Mascaras With Beeswax Shape Lashes And Prevent Smearing Or Smudging - bee propolis skin care produ

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Mascaras With Beeswax Shape Lashes And Prevent Smearing Or Smudging - bee propolis skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-07
Mascaras With Beeswax Shape Lashes And Prevent Smearing Or Smudging  -  bee propolis skin care products
Mascaras containing beeswax provides eyelash shaping while preventing smearing or applying colors.
Definition: What is beeswax?
Beeswax is a sticky, yellow to brown, shaped, fixed substance secreted by bees for building the walls of the hive.
It is not soluble in water (not dissolved with moisture) and is a chemical compound called ester formed by the combination of fatty acids (fats) and long chain alcohol.
Beeswax, also known as Cera alba or Cera flava, is considered safe to be used in cosmetics by the panel of experts on cosmetic composition review and is a low allergy (not prone to allergic reactions)
It is used in mascaras for its emulsion, thickening and film
Form quality.
History: What is the origin of beeswax?
In 3000 BC, the Chinese stained their nails with beeswax as a demonstration of their class in society.
Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra used beeswax in cosmetics such as lipstick to enhance her beauty.
Ancient Africans used beeswax as hair gel to maintain the shape of their hair styles.
The first mascaras of the invention was originally made of a combination of beeswax and black soot or charcoal, with the aim of making the eyelashes thicker, longer and darker.
Nowadays, the use of soot or charcoal in cosmetics is considered unsafe, so other non-toxic pigments are used.
In the total amount of beeswax used in cosmetics worldwide today, about 6-
12% of them were used in mascaras.
Beeswax is a naturally occurring substance that has been used in cosmetics for thousands of years and is safe for the face and eyes.
Beauty element: What is the effect of beeswax on eyelashes?
Beeswax mascaras is applied to eyelashes with a brush.
Beeswax can cover, stretch and Harden mascara, but does not harden eyelashes.
Beeswax mascaras has plasticity.
The beeswax provides a molded plastic component for mascara to shape and maintain eyelashes.
Beeswax also provides flexibility for mascaras.
Even after repeated bending or rubbing, it causes the lashes to return to their original shape.
Beeswax is an excellent ingredient used in mascaras because it holds and defines the shape but does not cause inflammation (redness or swelling) at the bottom of the eyelashes ).
Beeswax is an antibacterial substance.
It inhibits the formation, growth and reproduction of bacteria (single-
Cell microorganisms that cause eyelash infection.
The presence of vitamin A and antioxidants found in beeswax makes it resistant
It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Function: How does beeswax improve eyelashes?
Beeswax has the effect of emulsion in mascaras.
It's oil-based, water-
Based on other ingredients, such as pigment in mascara, and fix it on eyelashes, so that it does not transfer to the eyelid with blinking or other eye movements.
It's like a movie.
Prevent smearing or smearing by forming a continuous protective film or coating on eyelashes. The film-
The quality of the formation of beeswax can lead to the wear of mascara containing beeswax for too long.
In addition, the beeswax is a thickening agent that increases the stability of the mascara formula and produces more dense, lush mascara
Looks like eyelashes
Audience: who can benefit from mascara with beeswax?
Beeswax mascaras is suitable for all.
Mascaras smearing and smearing is caused by sweat, oil from glands along the eyelashes, or excessive moisture from the use of moisturizers on the eyelids.
The beeswax keeps the mascara well attached and stays on the lashes.
Mascaras with beeswax is a good choice!
Beeswax is a substance (not artificially synthesized) from nature, is non-toxic (a safe ingredient) and is an-
Antibacterial (infection prevention) containing vitamins A and antioxidants (Zhonghe free radicals ).
Beeswax is a natural, shapeable, flexible ingredient that produces a protective film on the surface of the eyelashes to keep mascara paint on the lashes rather than on the skin.
For beautiful, lush lashes that are not applied or applied, buy mascara with beeswax.
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