make your own cosmeceuticals How to Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds

make your own cosmeceuticals How to Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds
Although you may love your pet cat and see it in glowing light, a ruined neighbor of the flower bed may not be amused by the antics of your cat in the garden.Take a look at some simple steps to keep the cat away from those precious flower beds.
Anyone with cats knows that they love the sun and the smell of the outdoors.However, even though we like our cat friends very much, the cat in the garden may be a real hassle.They will eventually dig into the flower beds you have been working for hours and use them as bins.To add to the pain, mouats will spray the leaves in urine to mark their territory, or flatten all the plants as they lie lazily on your flower bed, when all your hard work goes out to toss, sunbathe comfortably.Cat's unfortunate, unappreciative behavior towards flower beds and gardens can lead to pain and hostility towards cats.Instead of attacking the poor cat, however, try these simple and effective steps to keep the cat away from your garden.
Cats are usually very free.The spirit shakes and wants to roam around the world without hindrance.Since they are very agile and seem to be able to skip or squeeze into anything, it's usually easy for them to get into your hometown.However, there is a business list and a homemade cat deterrent list that seems to have effectively prevented them from staying away from your flower beds.
: Before you can implement any steps to prevent the cat from destroying your precious flower bed, it is better to talk to the owner of the cat and know if it has been domesticated.However, if you are an unfortunate cat owner, it is recommended that you consider options such as cat protection in the garden or in the building cat case.Trust me, it will not only make your neighbor happy, but your cat will also be safe.It's a good idea to build a toilet for your cat like a sand pit.
: There are many commercial cat deterrence in the market.Most of these chemicals contain active ingredients-methyl ketone, which should not be used near food crops.Any of these can be used to protect your flower beds.
: It's a way, I'm sure it will work even in a limited amount of time.Once you see the cats near the flower beds, spray some water on them.Because cats hate water, they may panic and never come back again.Have a certain sportActivate sprinklers that use infrared to detect animals and spray water on them.If the cat belongs to someone you know, you 'd better tell them about the plan and assure them that you won't hurt the cat.However, since some strange cats may really think you are playing with them, this method is severely restricted!
: A good way to keep the cat away from the flower bed is to sprinkle the peel of lemon, orange or grapefruit on the flower bed.For some reason, cats seem to have developed an aversion to the smell of citrus.Drops of citrus oil or coffee grounds seem to be up for the job as well.
: By installing a fine garden net on the soil of the flower bed, you can be sure that the cat will not dig away the soil.Place it 2 inch above the flower bed to make sure they don't walk on the flower bed either.You can also try to spread pine nuts by adding them to the covering of the flower bed.Because cat claws are sensitive, they often avoid such places.Or, you can cover with rough groundA rock that has surfaced or a branch that uses a thorn.
: Most gardeners in the world have "perfect plant solutions" that include planting some cat-repelling plants in the garden.In this case, the golden marig flower is a good choice.Not only do they look good, but they grow easily, but they also have a scent that keeps cats away from the flower beds.Geranium, pennyarreal, Lu, lavender, garlic, lemon, Baili, lemon verbena and other fragrant plants are also unpleasant for cats.A weed native to Europe, known as "coreus Kanana", that prevents the presence of a cat by issuing a scent to a cat (but not to humans.
: The high-frequency sound from an ultrasound device usually makes the cat run without causing pain to your ears at the same time.
If these suggestions don't seem to work, try making your garden less catFriendly by eliminating huge cat magnets such as bird feeder and bird cage.If you have cat mint plants, please don't have them unless you want cats miles away to swarm into your garden.A dog is also recommended.However, I don't think this is a good idea because you may be fined if the dog attacks the cat.Also, the dog may destroy the flower bed in a completely different way, not the cat destroying the flower bed, and then you may read an article about "how to keep the dog away from the flower bed.
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