make your own cosmeceuticals How to Harvest and Germinate Clivia Seeds

make your own cosmeceuticals How to Harvest and Germinate Clivia Seeds
The beauty of the flowers depends to a large extent on the harvest, storage and germination of your junzilan seeds.Learn the basics of this article.
Seed is the carrier of life for all life.Therefore, its cultivation is essential.For most plants, regardless of their size, life begins at the embryonic stage.There is no difference in the plants of junzilan.Therefore, its seeds are very important for the survival of plants.In addition to this, planting the seeds you harvest is the joy that every home gardener should experience.
Beautiful gentleman orchid with bright colors can even illuminate the darkest corners.This bright orange
It is native to southern Africa.There are currently six species, as well as some hybrids that offer an orange color palette along with some of the most shades and shades of crimsonOrange to light yellow.Junzilan seeds are bred in seed pods and must be taken out of the seed pods at the right time, so that they do not germinate and do not germinate into weekly seedlings.
These seeds take longer than the seed development and sowing of other flowering plants.Once the flower is pollinated, it will fall off and reveal a swollen round berry --shaped ovary.Seeds develop in this seed House, also known as pods (a flower has a pod ).The color of the pod changes from green to yellow, red or orange, and it takes about 9 to 10 months to mature into a plant.No more than 4 per pod-5 seeds.Therefore, it is essential to harvest the seeds of junzilan correctly.Once the pod has changed its color (it usually softens), pick it gently.Cut it carefully.The seeds are all placed in the soft pulp, maintained by a loose adhesive film.Remove the pulp and separate the seeds from the pulp.Wash seeds under tap water, preferably seeds mixed with sterilization solution.Experts recommend placing these seeds in sealed plastic bags and adding a few drops of water to keep the seeds alive.At room temperature, the seeds contract or dry to germinate, but eventually die.Do not freeze, do not store for more than two months.It's better to plant them fresh.
To make the seeds sprout successfully, they must be washed clean.Several conditions that should be maintained are the optimal temperature between 73 F and 77 F, high humidity, and sterile conditions that determine the success rate of seed germination.Add some Pearl Rock or Pearl Rock to the wet compost.Put a few seeds in a sealed plastic bag and press them a little.Seeds should be placed up.Put the bag near a warm and dark place.Moisture in the plastic will promote seed germination, which will happen in a few weeks.Move the seeds to the seed tray.One can put the seeds in a pot with drainage holes and cover them with plastic sheets.After the seeds germinate, remove the lid and move the pan to the diffuse lighting area.Once the seed sprouts, just like its first true leaf, transplant the budding junzilan seedlings to its intended location.
Once the seeds are planted, it is only a matter of time before they will sprout a large number of new leaves.
Only in 2-4 years after planting.
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