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Million Dollar Marketer Will Build You a 5-Part Funnel to Sell ANY Product/Service/Affiliate Offer! - nivea skin care products in india

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-08
Million Dollar Marketer Will Build You a 5-Part Funnel to Sell ANY Product/Service/Affiliate Offer!  -  nivea skin care products in india
* New offer-
2019 ** for anyone who wants to access the Internet in the fastest, easiest and cheapest way. . .
"Let me do all the work and make money online faster and easier for you.
I will create a 5-
You can use it to sell any product, service or affiliate products online!
"If you want a sales funnel" 100% done for you ", you can use it with your own products, services or affiliates. . .
I will create a 5-
Based on my own 7-figure funnel.
Get Facebook ads, select login page, 1-
Page PDF report, thank you page and 3 emails. . .
This is the same 5 content and copy clips I use for my own 7-figure funnel.
This is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way I 've ever sold online, and now you can use it to get online and sell it right away.
Dear warrior buddy, my name is Sean lebulen and I have been a successful copywriter, Internet marketer and online business owner for 19 years.
I am proud to say that I was named one of the 182 greatest copywriters of the Internet age by Joy Bushnell and the Internet marketing circle.
I have written a copy for Chris Munch, Alvin Jia, Mike Dillard, Lee McIntyre, Maria furrio, Ryan Deiss and many others
But more importantly, over the past 19 years, my sales copy has completed more than 9 items of products and services sold (and calculated) value in figuresin.
I have a sales letter that is still online and have sold more than 25,395 copies of my "easy steps to get huge and crush" program.
I have written 7 sales letters and currently rank top 10 on Clickbank. . .
Including the howreak80, ejaculation command, key bench and so on.
Since 2001, I have been able to earn a lot of money online every year.
But over the last 5 years I have created and perfected what I think is the simplest and most profitable funnel I have tested. What\'s more. . .
If you want to start selling products or services faster and easier. . .
What I'm going to show you is that you will help you solve all the problems yourself without going bankrupt!
This is true. These 5-
Piece funnel lets you sell online quickly so that you can have a profitable business even if you have never started a profitable business before.
Heck, even if you 've tried it and it doesn't work online, the things I'm going to share with you can change that. . . guaranteed!
Prove that I can make you online and make a quick profit. This funnel allows you to online and sell in just a few days. . .
Even if you don't have a product or service of your own.
That's right, if you have a product or service right now, but it's not as good as you want, this funnel will definitely boost sales. Not only that. . .
This funnel is perfect for member marketing.
I will help you find a top conversion service on Clickbank and you can insert directly into the funnel I built for you!
This means that you can make money online without your own product or service!
When I say this funnel can work "right away" there is evidence here that you can use my "made for you" funnel to start selling faster and easier!
Jason ordered a funnel in April 15, 2018.
His message only five days later. . .
In just 5 days, Jason will be able to get a full sales channel online and get a real Commission through Clickbank.
I just got this update today, about a week after he ordered this funnel. . . .
Profit from zero to $118 in just 7 days!
This is fairly fast, especially when most people don't see any sales, profits or a penny on the Internet, they don't see it for a year!
Better yet, he doesn't have to create any product or any content, copies of sales, emails, and reports. . NONE of it.
He just uploaded the funnel content I created for him to his website and promoted the program I told him to convert well.
He made a profit in the first week!
This is a funnel I made for clients in December 2017.
In just seven days, he achieved a profit of $110. . .
Now, the update he gave me. . .
Get a profit of $350 without creating anything!
This is not the only time my funnel sells and makes profits for customers who don't have to create any product or content. . .
There is also a client who took the funnel I made for him and earned $400 a week from the member commission. .
Dan finished his first commission in 7 days!
Dan invested in the funnel in April 30. . .
Then, seven days later. . .
Dan's first profit was $29. . . .
It's cool considering Dan doesn't have to create a product, a Facebook ad, or any content or copy.
He just uploaded the funnel content I created for him.
This is one of my most recent clients. . . . .
Dave is able to move into a new field, faster and more profitable. . .
Like I do with these clients. . .
I can give you my thoughts on what market or niche to enter, which products are converted well and how to find a quote for this funnel that translates best!
'I am honored to have recently sold a funnel to the creators of this forum,' said Allen!
When I first started in 2002, Alan was by my side and he was one of my first people to learn. . .
So it's an honor to help him make a funnel.
Alan liked the funnel I built for him so much that he ordered another one after I sent it to him. . .
