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In the pile of "Ascension" information provided on the Internet and seminars, there is a problem where people understand what this means.Ordinary people are not ready to shine so strongly that their meat is squeezed by negative entropy that they are moving towards a very delicate vibration.Do you not travel with the sober out body or trance of the angel whispering, because during the out body, the ascension of vibration changes the body in the morning to remember the more enlightened mind.Trance-type meditation shows the communication of angels or Masters perceived by observers, to some extent, the division of consciousness either desires this connection to receive the blessing of a being or does not yet believe that the observer has the ability to be it.Occasionally, those who no longer practice religion and then move towards some form of self-realization will encounter obstacles to remove their guiding impulses from the Ascended Masters or other mysterious teachers of evolution.The change from religion to spiritual practice brings about sexual problems.When is sex inappropriate?When it's not spiritualTo avoid bringing the mind back to the past, in the case of an energy-filled area of blockage, the area is lethargic, blocked, heavy, sometimes with overweight or so slim shoulders starting to find why important answers through meditation exercises or energy work, the devastated person will remain centered.What is passion?The simplest is the concept of sex, in which people are enthusiastic about building a good alliance with another person who is open in the middle, and this behavior is without the rest of the world participating.This combination of spiritual homes replaces the division of Angel consciousness and becomes the correct combination with the spouse.Meditation or other trance-inducing exercises may be cleaner, as the self then understands the difference between the passionate union with his own God self and the healthy union with the human partner during sexual activity.This understanding must be reached, even when it comes to being alone, so as not to allow the sexual person to have more enlightened spiritual practice.When a spiritual practitioner has as much passion as he or she achieves ascension by gaining an enlightened understanding of sexual passion, Ascension is possible.So the symbolism of Madonna and the son of halo is the opening of the seventh Energy Center and the first.Spiritual perception and vision in hyperspace exist in infants and young children, and the function of the first Energy Center is very different from that of adults.They have basic autonomous lives such as heartbeat and digestion.In this change in adolescence, as the energy moves toward sexual behavior, the energy moves with the darkening of the higher energy center, and the child is greatly changed by the darkening parent support.In the model of Ascension and the huge gap with religion, what happens in history is to teach people to return to a state like a child to master ascension away from the necessity of sexual behavior, teaching them their own good experiences without death, because they live a life of irony, which may help to make sex a religious pattern of sin, women, in particular, are believed to be sexually powerful in our history through repressed religious creation as such a single model.So what is possible besides another model of Jesus, including the resurrection of death and the ascension of a person who allegedly had sex with Mary Magdalene, this is a model of non-death promotion that is respected and no longer suppressed, which also includes men who are educated.Therefore, the importance of consciously coding female DNA during sexual binding and the importance of eggs that do not encode female DNA without orgasm for pregnancy are recognized, both of them include enlightened sexual practice, which is part of enhanced inheritance to embrace a complete family model that does not exclude partners in order to choose ascension.In our local time and space, many people share spiritual equality between men and women, who embrace divine sexuality with the concept of science, where science and spirit are combined, including sex influencing DNA in a higher way, it is possible that there will be new ascended masters to understand that the genes of female sexual depression do not lead to the massive ascension of those women.Reading the transcript key opening of ancient symbols from history, some symbols misunderstood by scholars are unlikely to be about fertility and DNA coding for many non-climax women;Wisdom was passed down from generation to generation and later hidden by secret societies to avoid persecution and even the religions of the world were embraced in their art and war.The corrupt model of female clit resection and the masculine symbol are genetically "coded her" passive during sexual contact, which helps explain in the female population why women contribute less work through history, leadership was less enacted during the post-Dynasty Period in Egypt, and more so when they ended.In some parts of the world, pornography replaces pornography and sees women as the pleasure of male glory, which continues to leave women clueless about their fertility and sexual abilities, if they live, the Queen will be re-established in her kingdom of knowledge.Long ago, the symbol of war blossomed in a place where a key lesson was not aware of pious defense and what it brought.
