mary kay facials masks should you sell avon or may kay? avon vs mary kay

Do you want to decide whether to sell Avon or Mary Kay?You may want to know which is better or easier to sell, and most importantly, selling Avon or Mary Kay will make more money.To be honest, people can and are making money from any company.Some people do a good job (like making enough money to resign), many people make a lot of extra money, and many people quit without ever making a penny.
In any company, the most determined and enterprising people will succeed.For any company, don't expect to do nothing and make a lot of money.Since I sold Avon, I know more about Avon, but I have found as much information as possible about Mary Kay, plus, my wife tried Mary Kay (neither of which she liked ).
What is the startup cost?You might get some big save brochure or something like that.This kit doesn't contain much, but it does contain everything you need to get started.As an Avon Rep.You also sell mark for young women.$49 starter kit.Kit for $99.New clinical skinFull filling cream.Avon's signature tote bag-The $100 Mary Kay suit is full of stuff.
The kit comes with Mary Kay full-size products worth more than $350 and can be sold or used for facial care.It includes various colors such as foundation, detergent, moisturizer, Daily Cream and evening cream.You will also get a lot of commercial supplies that will help you start your business.
Including books, cd, flyers, etc.
The two companies have different incomes.
$900 -$425 -$285 -$145 -$25 -$00 -Both companies are MLM companies, so you can earn extra money by recruiting or registering someone else to sell.You need to help them learn the skills and you can make extra money as long as you keep selling with them.Both companies use catalogues, especially Avon.
Mary Kay's name is "look" and has been fine for months and the last price I can find is $3 for 10 catalogs.Because the "look and feel" doesn't change often, you don't have to buy them like you would buy the Avon catalog.Avon books are well known but may be your biggest regular expense as we have to buy at every event or every two weeks.
However, the more we buy, the lower their cost will be.Order 10 packs.$10 brochure.59 $5.$20 brochure.41 $8.$30 brochure.35 $10.$40 brochure.311 $12.$50 brochure.268 $13.$6 $60 brochure.245 $14.$7 $70 brochure.227 $15.$8 $80 brochure.216 $17.$9 $90 brochure.205 $18.$100 brochure.195 $19.11 packs or more: $19.+ $1.The price of the Avon brochure is good for 3 events, so they can stay in the waiting room or similar even if you still have some left.I do think releasing a new catalog every two weeks can keep Avon products fresh in people's minds, maybe their favorite product is on sale this week!Both companies have regional managers with actual employees.
They can provide support, hold regular meetings to build enthusiasm and provide details of incentives for new products or sales/recruitment, which can be money or travel.These are free meetings, you don't want tons if you don't.I do feel that Mary Kay consultants need to do more parties than Avon reps, perhaps because Avon books are like small shops for you.
To be fair, both companies encourage/pressure their employees to buy products for parties or just sell them.Many sales reps end up being their best customers too, so be careful in either case.Both companies have websites where sales reps sell online.
Mary Kay offers a 90% refund for the returned product.Avon offers a full refund but the shipping cost is paid by us.To stay active, you also seem to have to buy more products from Mary Kay and Avon more often.
In order to stay active with Mary Kay, you will need to place an order of about $400 every 3 months.When you place an order for $400 (your cost is $200) then you are active for the month and for the next two months.For Avon, your Avon account will remain active as long as you place your next order every 4 events (almost 2 months) (even 10 Avon Books.
A fee is required to reactivate your account in any company.The fact is, you can make money by selling for any company.I know a few people who sell both.As far as I know, the pressure to sell Avon seems to be much smaller because it's easier and cheaper to keep your account active, and we can even make some money from the order as little as $25.
Both companies have been around for a long time (Avon is longer) and both have loyal followers so they all have to do the right thing!Personally, I don't do any parties and just rely on Avon brochures for sale.My wife is not with Mary Kay because she is not that kind of party and it is expensive to do and continue to do it, but she has never tried Avon because it is not her business to have direct sales of any kind.She does like the products of two companies and Clinique.
As far as I know, the bottom line is that you can do the best for any company to sell successfully, the most positive, determined and patient people, in other words, to make the most money.Obviously Avon is the cheapest to sign up and try, which is easier to do in my opinion
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