Let me take you through my 5-Part,7-Figure Funnel. . . 1. Facebook ad.
The first part of your 5 funnels is Facebook ads.
I have a way to create Facebook ads so they stand out from the noise-filled news and get noticed.
The first time I adjusted my image, it raised the average CTR for my ads from 30% to 87%!
I will create an effective ad to help your product or service stand out from the potential customer's Facebook feed. . .
So your ideal thread saw and clicked on it.
Again, the Facebook ads I will create for you are 100% customized. 2.
Squeeze the page from your Facebook ad and we will send you people in the page so you can collect emails and follow up.
Just like your Facebook ad, you have to provide something very unique and different. . .
People are forced to find out what it is.
I will create an opt-in page that offers a suggestion that your prospects really want and they can't wait to subscribe to your free report. 3. The 1-
The page is free of charge.
After your prospects choose to get your re-provided free report on the squeeze page, they will send the report by email.
The day when people want to see 50 pages of reports is over.
They are too busy to see. But offer a 1-
Page PDF report with suggestions to help potential customers [B] view immediate results?
I will create your 1-
The page reports for free so it offers something unique, helpful and satisfying, so they want the main offer.
In other words, the free report I will create for you will show the products or services you provide. . .
Increase sales opportunities. . 4.
Thanks to the page here, I am helping clients recover their Facebook ad spending and increase the average size of their initial orders.
I get $3 for every $1 spent on Facebook. 00 to $4.
Most of my clients are back.
On the thank you page. . .
After they choose to report for free, we will provide what they can get now.
Offer discounts for fast actors. . .
You took back some of the expenses and further developed your relationship with potential customers.
I will create a "thank you" page to provide a very ideal product for your potential customers, not only to force them to buy, but also to help them get another quick win. 5.
Once your prospects choose to get your free report, they will get the report by email and two other follow-up emails selling the report on the front-end --
Final sales of major products.
I will write a series of 3 emails to build trust and rapport with your prospects. . .
Get them closer to buying your main product or service.
You have my actual 5-part, 7-
The digital funnel I use now in the business and in the customer is sold more efficiently than any other product I have used.
Free reports, thank you pages, and 3 emails are all dedicated to pre-selling products or services and training them to go back and buy your offer.
This is an actual 7-Figure Funnel. . .
Here is the initial whiteboard draft of the actual funnelI that my current partner is running.
Six already-
Sales figures and speeds of more than 7-are acceleratingfigures.
Bring back $3 or more for every $1.
Facebook ads.
There are 5-
Part of the funnel I use at my advertising agency, we hire 2 or 3 Real estate agents a week to get their leads.
Realtors invest $1,000 or more to get this funnel. . .
This has made my advertising agency more than 7-figures. . .
Below are 5 parts of another funnel I just completed for the coach who provided the coaching program.
I can create your own 5-
Part funnelthe literally means "plug and play "! So let me ask. . .
What if I did give you a sales funnel "ready to use" that you can start using tonight?
Instead of paying $1,000 like my client did. . .
What if you only invest in a small part of it?
** I will create your Facebook ad and I will create your Facebook ad using the same type of adjustment and attention --
I used to get 87% CTR and higher copy.
** I will create your Opt in page in PageI \ will create your opt in page so that it provides a viable suggestion and insight that your prospects would like to know and view the results
** I will create your 1-
PDF download of page.
When they use it and see the result. . .
It builds incredible trust and loyalty.
They think you're the obvious choice.
** I will create your thanks page and I will set up your thanks page so it will give a limited-
They want a special discount on the time they want because of the discount, but also because it is based on the benefits they want to get.
* 3 Follow-up emails.
My 3 email series will build trust and rapport with your prospects and will continue that relationship so you can get them closer to buying your main product. Get Your Own 5-Part 7-Figure Funnel!
The entire funnel you see above is only $250.
It only costs $50 per piece of puzzle, which is a considerable value considering that this funnel has exceeded $6.
Sales this year were $3 million. Your 5-
You can set up a part funnel to sell products, services, and even accessories that you want to promote.
If you need help looking for a product to promote?
Just ask and I will point you to the great advantages of ardsa with my 19 years of online marketing and direct response experience.
Yes, each funnel is 100% unique and customized for you!
Your Facebook ads, opt-in pages, thank you pages, free reports, and 3 emails. . .
All of this is unique to customize for you!
If you're ready to grab your new 5-
Sell your own thing or part of the funnel of the affiliate product. . .
This is the fastest and easiest way to get online and sell!
How much does this funnel usually cost? . .
