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Pokemon card game is a popular card game of our generation with a huge fan base.However, due to the expensive original trading game card, with the advent of the website that provides this kind of program, many people prefer to make their own Pokemon card online.Some even copied the original cards and then laminated them to reduce costs, giving at least a chance to experience them.
Instead of making a small attempt to satisfy the alternative thrill of photocopying cards, is it better to make a completely different Pokemon card?You can send one to others, at least bring a smile on their faces, while sharing your interest in Pokemon.(However, if you are more interested in the custom sites for those Pokemon cards, here are some of the referrals: http://pokemoncardmaker .Organization/or http://pokemon your own personal style on the card you give.
In this way, you will also give a part of yourself, a part of yourself, to those who are important.So far, hundreds of Pokemon creatures have been attracted and released to the public, so there are also hundreds of models to choose from.So, before you start playing, it's easier to think that there's already a specific Pokemon.
* Accessory material of your choice (ribbon, Button, etc ).1.Draw cards.Fold your paper in half (or you can cut paper similar to the shape of pokeball ).Then, draw the basic design of pokeball.If you notice, pokeball is split by a black line with a white circle in the middle.
Red on the upper part of the card.
In the lower part, apply white paint or keep it as it is (if you are using white cardboard or Oslo paper ).Do the same thing on the back of the card, but this time, omit the white circle in the middle and draw the black line.You can also apply the same color on the inside of the card, or, you can leave.
Create Pokemon design.
Choose your Pokemon and search for its different poses.Pick the pose you like.Then, take a piece of white paper and draw the pattern.Make a large version (just big enough to fit inside the card) and a small version that you can put outside the card.
Color your painting, cut it, and paste a larger illustration on one side of the card.Depending on your creativity, you are free to design the surrounding space on the left.Use accessory materials such as ribbons, buttons and random paper cuts.
However, do not be carried away and overDesign cards!If you don't draw well, you can print a picture of your favorite Pokemon, cut it down and stick it to the side of the card.3.Design front.Cut a rectangular box about the size of your card.Trim it so it fits well in the card.Get the smaller drawing and paste it to the far left of the rectangular "banner.
Then, put a simple general message (for example: Happy birthday!Thank you, sorry, wait.) Attached to the front of the card.4.Write your messageOn the remaining blank pages in the card, pour out what you want to say.You can search the internet for verses that apply to this occasion.
Or, you can write directly from the heart and say anything you want to express to that person.You don't need to sound like a poet, just be yourself.These are just simple steps to make a Pokemon card.
Try different models of Pokemon and different card shapes.Every time you make your own Pokemon theme card, going to your creativity may lead your place and improve.Other websites recommended for information reviews on card making, other handicrafts and art and culture, games, animated pictures, movies, books, music, etc.
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