But in general, you will be fine. Never-the-
Less, lock the door of your room when you are away, as you would do in any hotel in the world.
In exchange for free food and accommodation, the other thing we had to take part in was daily chores like sweeping the floor, moping, ranking the leaves, just a general thing to keep the house for foreigners within our cleaning standards.
Although there is no cooking, the locals still cook. . . and boy! was it good!
My tutor also asked for a minimum of 8 hours of meditation per day and, of course, a daily conversation at Sat Sang.
However, that Dojo is only for his followers, not for everyone.
Even if they do not follow their mentor or leader, there is ashram who accepts anyone.
If you are not going to start with a guru, some will allow you to stay for up to 3 days.
Then there are other lines that are more, not that much required.
I know one here is reliable.
This is not where I live because I live in ashram, my master, but this is something you can trust.
They are people with a good reputation.
To learn more about this group before arriving and contact them, you can check their website on www. rssb. org.
This represents Rhada Soami Satsang Beas in Beas, Punjab province, northern India.
The weather is cool and pleasant, and the extreme heat in summer is not as extreme as in Delhi.
How do Ashrams survive if they don't ask anyone for money?
Have you ever heard of karma?
So do Indians. . .
As long as their culture already exists.
Money donations, though it may be hard to believe, are very popular.
Everyone knows the benefits of sowing the seeds you want to harvest.
So even the poorest people will donate.
If they have a guru or focus on someone's teachings, another source of income is the sale of books, tapes, or CDs of those teachings.
They also sell lots of photos and some even souvenirs from the dojo. Well, I loved -and still love-
I go through different stages, so sometimes I meditate more than others.
You don't always go to the meditation hall to meditate.
You can stay in the room.
Afternoon meetings are, however, the busiest because everyone wants to be as close as possible to the front and as close as possible to the owner.
Later, when the "season" of foreigners ends
Master wants to meditate deeply-
The schedule has changed.
I am very happy about this.
Those of us who are allowed to stay in the dojo are asked to meditate for at least 12 hours a day.
Remember that there is nothing else to do.
Food and boarding are provided free of charge and you do not need to work or prepare meals. . .
It's easy to do what you like.
As my attention improves, meditation becomes easier and easier, and suddenly I meditate for 14 hours a day.
This is not much compared to some Germans already in 20 hours.
By the way, in the end I did reach 20 hours a day, once, for a whole 7 days in a row, and I did 22 hours.
What I like to do is often overdone.
As you may already know, when you meditate, sometimes your consciousness shuts down and it becomes a break for your brain as if you were sleeping.
So when you do intensive meditation, you get a clear cycle of consciousness, and when you can enjoy meditation with all your five senses and consciousness, you get menstruation when you don't know the environment around you.
Master explained that during those times when our conscious thinking is not working, it is very likely that our spirit is enjoying the delicate spiritual realm, which is the food of our souls, it's also the rest of our brains and minds.
Meditation has amazing results.
Intensive meditation is incredible.
Changes in your personality happen automatically, and only when you remember how you used to react in a given situation and face the same situation again will you notice them, you can't care too much and don't bother too much.
Get so much freedom from our own self!
There are other changes in intensive meditation.
For example, not only does the vision of your third eye become clearer and clearer, at some point, like a movie, they also start to include the feeling, at some point, I can feel, smell, the star smell of our master.
Really, intensive meditation opens the door to unimaginable things, at least for me.
No, I didn't lose it, and I began to realize strangely that I didn't even know what was there, like the scent of a star.
Lovely, a magical country. Vegetarian food.
The food at the dojo is free. Was it good? Ya betcha! So tasty!
The Indian food is so delicious.
By the way, don't worry.
Indians know that Westerners are not used to too much spices, so they adjust their food.
And it's pretty good.
Bengan (eggplant) is very popular, Rajma (kidney beans) is also very popular, in the South, they prepare sweet, so, if you get used to Mexican beans, don't be too sure what the beans you just ordered will taste like.
Bhindi (okra) is well prepared and the tomatoes and onions are delicious.
Karella, what we don't know at all in the West is one of my favorite dishes, bitter and grilled, but it is very attractive to my taste buds.
OK I need to stop it with food options as my mouth is already starting to get into the water and there are no Indian restaurants around!
Prepare ashrams that host foreigners, even if they are free, be careful when cleaning and preparing meals in the kitchen, so your chances of getting sick from dojo food are very small.
