'love island effect' rubs off as male skincare sales rise - organic men's skin care products

\'love island effect\' rubs off as male skincare sales rise  -  organic men\'s skin care products
Love Island boys love the smallest body hair and clear sunshine
Suntan skin tone may be affected in the sales of male skin care products.
According to research firm Kantar world panel, sales rose 16% in the three months ended August 12
It believes it all depends on the stars of the popular reality show.
Fraser mckewitt, head of retail and consumer insights at the company, said: "Love Island has not only pulled the hearts of shoppers, but also pulled their wallets because men's skincare products have risen 16%.
The profit of the high street supermarket chain also increased by 16% to 92.
9 M 2017 due to its cooperation
In July, the company said it compared with the cultural phenomenon this summer.
Products in its "What will love island boys use all summer" campaign include avocado and Manuka Honey Shampoo, tan-
Stimulating sunscreen and charcoal toothpaste.
Kantar's latest retail analysis for the 12 weeks ended August also showed that during the July heat wave, Britons spent £ 67 more on alcoholic beverages.
Consumers are willing to spend more money on products such as ice cream and soft drinks, resulting in the growth of branded products exceeding the supermarket itself
Marking lines for the first time since May 2015.
"The grocery market has experienced strong growth, particularly the recent heat wave," Mr mckeitt said . ".
"In July, thirsty Britons spent an extra £ 67 on alcoholic drinks, not
In the scorching sun, sales of alcoholic beer increased by 58% over the same period last year.
Soft drinks have also increasedup 28%.
Second in Britain
Largest supermarket group
Sainsbury's is the worst performing grocery store in the country. Sales rose 1.
2%, lagging behind Asda growth 2.
6%, Morrison 2.
7% and Tesco 1. 8%. The Co-
Op continues to feel the glow of the summer and has experienced the fastest growth rate in nearly seven years.
"Last cooperation
Sales of Op increased by 7.
"8% it still benefits from the acquisition of sammerfield, so its performance during this period is particularly significant," Mr mckewitt said . ".
"When the sun is shining, consumers' current preference for shopping in the local area helps to cooperate
The Op attracted another 263,000 new shoppers through its doors.
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