moms and kids who work together share how they manage their businesses successfully - can avocado

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moms and kids who work together share how they manage their businesses successfully - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-22
moms and kids who work together share how they manage their businesses successfully  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
In the colorful kitchen of northern Vancouver, a mother and daughter prepared their favorite afternoon snacks --
Fried tortillas with avocado with homemade tomato salsa.
But the most important ingredient in the recipe is not on the tortillas.
The magic ingredient is the joy of mother and daughter preparing meals together.
"We are Latinos.
We talk all the time, we laugh, we have music.
If it's not fun, it won't work, "said Patricia Blendl, who runs a family business with her daughter Andrea and her husband Fernando, the chef behind the food and the silent partner of culinary inspiration.
"That's how it started --
"I brought salsa to my colleagues and then I started getting orders," Patricia said . ".
When her daughter's friends come to dinner, they beg for her addictive salsa dance because it has layers of heat and brightness --
Taste of fresh tomatoes, green lime, coriander and serrano peppers.
Andrea suggested that she go to the food business with her mother.
Patricia agreed and made a few warnings: she would develop recipes and cooking, but she didn't want to have anything to do with nuts --and-
Decided bolts-making.
Patricia said, "I said, 'You start doing business and I will work with you. '.
Andrea spent two years researching production and marketing, and two years ago the family officially launched three fresh salads and organic tortillas.
The brand has grown from a farmer's market to a retailer in Area B. C.
Including Stong's, IGA, Choices and Spud.
Andrea and her father run the business, and Patricia is at the heart of the kitchen.
Arrangements are valid.
"I will give my opinion on something, but they will make a decision," Patricia said . ".
From the beginning, she emphasized the importance of putting family first.
She does not want to do business at the table.
While the family does not have a formal written agreement, Andrea said, "we have something bigger than the contract.
We had a serious conversation at the beginning and said that we valued the relationship before the business.
If we feel business is starting to affect our relationshipfamily is)
The most important thing
Both believe their partnership has been strengthened.
Vanessa Sauder School of Business went on strike. he belongs to a family in which five generations came down the chimney.
Good communication and corporate boundaries are key to family business, he said.
"Everything is based on how it is set up," the strike said . ".
"You can be an owner and family member, or an owner who is not involved in the business, or an owner who is involved in the business, but you have to have communication and policy on how to make decisions.
The strike said: "There are some common clues that make family businesses, big or small, different from other businesses: the knowledge that can be passed effortlessly when you live and breathe in this business, and family values.
"You also have the shared values of the family, whether they are spiritual, charitable, or related to their roles and relationships in the community --
"You Pass on relationships to your customer base, suppliers and buyers that are built through the family chain," the strike said . ".
Amy Belliveau said watching her mother, real estate agent Eleanor Wrigley, move in the process of her growth and inspire her to enter the same industry.
"She is strong, independent and successful.
It is a blessing to make her an example.
Amy and her brother Curtis, the third partner in the family real estate industry, said they absorbed the strong professional ethics of the mother over the years and her commitment to the community, and they helped her as a child.
"Our life revolves around what I'm doing," Wrigley said . ".
"They listen to me on the phone, sometimes go on a date with me and go to a law firm.
They decided to enter the real estate market by themselves.
As a parent, Wrigley said, she felt she had won the lottery: "I like to be with them.
I feel very honored that they want to work with me.
"While they work together as a team, every child brings their own expertise to the business.
Knowing the land and farmland like the back of her hand, Curtis is increasing development opportunities, and Eleanor focuses on family homes.
Curtis said that part of the reason why he chose real estate was because he wanted to be with his family: "Many of my friends, seeing their families less and less as they started their careers, or leave for work.
I saw the opportunity for my mom to be my mentor.
Wrigley encourages her two children to gain as much life experience and education as possible in the first place.
Curtis went to university B. C.
Amy started looking for retail experience before getting a real estate agent license.
"Before joining the family business, it builds confidence in doing other things," Wrigley said . ".
The strike says it is important for children planning to enter a family business to seek education and experience outside the family business.
She called it "the test of a prince or princess ".
"It can be difficult for kids because sometimes vendors and customers still think they are kids --
In order to prove themselves in the business, as an adult, children go out and gain experience elsewhere, it is important to prove themselves elsewhere and make mistakes elsewhere.
The strike said statistics show that in North America, most family businesses have closed down within three generations, while in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, many have survived for hundreds of years.
"In companies that have been able to succeed for so long, families are the managers of the organization, who have left their mark while adhering to the core values of the enterprise, the strike said.
Management is the key to longevity and resilience for generations --
This is the responsibility of muskram's mother. of-
Four Johanna sparrows
Crawford and her daughter, Faith Sparrow.
Crawford, take it seriously. Their mother-
Johnna says the daughter's business is cultural.
"We are storytellers," Johanna said . "
The legends and history that she had circulated at the table were passed on to her by her father and other elders.
Johnna described her role as an Aboriginal relationship consultant for the development of Aquilini, saying she helped "integrate traditional stories into all contemporary developments on our land.
Every project we do includes a storytelling aspect where we meet with architects and developers to discuss local components.
As a screenwriter, her daughter, Faith, is bringing these stories into a creative field.
"Our stories should get a wider audience than we do here," Johnna said . ".
"We know what our problems are and what history of the past has done to our people.
When my dad drove to the reserve, mom often said to them that it was like a dark cloud hanging over our heads.
This is the dark clouds (government)
The system on their heads.
Johanna, whose relatives include four chiefs and several council members, said, "politics will only take you so far away . "
When you turn it into a storytelling concept, you can reach a wider audience.
Faith, who earned a degree in Aboriginal studies from UBC, said: "My mom has always been my pillar.
I grew up with strong women telling me their stories before I started writing their stories.
"Faith has a documentary about her aunt, who has restored the art of traditional Musqueam weaving, and a great work about her --
Grandfather ran so many times from boarding school.
So enjoy the outbreak of freedom-
He became one. Long-distance runners
"Our families want to emphasize the resilience of our people and our love for people who have never left.
At the heart of our community is our stories and our culture.
Our lives are not just about us, but about our people, the collective, "said Faith.
Mother is a talking person. her daughter is a writer.
"These stories come from her and from previous generations --
We worked very well together . "
The strike says she has seen many family businesses start and fail, but when you work with the people you love and share core values with them, the positive side will far outweigh the potential negative impact
Especially if you want to spend more time together.
Patricia Brendel, who is reluctant to get into the family business, now says she won't have any other way: "I think all the challenges we face make us stronger.
This is not only a family problem, but also a problem of working together.
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