marketing the ‘beauty business’ - organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing

marketing the ‘beauty business’  -  organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing
Globally, the value of "Beauty" is estimated at $426 billion (
About the trillion)
As the "male market" rose to $29 billion.
Everyone wants to be the idealized Venus and Adonis in their futile mind.
So the MAC advertised "a lipstick and an eyeshadow every two seconds ".
HBC announced: "Everyone has the right to be beautiful (
Life is beautiful)co-founder Dr. Rosalinda Ang-
Its beauty product core is mainly Hortaleza for the C and D markets.
The global market is so huge that P & G (Pantene)
Spent so much money on promotion-even using top model Gisele bonchen (earns US$45-million a year)
It is reported that this has led to a 40% increase in shampoo sales in Brazil.
From the p2 point of view, the model is not cheap.
8 Miriam only speaks for P45 million (Global Movement).
HBC recently released the P24 million annual advertising budget on TV, completing the "girls, get Ko" campaign.
A relatively new beauty company-Boch International (
Less than 100 branches nationwide)
However, it does not seem to believe the endorsement of "celebrities.
Philippines Avon Cosmetics Co. , Ltd. is currently the first in the Philippines direct sales beauty company, in 50 service stations across the country (
Aim in the middleaged)customers;
HBC has broken down its market with 18-40 age level.
According to rohill O.
President Dumlao and Gloria L.
Dazo, senior vice president of HBC, their cosmetics brand will now be sold at a Nationwide Mercury drug store. HBC's long-
The medium-term goal is to increase branches to 500 in the medium term.
On the other hand, in addition to the 50 service stations, Avon also has business in the kiosksAvon Mall and the Beauche mall.
All Filipino beauty products are strong on the Internet, a new battleground for customer attention and loyalty.
American MBA.
However, Harvard's "beauty products" entrepreneurs Katta Beauchamp and Hyla Bernas Zosmeting are basically out of the box and today's sales are £ 300,000 (US, UK, Spain)
Users now.
Their beauty company, Birchbox, initially just gave some samples to potential customers.
The dynamic duo believes that "free samples are cheaper than expensive print ads and promotions.
"Their company has attracted $12.
The financing of venture capital fund "beauty business" is a diversified world --
Width: hair protection (20 percent), skin care (27), fragrance (10), make up (20)and others (23).
The world's leading brands include: Hair Care (
Pan Ting and L'Oreal), skin care ((
Olay and Vaseline)and make up (
Maybelline, Mike and Sephora).
It is reported that a general HBC customer has launched the P130-
300 per purchase, beauty packaging of 7 beauty products into the market
P750, although individual items can also be purchased separately.
A new dark horse in the market is "Human Nature" beauty and personal care products company
Created by two daughters of Gawad Kalinga founder Tony merleto-Anna merleto
Merlot (Wilk and Camille)
42 products now)
Home made entirely organic and unique-
Grow ingredients.
Their products are also being sold in Robinson retail stores.
In terms of social networking marketing, humanity has emerged in 23 cities and has helped 2,000 poor slums that have been growing and providing an organic component to beauty companies.
On the other hand, HBC's corporate social responsibility through the Hortaleza Foundation is to provide "beauty business tutorials" to ordinary people through the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, the ministry of labor and employment and the TESDA.
For example, Housewives can start their family life with minimum capital and HBC training
Based on beauty business.
HBC also teaches them basic "financial management ". "Co-founder Dr. Rosalinda Ang-
Hortaleza has always believed in "value for money", and this pricing awareness has enabled HBC to start from its humble beginnings in 1993 (6 branches)
Even in many places in Singapore, Bahrain, Oman, Los Angeles and California, there are international businesses.
As a great "social equalizer", beauty enhancement has prompted HBC to focus on the poorer parts of the market, although more and more people on the upper level may have tasted the product's efficacy.
HBC's Roehl Dumlao suggests that the Filipino, eager to become a Western beauty model, could be a branch of the "colonial mindset, because the country has been in two "white superpowers, Spain and the United States for centuries.
However, the "beauty industry" is one of the industries on which companies that read customer feedback well (
Customers are always right.
Respond in kind with the right product.
It is expected that the Philippines will face more fierce competition in this huge "beauty industry", Asian sales (
Including Philippines)
Now compete with the Western Hemisphere in terms of sales and dollar value, ranking first in mainland sales.
But nothing to worry about.
The economist says the beauty industry is soaring regardless of the economic situation.
HBC honchos confirms that "this is an all-inclusive mood" industry: beauty and health products are used when depressed or feeling beautiful-women and men-for two completely different reasons.
Industry leaders believe that there are both risks and opportunities for ASEAN market integration-Philippine products will enter ASEAN's huge "beauty awareness" market. (
Former banker Bingo Dejaresco is a financial consultant, media practitioner and political strategist.
His point of view here is his personal and does not necessarily reflect FINEX's point of view.
You can contact him at dejarescobingo @ yahoo. com)
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