make your own cosmeceuticals Flower Garden Layout: Design and Ideas

make your own cosmeceuticals Flower Garden Layout: Design and Ideas
Who is not crazy about a sweet, green garden?The little harbor in front of the porch or any small space can be turned into a beautiful garden.It is interesting to build a new garden, which increases the interest of existing landscape design.
Flowers are an important part of the garden.They are considered the center of any garden.In fact, a yard with lawns, trees and fountains looks incomplete before incorporating flowering plants into its borders and beds.Flowers look great in any kind of landscape design, but proper planning will enhance the aesthetic value of the courtyard.Therefore, instead of planting like flowers in the wild, it is better to plan the layout of the garden first and design it neatly.
Building a garden requires some pre-thought, your creativity and basic gardening skills.But you can continue to do so without a degree in landscape design.Certain criteria such as location, courtyard space, addition of flower beds, final determination of flowering plants and design techniques should be taken into account when planning garden layout.To make your project simpler, make a layout sketch that includes plant locations and color patterns.
The actual layout of the garden and the variety of flowers planted depends on the location of the area.With fertile and good sun yard-The drained soil is excellent for maintaining the garden.Although any piece of land can be made into a beautiful garden with some effort, it is better to plant flowers in the right place.Try to avoid cool and humid places if possible.For a garden with shadows, the choice of flowers is limited.In fact, colorful flowers look more energetic in the sunny garden.
The layout of the garden depends largely on the size of the area.Therefore, the courtyard space and the total area of the flower bed should be considered first.Later, you can decide the plant type and its location in the garden based on the height, flowering time and color of the plant.
You can also add grids, Stone trails, and garden components.How about including a garden pond with colorful fish and water lily?Finalize the color scheme and flower variety according to your personal preference.
The flower bed should be wide enough (about 5-7 feet) so you can have a better planting option.Each bed can be divided with another bed with a straight line or curve (depending on your choice.
A formal garden looks elegant and straight.But if you want to take something out of the box, choose five different colors of flowers that bloom at the same time.Plant them in five.Each flower represents a petal.Believe me, this pattern looks great in the family garden.
You can consider planting various types of plants, including Yearbook, Biennale, SUGEN and climbing plants.While choosing a native flower species, make sure that you consider the amount of care for each plant type and the desired features of the flowers.For example, exotic plants will definitely add a unique flavor to the yard.However, most species need special care and are not suitable for novice gardeners.
People of the year complete their life cycle in one season.e.They grow, Blossom, seed and die in the same season.They prefer to grow in bed rather than at the border.You can create a different flower bed in Each Season by planting annual plants.Another benefit of choosing annual flowers is that they have a wide variety of colors.

.You can design a color scheme by planting different annual flowers on the same bed.While doing so, make sure that the plants in a flower bed bloom at the same time.The annual flower can also be used as a good space filler before the roots start to blossom.
Biennials grow leaves in the first season and bloom in the next season.Then they planted the seeds and died.They are best planted on the border and hedge along with the SUGEN plants.
.The flower of SUGEN is very longLive plants that bloom for a short period of time (about 3-4 weeks per season.You can choose the rooting plants that bloom at different times to make the garden look lively and lively.In this way, there will be blooming flowers in the garden no matter the season.
Other flowering plants include bulbs and vines.The bulb is easy to grow and maintain in the garden.They bloom in one season, temporarily dormant, and bloom again in the next season.
.If there are sheds, you can bring a different look to your garden by planting vines.Flowering vines such as morning glory and hyacinth beans can be planted according to the color scheme of the surrounding area.
The idea is for a large garden where you have enough space to accommodate a green patch.For the lawn, keep the ornamental grass in order to enjoy green in all seasons.Once planted, they will continue to grow for many years with appropriate care techniques.In short, the lawn needs less maintenance than the flower bed.
For those with limited time in garden care, the lawn garden decorated with the ground and flower beds is a perfect choice.You can also grow evergreen shrubs on the lawn border.
You may consider using containers and/or elevated beds at the center of the lawn or at the border.Fill up the blank space with a potted plant and your garden will definitely look complete.Try the theme if interestedBased on the concept of garden design.You can focus on a specific theme, such as butterfly garden, rose garden, summer garden, and proceed accordingly.
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