medical marijuana inc ( - organic natural skin care products canada

medical marijuana inc (  -  organic natural skin care products canada
Medical marijuana company(MJNA)
Established in May 23, 2005, is a development-
A stage company operating in the field of cannabis and industrial cannabis in the United States.
Through subsidiaries and Investment Holding, the company focuses on the development, sale and distribution of cannabis oil containing natural cannabinoids (including cannabinoids (CBD)
Other products including CBD-rich hemp oil (Legal Hemp).
The company's products are developed for the pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetic industries, including dietary supplements, prescriptions
Based on sesame oil, it is sold in countries such as Brazil and Mexico that treat various diseases and legalize skin care products.
The company's services include the development of cannabis-based health and health products and the development of medical grade compounds.
The company operates through subsidiaries, including HempMedsPX, LLC, Health Management Services, LLC, Red Ice Holdings, LLC, CanChew Biotechnologies, LLC, Hempwire, LLC and humpming Brazil
HempMedsPX, LLC is the principal distributor of the company through its subsidiaries and affiliates (
Including HempMeds, Puerto Rico, Mexico)
, A combination of legal cannabis products for the company.
Its flagship product is the real scientific cannabis oil (RSHO).
RSHO is a full-spectrum CBD sesame oil containing natural sesame oil in the industry.
Rsho cbd sesame oil supplements included from 10-
30% CBD content, available in three varieties: RSHO Blue Label, RSHO gold label and RSHO green label.
Health Management Services Co. , Ltd. provides management support and services for cooperatives, collective, health and health facilities, and medical clinics.
The services offered range from management to product distribution.
Health Management Services Limited equity in MPS International, Inc.
Member of Congress International Limited
It is a consulting company and security company that provides consulting and security services to businesses and individuals in the legal cannabis industry.
Red Dice Holdings Ltd owns Dixie Botanica consumer goods brand.
The company provides all the necessary cannabis
Red Dice Holding brand based on CBD oil.
CanChew Biotechnologies, LLC focuses on treating pain and other medical conditions with chewing gum
Medical products for cannabis/cannabinoids.
The company's clinical development focuses on the formulation, production and development of chewing gum-
Basic products for the treatment of pain, nausea and vomiting, anorexia, cramps and various other medical problems.
It provides excessive chewing gumthe-counter use.
MedChewRX has been developed for medical purposes, especially for pain treatment associated with a range of long-term, chronic or degraded diseases.
Hempwire, LLC is a joint venture between the company and Cannalink.
Marketing and distribution in CBD
Rich cannabis oil functional food sales and nutritional supplements distributed through HempWire.
Kannaway, LLC is a marketing company selling CBD sesame oilbased products.
The main products of Kannaway, LLC are rev!
Nutrition product ve;
Kannakick is a functional food chewing square with CBD;
Definition of conversion,
The aging skin care series that uses its own formula is passed down by generations of herbal Masters;
Marijuana, marijuana-
Based on CBD evaporation products on the market and kannactive, this is an alternative product for the treatment of problematic skin on the market.
Production, sale and distribution of cannabis-Hemp ventilator, LLC-based CBD-
Vaporize an oil vaporizer pen with high tasteCBD hemp oil.
Its HempMeds Brazilian company specializes in the sale and distribution of cannabis products in the Brazilian market.
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