Have you ever thought that you would drink any other type of milk that is not from cattle?
Just drink milk!
Cattle, the typical black and white or brown and white cattle we have in this hemisphere are the luxury goods there.
You can drink milk.
What taste is it? Good!
Yes, it is different from milk, especially in terms of smell, but the taste is good.
I remember I really missed it when I came back.
Now, about the details that remind you of your presence in India, well, just look at the windows and see the people, all the women are wearing bindis and the dots on their foreheads remind them of the third eye.
If you are in Delhi or northern India, you will also see a lot of headscarves.
But not so much in the South.
The animals you will meet on the street: buffalo, goats, camels, elephants, monkeys and wild peacocks on country roads.
Nice view!
I remember one time, on a busy and busy street in Delhi, we were sitting in a car on the high-speed road, and suddenly something went through the street at a very high speed.
I saw a drum bag from the corner of my eye.
When I turned my face to see if it was a monkey!
Can you imagine?
A monkey runs through a Avenue in the city center!
I also saw, right in the heart of Delhi, elephants with wood, goats wandering around happily, on the highway, and wild peacocks on the wires! !
What about the different "types" people you meet there?
X-Men movie
What did the man tell you?
Ashrams attracts a variety of people, all of whom have a special interest: spirituality.
So, what kind of background do they have?
They are almost never beginners.
Most of them have tried different paths and some have tried. . .
Something very strange.
There was once a European coming here because he was visiting different ashrams for talks with different masters.
He is very talented.
He can see things from the astral plane.
What kind of thing? Get ready.
He told us that when every guru he visited gave a speech, he could see a golden light shoot out of it and enter through their heads.
However, when they speak, each of them has a different color in their mouth.
He also told us that our master was the only one he had ever seen who sent out the same gold from his mouth while speaking.
He stayed with us for a few weeks and went on his way to the world.
He told us that when we gathered together, he could see different gods like Krishna walking among us. Wacko, uh?
But that's not all.
One day he sang in the forest, and he said he met a demon. . .
The devil did not like him to sing and stepped on his toes.
When he returned to the dojo, his toes were good and his toenails fell off a few days later. . .
There was also a lady who traveled to South India and saw a lot of things.
Somehow she will perform well when she is in the dojo with us. . .
How can I explain it?
When she is holding a cup of coffee in her hand, she will talk to you calmly, and suddenly her arm will throw the cup on the floor.
Then she will explain that it was not her doing it, it was someone else doing it. Go figure.
Then there is the entity.
Do you remember the movie "Magic drive?
Oh, well, I'm going to witness a few.
That doesn't mean all ashram has it, I don't want to scare you off.
Even if you find someone you shouldn't think they're going to chase souls around.
No, they stick to themselves.
Most of the time, they are absolutely normal people, just when they have these events, their facial features, sounds and behaviors change.
They won't be looking for you again.
But, just as you will behave to anyone who is considered unpredictable, it makes sense to keep a distance from them while they are away. . .
Act like an ordinary person.
You will see things you never thought you could do.
People make sounds like real animals and you won't believe it's a noise from humans.
Then jump shots.
I have never seen these before, but I was told that they would sit on their legs and suddenly jump up to a metre or a half.
One day, I was on the roof of one of the 3-storey buildings built for foreigners in the dojo, lost on the horizon, admiring the sun in the east.
Suddenly something caught my attention.
Not far away, on the roof, it seems to be a three-story building --
At least I think it's a two-story building.
There is a tall and thin guy doing strange moves.
It looks like some kind of original dance, the movements are not elegant at all, fast and suddenly, the arms are straight and the head moves quickly.
He also jumped up and down and suddenly turned his head and continued to dance.
I was thinking about what he was thinking. . . oh! f***! !
He committed suicide! ! !
OMG, he just jumped off the roof! ! !
I have to tell som. . . . . Uh? ?
He just landed and jumped up again, so high that he almost got to the roof again? ? ! !
Then land on the ground. . . jumped again? ?
Jumped and his height was getting lower and lower until the building between me and him did not allow me to see him again.
I'm running to tell people!
Maybe that guy was hurt.
"Oh, no, don't worry about him.
He has entities.
He does these things "is the answer I get from the lady who has lived in dojo for more than 10 years. What? ?
I was dumbfounded and tried to digest the experience and go back to my room.
Don't talk about wierdos.