Egypt began to make war weapons, and in the test of contradiction in defending the land, I, as the Noble builder of the kingdom, made a subtle humor to God.Ironically, in order to protect the genetic genes, the next-of-kin breeding may have caused pain to these people, and the war is really not good for them to be protected from incest, which later reduces the genetic genes, and the king and queen.The great flight of his spirit in the constellation becomes degraded into the bow of the Archers, the curved horns become the symbol of the "Bull" of war, and the Paradise brought to the slaughtered will be the only flightone of death.The historical point of the Apis bull is an interesting point, for they begin to worship and fear the symbol of the bull, just like the war they are held high in the great grave where the body of the real bull is buried;A message, perhaps I wake up and remember to put the sword down now, in the shape of the Lotus at the hilt of the Sword, where, for example, the river of blood flows down the land of "curse, if they are not careful, the same thing will follow.The water of the Lotus is like this.The bodies of men and women on the land.The emblem of Fleur de lisää was closed;The marriage to the war was to protect the land, and later to seize the land back and forth through time.A weapon similar to a sickle separates "wheat from the Shell", who will overcome fear and who will die.The early Lions used on the military shield have begun to undermine the lazy efforts of the Lions, waiting for the females to bring meat;Hoping to find a bigger defense against bad genetic decisions and invasion of the uterus, which brings life?Take care of the Lion and use it as a basic message in nature as an unrealized wisdom to apply to the habits of war.A pillar with lotus flowers on top, where the meat is tied together as an offering to feed Pharaoh, is not the same as a pillar of a prisoner tied to it.This is the human death caused by the sword, which is the symbol of the Lotus, misused by war, the lion symbol worn on the head overflowing the human blood River in the later history, in contrast, the lioness hunted the pharaoh who served the table of the great leader in peaceful consumption, while the Lotus did not misuse it.During this time, some very unpleasant images of Jesus were drawn, the influence of Constantine on his teachings may have led to the short body image he was drawn by the artists of the time secretly protesting the control of his words and becoming the sword of the religious crusades, not the father's message of peace for all.Ironically, this sword was not later revered by Christians, because the Lotus was once again corrected the genetic wealth of the ancient homeland lineage, and Jesus was revered to carry in the secret text that was later discovered.On the contrary, the message of his being "the only son of God" was horribly omitted, because others carry the superior gene found on the land where Pharaoh and foreigners are waiting and embrace the born child with enthusiasm, not the slaughtered race.The concept of early Christian teaching reincarnation was later removed by the influence of Constantine who supported the "fashion Christian Package", which removed the doctrine of reincarnation from the new religion.The wisdom of the goddess, including the teachings that affect the inheritance of the great dynasty, continues through the resurrection of reincarnation, and is taught to remember their greatness, and thus is eliminated.The goddess was once again corrected by loving men and babies, who were born there on all those who loved the fabric of the greatest fashion show of all time in multiple colors, all in one, in the equality of the Holy Spirit, rejoice in the great genes.What is the difference between the cross on the roof of the Church and the ancient Egyptian ankh symbol?What are the fasteners on the fabric?Ascension is a science, and some people in the energy science community are beginning to accept it, because the underlying reality has to face the problem of DNA sequencing, these issues must be changed by the application of conscious educational and intellectual tools by the sovereignty of those who know and support all who have large cats, who are the advocates of the devil, they fear that the ignorant spirit of the codex activation key that enters through the gates of understanding and life is empowered, and each soul is opened.The throat of the surrendered male cat is caught around the throat, with lotus flowers blooming on it, an early Egyptian antiquities, it symbolizes that those who have not been attacked know or respect the wisdom of the seventh energy center of the female genetic wisdom mother (represented by the Lion;Represented by Lotus.Buster and other Egyptian rulers wearing lion masks are teachers of the birth ceremony and teachers of the sacred knowledge of the higher consciousness of giving birth to men and women.Heaven sex text is an item on the list of articles I have provided that respects these early teachings that I lived during my previous incarnation and from my soulOnce sexual divine knowledge is once again lived and respected, the knowledge given to us in couples thousands of years ago and the absurd insults to the intelligence industry such as pornography have ended, then one may be more willing to embrace the concept of Ascension.Because an educated passion may lead to another passion, not the old pattern in which it blocks or has to be taught by dogma.
