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Molluscum Contagiosum - do you squeeze and pop or not? - la vie skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
Molluscum Contagiosum  - do you squeeze and pop or not?  -  la vie skin care products
When I first found small and hard white spots on my children, I immediately felt worried about the reason.
As I have not seen before, these dots seem to have their own unpredictable agenda, starting with one leg, then spreading to one arm, on the forehead, and then gathering under the arm.
I was confused about the reason and their innate ability to spread, so I took both of my children to the doctor.
Now, I should add that the first interaction I had with moloscum about 6 years ago was with my two older children.
We went to the doctor and once called and we showed the doctor these very strange spots.
She immediately discovered these small spots and quickly spread to my two children, and in fact we all have infectious mollusks.
"Okay," I thought, "I will really say this with my family and friends, once --that is -
I have mastered how to say it in situations where it doesn't sound like some kind of accidental landing on Earth in the form of alien life.
After my tongue bypassed the infectious mollusks (not literally), I changed its name to "mollusks "--
My new opponent.
When we discussed issues like infectious diseases and causes, I asked how I could get rid of it, at the time-
Six years ago, the medical point quoted "this is the only thing we recommend you to squeeze.
Once you pop up this place it starts to heal and then disappears! \".
Christmas came early for me.
"Yes, yes, yes," I announced in it, because I am a devout "squeezer" of almost anything that can be squeezed ".
You give it a name. I will squeeze it.
Unfortunately, I know that God made me this way anyway, so I really couldn't help it.
Squeeze them \".
When I showed the doctor again the face of a serious, caring parent, I couldn't wait to go home and start my crush surgery!
To do this, you heard what the doctor said! \".
I did this "rescue mission" for my two children, and while my other half was also "pyscho squeezer", several times muscular and soon no longer had infectious soft disease. Gone, Kaput -
We squeezed it all together.
Disappeared from the Earth! !
My daughter does have a cluster on her legs, like a sunflower --
The Big Bud is the bud in the middle, and the smaller Bud is wrapped around it like a petal, and so far she still has a marker where the "sunflower" was once embedded.
Six years later, I found that my youngest child had the same infectious mollusks under his arm and back.
OK, I think we know this is an infectious software animal, but since her skin is very sensitive and where it is located, there will be a lot of screaming and screaming if we have to do any squeezing.
We went to our medical center where we met a doctor who took a look and said, "Oh yes, I agree it's an infectious mollusk ".
I said smilingly, "Yes, we had to deal with this before.
But now I know I should have squeezed. . .
Never squeeze infectious software.
This will only help them spread.
No, no, no, you have to let them disappear in their own time ".
I was shocked to hear such a very different suggestion.
I explained the advice of previous Doctors and was told that this was no longer the case and that nothing should be touched.
I feel a little disappointed because my young child's back is mature and can take the squeeze, but I know that the kids under her arm will be painfully doing more manipulation to remove them and implement them without an anonymous support group for someone who "wants to stop squeezing" and then, the new battle with infectious mollusks will take on a whole new form.
Also, the doctor told me that I should moisturize the area as her skin is very dry, which will help her itch under her arm!
I did this just to get back to the medical center in a few weeks as infectious mollusks spread rapidly.
But another doctor told me that under no circumstances should I be advised to moisturize raw meat, dry skin, because this is just a more attractive and easy place for infectious mollusks to breed!
"Holy Molly, when does it make sense to suggest!
"This is a polite version of what I really think.
I came home and decided to do my best not to touch them, hoping to see them disappear.
That was a couple of months ago, and while they 've started to figure it out, I 've taken my youngest child on an expensive date with a mineral biologist, he gave me a while but, while there was a subtle change in the dry skin, there was no cure in general.
They are now much longer than my other two kids showing themselves, and some seem to be spreading to new areas!
At the height of the game, one of the spots was bleeding and infected and I ended up having to get a prescription for antibiotics.
This result is incredible, as in one day, the infected infectious software disease berggani releases the contents in a ratio that can only be described as the chin.
We can only look at her back in the bathtub because a long rope like a yellow substance emerges from this place.
The place quickly went away with scabs.
So far, infectious mollusks have started to scabs and heal in some areas that are prone to moisture, and their infectious soft-haired nails still have dark areas hanging on them, but I'm sure they will eventually disappear.
I think my message is like this, there is more treatment and information about infectious diseases today, so if your child is diagnosed with this disease, make sure you make an informed choice about how to treat and treat as soon as possible.
I still swear on the "squeeze, pop" technology, but it's not accepted at all now.
Other people I know bought "potions" online and her daughter was cleared in a few weeks instead of months, so different people have different strokes.
Never share and wash the towels after each shower or shower as your child has infectious foam.
This is a pain because it will produce a lot of clothing, but it is found that they will spread on their bodies, or worse for you, or that your family is not willing to think about it.
As a parent of a child with this situation, make your own decision, but infectious software is difficult to eradicate (without treatment) because when you first try to say it, it will pronounce correctly.
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