Actually, who is not wierdo living in twilight zone!
Personally, I had a strange experience with my host.
We had deep meditation on the edge of the Himalayas.
We have his speech every day.
Sometimes it is in the field, sometimes it is on the roof of the building of a foreigner.
It was a special day on the roof.
It's a hot season for hay, and my nose is sensitive.
There is no anti-group Medicine near those mountains.
So I went to the roof where people gathered.
We should meditate before we talk, and our hosts are helping us meditate.
I sat down and began to meditate.
And then my allergic reaction started.
One of those sneezing attacks.
Sneeze constantly.
My God, I feel terrible, my nose is running, my forehead feels heavy, I am ready to leave in order not to disturb the conversation, but we are told that in any case, neither of us should miss any conversation. So I stayed.
Everyone is quiet, meditating and you can hear me sneeze about every 15 seconds.
But I still stayed, sat down with a runny nose and soaked my whole body with paper towels.
All of a sudden, I felt the urge to wipe my nose and upper lip, but my skin was too sensitive because I blew so many noses, so I dispelled the urge to argue with myself and that doesn't matter because nobody has seen me since everyone was meditating.
All of a sudden, I felt a big hand on my head sliding down my face, yes, from my nose and upper lip to my chin.
The hand covers my chin, mouth and nose as much as possible.
I'm so scared!
Not to mention embarrassment when I realized it was the owner.
No wonder I have the urge to wipe my face!
I think something inside of me knows that it will be needed soon.
It was a great experience to focus on my intuition.
When he took his hand away, sneezing would only slide 1 feet 1 feet off outside that building after meditation and conversation, yes. Cool, uh?
I also met women who were prone to astral projection.
Obviously, a lot of things have happened on the Starlight floor of the dojo.
Only those involved in these predictions know.
Even in ashrams, you have people who are less open minded and no one likes to be considered wierdo.
I don't think we realized that we were considered wierdos by many by just going to ashrams!
I realize a lot of people are thinking about what it's like to live in a dojo for a Western woman.
For me and all the other women in our guru's dojo, this is life as always.
As I mentioned before, we Westerners always mean it.
In some cases, our owners are aware of cultural differences and are aware of abnormal cultural differences --
For example, an Indian woman will never sunbathe on her upper body, especially in the dojo --
So for the benefit of the Indiansmen and women-
We are all told that we are staying together, especially in the dojo.
Some habits of Indians may also be the same. . .
It's a challenge for us. . .
Let's say ignore.
The body function, personal space, volume and tone of speech are just some of them.
In addition to our habits, an Indian who has never traveled abroad may lose balance.
Simple privacy for us can be seen as selfish by them.
So basically, as a woman, you will do a good job if you stick to Yourself and Yours.
Like the rest of the world, not everyone is kind-hearted, it's anything for any woman --
Or a man-
Any country that visits a foreign country should be aware of this.
If you are going to wear Indian clothes, be sure to wear them properly.
If you don't have the type of Indian woman in your body, that is, if you don't have an olive skin or look a little oriental, they will be more tolerant of you and your habits, because you are not an Indian, everyone will know very well.
This is a double-edged sword because in India, for Hollywood reasons, it is easy for women in our Westerners to go to bed and they will try!
There's nothing to worry about. seriously, it's just annoying, but that's all.
The boundaries of Indian men are very narrow, so they dare not do too much.
For example, no man is allowed to touch a woman in public, and even a husband and wife should not hold hands in public!
If you have olive-colored skin, you 'd better make sure you comply with all the Indian agreements!
They will treat you as one of them and will certainly expect you to do so.
This also has its advantages;
Thank you for reading my article and I will continue to add my story as I have time and I remember more.
Beautiful man-made beautiful world, confused people. . .
What is prevalent there? (Updated Feb.
2013) I 've been walking around the Internet to learn about other people's experiences in ashram.
I noticed that most people will go for a few weeks, some months.
I 've seen some people who don't look so happy but have a lot of sites that look good as wellnot-very-
Happy followers, throw rubbish at others seeking help.
I would like them to get to my article before landing on these pages and hope they continue to search and find this article.
Some people ask if such a mental place without charging is possible, and the answer is yes.
They do exist, usually the only place that is truly spiritual. Now-a-
For a few days, due to the huge demand for places of peace and comfort, many people have tried to make a living with spirit and some very good lives.
There is nothing wrong with making a living or living a very good life, and for that, the only problem I see is that money can corrupt and corrupt.
