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You may be thinking of decorating the fine paper in an exotic font, but what about fun, interactive, creative invitations that are absolutely perfect for a children's party?There are a lot of creative ways to get your own kids invited and you don't need to use traditional paper and envelopes at all.There are a lot of things you can do without spending a penny, such as writing on the leaves of the fairy tale party, or writing on the inside of the shell of the beach party;It is important to add a little idea to your own handmade party invitation, which will not only impress your little guests, but also give your party children a wonderful souvenir,Here are 5 simple handmade party invitations that you can easily make with your kids.Write your invitation on a card big enough to read from a distance.
Have your party kids hold it in front of themselves, or maybe let them stand next to it if it's really big, but whatever they do, there must be a big tacky smile on their small faces.Now, it's as simple as taking pictures on standard 10x 15 cm photo paper, printing on a home computer or printing through a local photo processing store.If you want them to be more like pasting brightly colored cards, or laminate them.
The old flip flop is perfect for summer BBQ and pool parties, beach parties and luaus or any tropical themed event.Buy some groovy flip flops from a discount store and you can usually spend a few dollars a pair.Write the invitation neatly on the sole with a marker pen, or use a trigger as a template to track the invitation on a color card.
Cut-out of trigger shape please with text write of like â x80 x98 dude 'and â x80 x98 aloha '.Let the children sprinkle sand on the edges before sticking to the flop sole, decorate the cards like glitter.Balloon is a very cheap, very easy to use thing, it is an interesting invitation with explosive effect.
Write the invitation on a small piece of standard 80 gsm paper, roll it up, and insert the invitation into the balloon.Blow it up now, or inflate it with helium if possible.Write "pop me up" on the balloon with a permanent mark ".
Imagine your child showing up at school with a bunch of balloons and getting all their friends to step on it, very fun!You and your child will be very happy, just soak the normal copy paper in the tea and see the old age that is very suitable for pirate parties, although please don't add milk or sugar!Just put a few tea bags in a plate of water and allow the steep before putting the paper into the water.Don't leave the newspaper there for too long, otherwise you have the risk of disintegration.Take it out and hang it on the Internet to dry.
You now have the basis for a beautiful handmade party invitation that looks very old.Write it in a quirky old-fashioned way with a delicate marker pen;Suitable for any Pirate Party or treasure hunt.Accept your invitation, whether it's handwritten, printed or something you can buy in the pad.
After writing, stick to a card.
The back creates the puzzle effect by drawing strange shapes or imitating traditional puzzle designs.Now, cut the invite accordingly and pop up all the clips in the envelope.Your little guest needs to put it together in order to read the invitation.
It will be memorable.
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