mlm training: the formula to easily contact and close more - number one korean skin care product

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mlm training: the formula to easily contact and close more ... - number one korean skin care product

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-17
mlm training: the formula to easily contact and close more ...  -  number one korean skin care product
There are two main ways to get appointments and connections for your MLM business.
I personally find one more profitable than the other.
In the following words, get this key strategy and other training points.
I really hope you can thoroughly learn the process of how to invite as this is where you are good at Web marketing.
I 've been talking about it for 10 years: if you're good at invitations, you can be bad in other ways and still make a lot of money in Web marketing.
If you invite well, you can always put potential clients in front of good speakers and good trainers.
In the context I use, the word invitation is the act of asking someone to do something.
Go to the movies, have breakfast, watch videos, etc.
In this industry, you invite people to look at the business or the product, or both. 1.
Business: this is where you show and educate the prospects of the MLM industry.
Let them truly understand and believe that it can provide enough freedom of income and time.
Then show your product or service.
This style is sometimes called "top down" or "business" in the first place ". 2.
Products: show only products (Skin Care, Nutrition, telephone service, Internet service) to your potential customers.
After your prospects fall in love with the product, they will know that the business is viable.
This style is first called "bottom-up" or "product ".
Lack of understanding of these two methods has caused great frustration in pyramid selling.
Why are people confused?
Perhaps for me, the best way to explain why this mess is happening is to take stock brokers as an example.
What do stockbrokers sell?
Stock, you can reply.
Not really.
What a stockbroker actually sells is that you can make money with the stock.
So the money you make is the product.
You may have heard of this claim called "marketing Intangible Assets.
"It's a lot like online marketing, because the host usually prefers" selling invisible things ". e.
You can make money.
This is not necessarily a bad way unless you talk to someone who doesn't understand the conversation.
Let's say we're talking to someone from a retail sales background.
Suppose she owns a candle shop.
If she heard a moderator talk about all the money she could make in the industry, she would keep trying to understand where the money came from.
Many times these people walk around after a typical demo and say, "I don't understand.
"The reason she doesn't understand is because she's used to holding tangible products that make her money in her hands.
This is the opposite.
If you approach the stockbroker, wipe the hand sanitizer on his hand and say, "you can make a lot of money by doing this," he won't get either.
He will see it as a beautiful party.
"Of course, this is not something that can create a lot of money.
What is my point?
How you invite, whether it's a MLM business plan or a product first, has a lot to do with "getting to know" your prospects.
That's why it's so effective to connect with people you know.
This is why you should master the MLM business and product invitation.
In your business, take the approach of opening your own company.
You need a board.
We call them MLM leaders.
The most important thing you have to understand at this point is that you don't have to know these people.
You may not.
You may find these leaders, or someone in your organization may lead you to them.
What character do you want your Web marketing leader to have?
What character do your leaders want you to have?
Why is this important to the invitation?
Your biggest asset will be the eagle eye for you to pick a leader that will help your organization succeed.
I have not found a better way to teach how to find a great MLM leader than simple experience.
However, you can look for certain features.
Here is a list of personality traits you want in your board. . .
Instead, here are the features you don't want in the board. . . * wishy-* low self-
How you do in terms of invitations will largely depend on the growth of your communication skills.
Most people have difficulties in communication. I did!
However, the more I study it, the more I realize that communication is the reason for our success or failure in life.
This is your ability to attract your other half.
This is your ability to find a job, get a raise, get a promotion, get along with the rest of the office.
The sign on the road is the city we communicated with and gave us instructions to drive.
Whether written or spoken, communication is life.
Isn't most conflicts due to poor communication?
Can't you understand what I'm saying?
"This is definitely a skill worth studying and learning.
Have you ever heard of your MLM prospect saying "I don't like selling ? "?
"When your Web marketing prospects think they're not good at communicating, they usually use the phrase," I don't like selling "or" I'm not a salesperson ".
Sales have nothing to do with it.
In fact, when you imagine a salesperson, what you imagine is a bad communicator.
You will know when you are sold. You felt it.
You may have bought something when you are in front of a very good communicator, but you have never been sold anything.
A good communicator will never sell what his prospects will not buy.
It is impossible for them to get there.
A good communicator, whether it's a nurse or an Internet connection, listens and helps people get what they want. That\'s all.
The nurse must learn to ask the appropriate questions so that he/she can find the patient's needs accurately.
The nurse must also be aware of the appropriate response to the patient's standard questions and concerns.
Network connecters must also be aware of the required issues and appropriate responses to common objections so that they can help their MLM business prospects get what they want.
Now, let's look at this from the perspective of how to determine the prospects of the MLM business.
The two invitations below are facts.
Which one do you think will work?
Boy: I saw you on campus the other day and I was interested in learning more about who you are.
I grew up in Boston and my parents came from New England.
My father is engaged in banking.
I'm also studying finance.
What is your interest?
If I want to marry you, are you free?
How many children do you want? I want 3 kids.
What is your religious belief?
Shall we sit down and discuss the possibility?
Boy: I 've seen you on campus and you seem to be an interesting person.
I want to take you to lunch and get to know you better.
What do you think this sounds like?
The purpose of the meeting between the two is the same.
Which is the better debate in the industry?
The first professional invitation will tell you that they are ready.
Their MLM business prospects.
So they don't waste their time on people who are not qualified.
As a result, the guy had to make 72 phone calls for a girl to say "Of course, why not ? ".
The result is 72 calls = 1 date.
The second professional invite will say that you sit down for lunch and put your agenda aside and you just talk kindly.
Listen to them.
Understand what their needs and desires are.
Help them get it.
As a result, she is not interested in dating you, but she thinks you are a great person with 3 roommates and 2 Sisters and she wants to date you.
The result is 1 meeting = 5 days.
I suggest to you that the first invitation is "sales" and the second one is "network ".
I 've heard that distributors invite people to look at MLM business opportunities like they invite #1.
I'm not kidding.
Show it to you, pick up the recorder and record it yourself.
Even if you know you're recording what you're saying, your conversation will still be like the first invitation.
For example: "My company does this, I make x money, my company has this, I have this, and so on. . .
It's not always easy to learn how to properly invite potential customers to see your MLM business and build a real network with people, but it's profitable for you.
I commend you for your willingness to study it.
Always be a student on this attractive topic, but don't wait more than a week before doing it, even if it's just a small step.
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