The self can't let go of money, so it will do everything it can to get it before reaching the moral barrier of the person.
Now, it really depends on the morality of people to stop the self, which is an immoral way.
Each of us should judge the morality of the people we want to follow.
In my opinion, the spirit and money should not be mixed together in my experience.
This morning, in my Internet search, I landed on this forum where the "spiritual leader" is actually teaching the Spirit, I am very critical of this person who wants to find a dojo in India to try to meditate and find peace.
They insisted that he could find peace and meditation at home.
Sure, but like the traditional dojo?
They may be very rare, but they can be found.
But their persistence sounds more like they want him to go to the meditation retreat they are responsible for, and they also feel like they have some sort of resentment towards someone who happily wants to pursue their dreams. Bizarre.
Beware of the teachers of your choice, they may become enemies if you have the ability to surpass them, not the friends they originally pretended to be.
Keep searching when you're really looking for something until you find it or eventually create it yourself.
Never be content with less, if the environment forces you to stop searching for whatever reason, but never give up.
Q & A: How do you feel about other people supporting you in the dojo?
Nothing, absolutely nothing is free, except the God and spirituality that everyone practices sincerely.
In fact, in a dojo, a person needs someone else's money to stay where there is no money cost.
True dojo experience teaches us many lessons, such as generosity, compassion, kindness, detachment, sincerity. Why?
Because for someone who has experienced living in an accepted place and has taken care of their basic needs (accommodation and food), the receiver teaches that someone is kind enough to be generous and compassionate, donate money to a stranger.
There is a man who is independent enough not to care who his money is used.
Someone trusts God in good faith and he will allow his money to be used.
It is said that we cannot give what we do not have and what we do not receive.
Once you have received kindness, generosity, sincerity, compassion and detachment, you will become more kind, generous, sincere, detached and compassionate, and you will also be able to share all this in turn with others, they will be received and will be able to share them with others in turn. . . .
In addition, Karma began.
The donor usually has some extra money that he can benefit others and also the retreat (because that's why you're asked to be in a real retreat) there will be extra spiritual energy that he can also give up in exchange for the "cost" to live in the dojo to benefit those who contribute with money, time, energy or other means.
The exchange of energy in any form (money, spiritual energy, time, etc. ) is automatically processed by karma.
Remember that God created this law of mercy with the ultimate goal of helping everyone evolve spiritually.
So if someone wants to tell you that you are a neglected person (whatever they want to call you) who sacrificed the rest of the dojo for wanting to live for free, that person just shows that they haven't understood karma yet, and they don't know much about spirituality.
Now, if you can contribute to your food from your own free will, go ahead.
Just calculate how much they will spend for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and donate at any time.
We would appreciate it because it would enable them to use the money of other donors to provide food to those who may not really be able to afford their expenses.
God really takes care of every tiny detail he creates, so relax and enjoy your real spiritual experience.
I have been asked this question recently.
I can tell you that some monasteries are as strict as the monasteries.
It depends on the master or guru and the discipline he requires the guest to follow.
You usually go to the dojo to become more spiritual, so no activities such as parties, socializing, drinking, smoking (anything) and sex are prohibited.
My guru is one of them, so, yes, I have been alone for 6 years in my life.
Some ashrams also require women to serve only women, even when they are having lunch or attending public talks.
So, as a Westerner, I can imagine that it may be difficult for some people to adapt to these things.
"I want to do it myself.
Who is your mentor?
Where is his warehouse?
Unfortunately, my guru has passed away.
I want to help you find a mentor, but to be honest, after the death of my mentor (the only one I trust is a true spiritual mentor) I feel that there is no need to look for another guru, so I can't tell who is the true master of spirit, who is just for the extra treatment.
My mentor has a successor, but I don't quite feel like he has a master level of meditation and spiritual science, so I can't recommend him.
What I can tell you, however, is that even if there are several masters who teach the same meditation techniques, they will teach different paths.
So my advice is to find out what you want from meditation or spiritual practice.
Then search for several organizations that teach this.
Contact them and ask your questions, especially if you want to spend some time in the dojo in India.
Then decide to give you what you want.
By the way, while you need to be open-minded, please also be smart and don't do it if you feel something is wrong (like meditation too much or anything else ).
If possible, meet with someone from his organization in the city where you live so that you can test these practices --
And followers.
It's been a while before making a big decision to go to India.