If you're hiring a good marketer, it's $200 for a good Facebook ad.
You will pay $200 or more for a good squeeze page, $200 for a good "thank you" page, $200 or more for a good report, A good email series will cost $200.
So you have to pay at least $1,000 or more.
But for the next 5 marketers who are taking action now. . .
I will create the same 5-
Part funnel I use in 7-Digital Business. . .
I will customize-
All projects can be completed for only $250.
Wouldn't it make sense to invest $250 on a professional sales funnel to help you get your income faster and easier?
This offer saves you thousands. . .
You can skip the time and cost of doing it yourself.
Let me do this much faster and easier.
Not to mention, you're a piggy.
Give up my 19 years of copywriting and marketing experience.
I also have 5 years to go through over 2,000 Facebook ad campaigns and pay $1.
I spent $9 million on Facebook.
Using my Facebook funnel and marketing, you can start selling tonight.
What can be done here if you are interested. . .
If you are ready to skip the hassle of creating a funnel, order now and you will receive a short questionnaire to let me know to create your 5-
7-partial funnel
Potential map!
My next slot is May 5, 2019. . .
First come, first served, all attractions.
This is where you can book your location to get the funnel. . .
Shawn Lebrun sincerely gets feedback from customers. . .
Some unsolicited feedback from clients I have helped. . .
Sean, I 've been testing your sales letter with my letter, and your letter is converted 104% better than mine.
Kara O, The Heart speaker, before hiring Sean, I will sell about 10 e-books a day and earn about $670.
After using Sean's new letter, my conversion is accelerating, and now I sell about 18 to 20 e-books a day, which is almost an extra $700 per day in my pocket, same traffic.
Sean's letter made me $244,550 more a year and I didn't have extra work.
Using Sean has expanded one of my
Manual operation is $2.
5 million company \ "Jim evans once, I used the sales letter that Sean wrote to me, and I earned the money back, plus more, and the sales continued.
So I can say with confidence now that this is true. . .
Sean won't spend your money. . .
He made you make money!
Paul Baker Sean, I can say that the page is getting better. Jan -
This year, Junethis's total sales were 56, compared to 27 for the same period of 2011.
I think my marketing in these two time periods is quite similar, so good improvement.
Lisa Nelson RD, health practice online.
"I 've known Sean lebulen for over 10 years and he's one of my internet marketing mentors.
He is one of the few people in the industry that I fully trust, and I know he cares about me the most.
I use only one hint Sean shared with me every month to get 4 k passive revenue.
When I found out Sean had a vacancy for a new client, I immediately seized the opportunity to work with him.
He went above and beyond and created a masterpiece sales letter that converted 5-
Several times more than the copy I used before.
I took back my initial investment in this project in the first 7-
Live for hours.
I highly recommend Sean for your next project.
Hiring Sean to write your copy is like buying money at a discount.
"Update: June 24, 2010" Shawn, use your latest letter. . .
We sold 400 $47 e-books in 5 days. . .
So we are very happy!
Mike Westdal key bench Company
\ "When doing the live" copy review "webinar, I was introduced to Sean for the first time --
People sent me a comment letter and I took them apart.
When I picked up Sean's sales letter and started reading. . .
I'm speechless!
I can't find a thing I don't like --
This is a good example.
I want to teach writing.
I immediately started taking it as an example to show those who are on the phone how to improve their conversion rate and make more money.
When I later discovered that the letter I was reading had already sold thousands of dollars worth of products in a competitive market, I was not surprised at all.
Sean has a natural talent for writing-to-the-point, no B. S.
Copy Sold. .
I did not hesitate to recommend his service.
The sales letter you wrote led to 14.
The conversion rate has increased by 5% compared to the old site. \" Ronnie C.
"I was very happy to work with Sean for a few months and I didn't say anything but an evaluation of him.
He is very capable and fast. . .
And my favorite part. . . .
Very easy to use.
He likes feedback.
He ran away with it.
He is not happy unless his client is excited.
He is definitely a rare man.
I highly recommend Sean to anyone who needs some great copy.
You can't make a mistake with him!
"Coffee shop millionaire Tina Spriggs Business Manager" I am very satisfied with Sean's work.
He sent the letter in advance.
I would say he's the simplest writer I 've ever worked.
He has gone beyond his duties in terms of marketing advice and tips to maximize the use of my products
House customer list, making changes to the auto-responder, basically getting my company back on track in the marketing space.
I would definitely recommend Sean's expertise to any company looking to increase exposure and sales.
"John Cando, Venus nutrition" Sean is responsive and easy to work.