Guess what the mother with the child missed;Her Holy Spirit knows the child's DNA, because it grows in her body, so it is the power of the uterus and the king and queen, and can guide some people in history who do not like women.The inhabitants of the early African Motherland (Egypt, miso dhamia) respected and worshipped in these societies as goddesses and lovely balances, as mentioned, for the top of a highly intelligent society eager to remember, this is very possible today.So we have a chatter about eternal life, and I will provide an alternative in this direction.
Therefore, the first order of understanding death and resurrection is the tried and true way;reincarnation.
It is possible to seize this entity and lead to death, not the Ascension they know in the inherited DNA.Second, the current society of all spiritual beliefs, including religion, has passed the personal test of accepting and understanding it.How?If an education that is working does not provide these answers, then find an answer.Blue matrix energology is a place to provide education for the development of this understanding.Third, with this kind of education, it is helpful to see those who truly ascend, and it is easy for them to look for great opportunities, which they have left behind, so that humans can understand that these problems are not all ascension in the same way!If a cut-off plan is based on a false interpretation of some of them, it is the shame of Ascension.For Christianity, which I was born as the author of this article, found it lacking answers to accept that Jesus rose to heaven after a terrible death.I face this dogma as a Christian.I know I am as great as him because he told this in the Bible story, even at that time, I have not yet realized or remembered that the key given on the transcript was reminded in the current embodiment brain that the mapped space time passed through the correct education of the above educational premises (one of which is mine, not yet born), the following: there is no need to suffer a terrible death in order to convert the flesh into the reality of the death of the Holy Temple;the body.Now, I do begin to educate myself out of this act of attacking the doctrine of the new age, which became the trial monastery of many corrupt teachers who were threatened at the moment the students became sovereign God.Next.Leaving that experience, like a harmful scent, I realized in leas that there are other paths besides extreme death and torture, so that in the "Michael" I rejected about reincarnation, I still need two more to complete my task.Indifference and rebellion have arisen in me, for I do not accept another reincarnation, and for me it is a stagnation of order, which really takes away the drive of my spiritual needs.So I decided not to let guru separate the woman from the man (after visiting a few good people, they still did not teach immortality, but higher heaven or level of consciousness, there is still the death of the body and the delicate "state of death" that they keep showing somewhere that the body does not rot at the same rate.It sounds really cute..somati offered!A state in which you may stay outside your body for up to 40 minutes and return!Many people still die and bury the bodies, so why would you have it if you were to kill it over and over again?Next.The whole thing has not improved yet.Now I found a real ramatta Enlightenment School.Love him and his teachings based on sovereignty.I found the wing.Com is fascinated by the informative atmosphere on the site, especially in the works of art and music that I find to support my own energy work.I have now left my education position and become my own teacher. my rehabilitation practice has blossomed. in that lovely place of study, I have not been taught to answer some remaining learning questions, RSE my own divine creator great lessons about the great reality of the status of women our entire population of the Earth is sovereign and there are also some spiritual teachers, ET's influence caused my body to be murdered, where I was finally hospitalized and after waking up every day my own body became stiff for a week, because the silver UFO flew over the facility, please pay attention to me and the staff there.Now I have left there alive, resurrected, and tried my life after ET intervention of the same race. The Grey man works for himself, or misleads the question of another person who was still living in dogma at the time, to some extent, "judging" the non-spiritual qualities, hypocritical, because judgment causes the error that leads to death, rather than support for life, only my creator has saved me because I have reached an agreement with myself, resulting in my flesh opening up the Immortal Temple of the Holy Spirit that saved me.I created a great place to learn and blessed others to go out of school and carry out energy science practices, including the information in my life, and the study of consciousness allowed the process of deformation, including the beginning stages of bi position proficiency, transfer and other skills that enable the observer to acquire these things and may one day lift the whole body, not death.It is good that