I left India for political reasons because master didn't have much time with us foreigners, and because I have reached a point, I feel that my own internal guidance system is very powerful.
What are the inner guidelines?
God as most of us speak.
I 've been feeling very strong on the mental path for a while, so I 've been "flying alone" for a while.
To answer your second question: my host has ashram in Delhi, Chandigarh, Sai, Panipat and Nalagarh just to mention the ashram I live in.
He also has some in southern India.
I received a lot of inquiries about the Ashrams I suggested to go.
I can't help even though I want.
I left India on 1998 with no more updates.
I can say for sure that it is a good start to go to Reshi Kaishi.
Reichesh has always been the retreat capital of India.
The Dalai Lama's permanent residence is also popular.
I don't know if there is ashrams there, but as it attracts many Westerners, the community is ready to welcome them.
Keep in mind that there are a variety of Ashrmas, those that require you to follow a certain leader, those that charge like luxury hotels, those that are open to anyone and everyone
A real dojo should not charge you or something symbolic.
You can always get to Rishikesh at the hotel and start your search there.
Maybe go to 5 different places, ask their requirements, and choose the place that best suits your needs.
Compare the facilities here, the cleanliness, and maybe talk to two foreigners. . .
Or talk to the nearest meditation or Buddhist groups in your area who may also have groups in India.
If you decide to go to India, please make sure the phone number of your embassy in Delhi, just in case. . .
I wish you all the best in spiritual exploration.
When I was a teenager, I went to the dojo to debate!
I went to the retreat for the first time. ©Xico, I lived there at the time) was when I was 19 and the second was when I was 21.
Five days after 22, I first came to India.
If you have an 18 year old who wants to leave school and you (of course) follow a master and enter the retreat in India indefinitely, what would you say to him/her?
If a young adult of yours suddenly tells you that he is going to drop out of school, say goodbye to you, sell all his stuff to follow the guru of India, will you support him/her? Nov. 28, 2013.
Google has recently changed its algorithms to determine what is most valuable.
Since I wrote my shot, it has been ranking up for the last two years until the most recent changes.
Now, I need to constantly add new content to it to prevent its ranking from dropping, so I will add new information as often as I can, but not more than once a day.
This will be mainly about my recent experiments in consciousness and consciousness. So stay tuned! Nov 29. Finally!
Today I Started a 4 week period and only wrote my book.
I hope to finish by the end of this year so I can submit it to the agent soon.
I should also have time to continue my self.
Hypnosis course so I will have something interesting to post.
See you tomorrow.
December 2, 2013.
Well, this part may be a diary for me to write this book.
Although I have written 27,000 words today (target 60,000), I managed to write an outline of the whole story.
Due to the depth of the theme and the spiritual experience, I am concerned that this may look like a novel! . . .
I think the second idea is very interesting. . .
=) This is what it is anyway, it is true. Dec, 7th.
This shot will soon be replaced by a great book! Dec. 10tham.
Yesterday was a great day for my book.
So far, however, I have only written about my first trip to India.
I still need to mention one of my breaks at home and then my second trip.
I was asked what life was like after the dojo.
I also need to mention this because the road to God does not end until the end. . . dec. 10th, pm.
Today I finished the story of my first trip.
Tomorrow, before my next trip, I start from 1/2 years at home. Dec 12th.
The third part is over!
I will start part 4 on Monday and luckily I should finish it by Friday.
It will be one thing after Friday, or revise the entire manuscript again and possibly start inserting the picture. Dec. 19th. It\'s done!
Today is the day when I finish my story.
Now I need to modify it, fix what needs to be fixed, select the photos I want to include and insert them.
I am preparing a book cover for my ebook.
If the agent does not reply to me, I will release it by January at the latest, if lucky! Dec. 22.
I got the cover of the ebook!
If I am lucky tomorrow, I will complete the last revision of my manuscript.
Then I will give it to my boyfriend and let him read it and tell me anything that may need to be fixed.
English is our second language for us.
It's not Shakespeare's work, it's the story I want to share. Jan 6, 2014.
So my book is born.
Amazon said it went online on January 2, but I uploaded it on 1st.
I'm glad the project is over. . .
Thank you for reading my thoughts all the way.
If you are looking for a specific question and have not found an answer in my shot, please let me know.
Share your comments and ideas here or on my FB page.
It may take me a while to get back to you, but I did get back to everyone.
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