He answered all my questions and expressed real concern about the performance of the sales letter.
Also, he handles all the graphics and HTML, which is fine.
Before using Shawn, I probably sell an ebook a week.
And Sean's copy. . .
I sold two cars in the last two days.
I feel very comfortable recommending him.
"Chris MechanicHi, good news, this letter is well written.
I tried to test our landing page first, then test your new copy and start the sale.
The conversion rate seems to be increasing over time.
Also, now that we are using the landing page, we have a lot of users who are buying other products that we recommend from clickbank and we are getting some affiliate sales from others as well.
Philip, natural survival of cancer
ComClients is selling a $47 book and tutoring course.
Their total sales are $1016, which includes 9-months.
Total sales reached 100 K, with regular sales of 50 K per month.
The recent result from Mike Ruddal and Elliot Hulse is that "hiring Sean is the best decision I 've made so far.
How disastrous it would be if I tried to write a copy of my own sales.
Not only did he complete the work in less than 48 hours, but he also received a full education in my field, did his own research and correctly used the information I gave him, and delivered what I wanted to be a dunk sales letter!
Not only did he do the work, but he did some of the work I needed, and he provided additional feedback to help my ebook get started.
Will definitely, will definitely use again!
I just hope he will let my grandfather in before his interest rates soar. . .
Yes, he is!
"Sam Prestenbach" Sean is that guy!
It is almost impossible to find something bad to talk about him.
He is very quick, easy to get along with, very responsive
But most importantly, this guy is a nasty copywriter.
He pulled things.
"Chris mechanic" showed up again and Sean was in delivery.
The project was advanced and the budget was reasonable.
His work and ability continue to surprise me.
I got the best job for my money.
If you do not use Sean in your sales copy, you will need to check your head.
He is the best so far.
He is a real professional.
It's easy to work together, listen to the customer and know what he's doing.
If you want to do it well, I will use him in any sales letter project.
Corey Lewis "Sean is the best copy I 've ever worked. Period.
Highly skilled and highly recommended.
A true marketing expert also thanks Sean. \" Jorge Z.
"This supplier is a genius!
I originally hired Sean to write an email newsletter, but I was impressed with his work and I hired him to write content for all my website pages.
Believe me, it's not wrong to hire this gentleman.
Excellent sales page he wrote for me.
I have several other projects and I will use him again. Yasir M.
"In the past, we were disappointed with some so-called" Copywriting.
But this supplier wrote a high quality sales letter to our specifications and delivered it in advance.
He is also the most valuable copy we have found, doing better than other suppliers in understanding our needs.
Highly recommended! Mac M.
"I would recommend Sean to anyone who needs a copy.
His work was excellent because I needed to be fast so he rushed through my work for me.
Made all the changes without any complaints and made some very useful suggestions.
He has the best business.
Dorothy B. Sean did a great job.
He knows marketing very well.
His copywriting was great and he gave me some ideas that could immediately improve my profit.
Also, he is easy to get along with and quick to respond, he can call if you have a problem.
I highly recommend him. David Oliver. brilliant work!
If you want to hire Sean, don't hesitate, just do it.
Take it from me. you won't regret it.
Customer satisfaction.
Working with Rich Williams Shawn is definitely a pleasure!
I have a specific vision from my copy that I want.
Sean got in touch with me on all levels due to his extensive background.
I don't believe what people are talking about on the Internet about the crap they 've made millions of dollars, but Sean has actual evidence of what he's capable of doing.
When everything is delivered, this is exactly what I imagined in my mind when I first released the job.
Sean has always been polite and very helpful. Erik S.
Hi Sean, I love it so much!
It's late in the UK so I'll take a closer look tomorrow and I'll get back to you if needed.
Thank you so much, Sean. I was blown away.
Gary Lee, thank you.
Go beyond it by providing 3 alternative versions! ! !
I really appreciate it. Wow -
Talk about quick turn!
Let me say, your style is amazing!
I really like this copy and email.
They are amazing!
This is what I hope!
Anyway, my experience with you is positive and a trade steal! Thanks again -
This is amazing, I'm really excited! ! !
Michael lubano Sean, I just read the sales letter.
This is a great job.
Thank you very much.
You can be sure that I will send more business in your way!
Cheers Ronnie, I read the final version you provided now too.
I think you did a great job.
Sean, the number of services you provide is second to none.
I am really grateful for making it easy for me to receive this letter.
Martin Malmberg \ "this is the person to hire if you need a copy to sell! \" Russell R.
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