this may bring some value to educated people who are unlikely to be attacked for their truth, or at these times by ET's educational error terrain in the middle. Blue Matrix Energy, a tool for quantum thinking technology.Now technically, the resurrection I have completed is more than once out of the state of death, because I promise to transform flesh from the science that has saved my life, and taught me what is possible once there is no self or self-judgment of others at all.Quantum thinking management is a basic teaching. people should never underestimate its importance.Those who live by it will now know how important it is.So in the rest of the time, hoping to get rid of the wrong "error" that had to die or suffer terrible death to ascend, there are some teachings that the body can be transformed without death, this is to understand and accept it once all the procedures against it are abandoned.The power of the new generation will not be dragged to churches, security meetings or New Era drug culture celebrations where some people may become pregnant and hope that the child will not be defective due to the party.Because a new generation has heard of them and is not interested in being them, everyone has to give up becoming a "popular" population.What is the attachment?The illusion of control.What is loyalty to yourself?Commitment is the joy of all experiences, with words or smiles of four letters, whether or not, it is possible to control a monster that is not needed in a physical life, this power will never be given to those who try again for the sake of another.Including all the Masters, ET leaders, bosses, friends and family.Loyalty to self-learning becomes a divine creator, without those who hide their fears, such as anger, hostility, aging disease, drugs, poverty, theft, abuse of themselves or others, neglect and many other parasitic qualities are devouring their own divine Truth, divine will, and divine love, and may mistakenly seek the saviour to do it for them.If someone breaks something fair and lets them solve the problem, they don't have the power to control people if they don't know how to do it.The development of a personal education platform that supports higher awareness improves the IQ, psychological perception and large phenomenon ability of DNA that is correctly operated by consciousness.The body changes a lot, like athletes, training persistently and getting such amazing rewards that everyone wants to know why they waited so long to become focused.Unfortunately, some fanatical Redeemers feel that they will not give up the result without suffering.This will always come from aging and sick people who are the soul of a death plan that requires a physical breakdown, where there is a glitch in consciousness, they equate pain with the final release of the body's orgasm in the throes of death (when the orgasm leads to the same concept of being ).So here is a warning that if these people are old and sick, dead or dependent on peyote, they do not have a plan for Christmas or Ascension masters because they have reached an agreement with their own slaves, make a mess of DNA sequencing.Any such project will include the "I have to endure" project in order to obtain it, just like the last death pains released from the "body" sick or old.The problem is that, thankfully, it is not a reality that young people have not yet started DNA sequencing.Act wisely and one day learn to be smart, without death, and without the resurrection of blessings!Where he or she is brought according to the truth of an entity is available in any lifetime.From someone who has never accepted the reality of women's political participation imposed on her by murder, she has become a little simpler and continues to laugh at death, evil, suffering, poverty is totally incompetent,May anyone who uses these things in savvy humans fail to become the ultimate control fanatics in total ridicule and self-reinforcement.By the way, yes, the ascended masters, they can achieve eating and drinking, type on the computer and do other things, and they can even have a bank account if they want, they will disappear.These are modern, and we can be defined without the dogma of the past.They go by light.The people who respect will not interfere with them, nor will they "tell them how" as a dogmatic sermon ".They are not the people on the silver UFO. they are flesh and blood.The Ascended Masters are a cross-dimensional being because they know how to fold time and space and how to cross the hyperspace.The Ascended Masters are still evolving consciousness, as some have ascended for thousands of years before others, and everyone has their own unique expressions, just like galaxies and stars.Note: Now, an ascending entity is able to participate on the physical level of the Earth and participate in any activity like humans, but the difference is, the ascended entity knows that this is an illusion of enjoying the present moment attached to the illusion of reality, fearing to let it experience the higher reality.So a new model is possible.www.ibluematrix.Com of modules;New super creatures in the new era
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