man enough to wear makeup - do led facial masks work

man enough to wear makeup  -  do led facial masks work
Beijing: statistics show that more and more men use cosmetics and skin care products, and makeup has become a lifestyle choice for some of them.
Last February, CBNData and e-
E-commerce platform Tmall released a report on the consumption trend of Chinese cosmetics and skin care products.
From 2013 to 2016, online sales of male skincare products continued to grow.
In 2016, male cosmetics sales between the ages of 18 and 22 increased by 100% year on yearon-year.
In 2016, the five provinces and regions leading the online sales of male masks were Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hebei and Anhui.
In the same year, some Chinese and European cosmetics brands began to invite Chinese male stars as spokesmen with remarkable results.
Brands prefer soft and soft-young male celebrities who have a delicate look and often appear with elegant makeup-because young female fans are willing to pay for what they represent.
At the same time, xiaoxianrou is also paying attention to its own skin care, adding credibility to such products.
On April, consulting firm iResearch and online discount retailer Vipshop released a report on the trend of Chinese fashion consumption born after 1995.
Of the 532 men born between the ages of 1995 and 1999, about one out of every five used BB creams-BB cream is a cream formula, the texture is usually lighter than the foundation for uniform facial skin tone or lip products.
Of these men, one in 10 uses eyebrow products or eyeliner.
According to Vipshop data, for cosmetics, men born these years have bought facial masks, skin care products and cleansing products, with the largest number of such sales last year.
Mao Xun, a fashion commentator, said lip protection and hand cream are basic cosmetics, but not exclusively for women.
Personal grooming instruments such as manicure will help to give a good image to men.
"As for skin care, Chinese men have a higher brand loyalty, but Chinese women like to try new products," he said . ".
"Chinese women's favorite cosmetics are lipstick and foundation.
"Although Chinese men in their 1980 s can hardly accept the idea of using the foundation
After 90 s, it is more likely to use popular online products such as BB cushion and eyebrow powder.
If a man's skin color is uneven or has pimples, using a product to cover up the situation would help to provide a uniform skin color, he said.
"It's OK to show yourself in an optimistic way with light makeup, but don't imitate the thick makeup of some male idols," he said . ".
Mao said men should exercise more because it is good for their skin.
In addition, good body shape will make them look vibrant and stylish.
Wu Yifan, 22, agreed very much.
"The most important aspect of skin care is to have a normal schedule and good eating habits," said Wu, who has just graduated from a university in Tianjin. they never stay up late and often go to the gym.
He uses cleansing foam, essential oil, lotion and eye cream, but not cosmetics.
He also uses sunscreen to protect his skin from UV rays, which are routine for men and women from Hainan province.
Wu even has more skincare products than his girlfriend until he finds the one that best suits him. —
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