macho gives way to metrosexual in manila - face to face peel off facial mask papaya

macho gives way to metrosexual in manila  -  face to face peel off facial mask papaya
Philippine men who have long been known as "macho" in Manila, Philippines, prefer to go to a barber shop instead of a salon for men and women to show their macho.
But in the age of the Internet and Facebook, macho has given way to "urban", a beauty clinic that serves men in urban areas across the Philippines.
Most of these clinics cost millions of pesos, allowing male celebrities and politicians to recognize their services and prove that vanity does not weaken a man's masculinity.
I sent email requests to almost all major participants in the beauty industry, but it took about three months to get approved, and there were only a few clinics.
My first stop was perfect, one of the pioneers in the national beauty industry, catering for men and women.
I'm no stranger to the beauty center, but the bright pink tiles and sofas in the reception area, and the same loud costume color can be shocking for most men.
I stayed on the pink couch for a few days, waiting for male clients who agreed to take a few photos and be interviewed.
A few people I saw for the first time
But most of them are old customers.
On a Tuesday afternoon, a gentleman in a formal Philippine shirt, black trousers and black leather shoes walked into the clinic and headed straight to the reception for the scheduled treatment.
While waiting for the waiter, he kept looking at his watch and kept asking if it was his turn.
I introduced myself and asked him if he would like to be photographed.
He begged to be freed from the pictures, but willingly answered all my questions, saying that he would usually go to the clinic to do his face during the meeting break or during lunch time.
The next day, I met a man on another perfect branch with a color highlight on his spike hair that looked much younger than when he was 58.
He said that he was a frequent visitor for 10 years and that during that special visit he was given the latest infusion mask for cell booster, this is a nourishing skin cell that fights and protects the skin from damaging free radicals and promotes tissue regeneration.
Later, a young man came in with his mother, followed by another man who did not want to take off his headphones.
They all went for a treatment called "Advanced Real gentleman facial care," and they said they often received these treatments to boost their self-confidence and look good for their partner
Saguinsin, 32, on January, a few hours before the clinic closed, had a tattoo on his arm, comfortably lying on a pink bed, and his hair was pushed back with a pink embroidered headband, the hands were covered with a pink hot wet bag and a waiter gave him a strong skin peeling treatment.
I smiled when I saw his tattoo pressing on the Pink Sheet.
On Wednesday night I received a call from another facial center called Paradise happiness.
People at the other end said a group of male friends had just entered the clinic.
I rushed to the place and saw that the three of them were already comfortable and lined up in the bed next to them.
Instead of drinking the usual drink on the night the boys are out, these people are making faces.
One of them was clearly familiar with the treatment, and even as he clenched his fist and gave a painful groan, he smiled and a waiter smashed his black head.
In a regional study conducted in 2004 by global market research firm Synovate, 84% of Manila men thought looks were everything.
Even rural men.
They don't have the money to do facial treatments or buy whitening products, but they care about what they look like.
Romeo appera, 59, said: "We already have dark skin. if we get darker, we will be ugly . " A fisherman in Laguna Bay, Tagh city is wearing a worn-out mask made of fabric and long sewn together
When he goes fishing six to eight hours a day by the lake, long-sleeved shirts protect his skin from the sun.
Whether it's a regular face or expensive strong Peel, expensive whitening skin care products, or a cheap simple mask, it looks good and perfect is the top priority for Filipino men.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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