montreal fashion week calls for the wild - how to make papaya facial mask at home

montreal fashion week calls for the wild  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
The fun of style and life is full of power, like the start of Montreal Fashion Week, where Julie starts, a few days ago at New York Fashion Week.
These exhibitions may be in Montreal, but their impact is all over the country and provides early forecasts of trends in the fall and winter of next year.
"As far as I am concerned, there is no Montreal.
"This is a fashion choice for Canada," Vancouver said . "
Fashion designer Hamideh Abol.
This week begins with the brand muse of the show designer Christopher Chenail at La Grande bigliotheque on Monday afternoon, followed by the presentation of the rest in Montreal's historic Marche Bonsecours.
If the designer is right, you want to store everything.
From the wild and wool side, skirting clothes, pure shirts, fur, feathers and other pieces.
The warm palette returns to fashion fold with the shades of cayenne pepper, rust, brown and gold, adding warmth and life to the usual black and gray neutral standards in autumn.
The call of the wild feather is accompanied by the fur, the Persian lamb flying together, the leather and Astrakhan trim form a theme that is repeated in luxurious and simple clothing and accessories, this makes the call of the Wild a strong contender for the top trend of the season.
Mary St Pierre, one of Montreal's most respected designers, has made feather ties, bibs and embellished sleeves with feathers mixed with materials such as boiled wool and organza.
Feather and python prints let the party continue on costumes, tops and accessories.
"Our collection, which includes leather and fur, is very simple and grounded and inspired by science fiction
A sci-fi vision of a world of brutality, Baroque, and rebellion, "said Simon Bellanger
Jose Manuel Saint, designer and partner of UNTTLDJacques.
VOLUMESlim pants and leggings have a life span of at least a year, but many designers choose to increase the volume with long and short flowing pants, full skirts and cocoon coats. A long-
The white-haired guy, who turned out to be a stylist, Cary taoban, hanging out on the runway of the Duy show in fur
It has also attracted the attention of many people.
Folds, cow collars, spires and exaggerated shoulders, folds and folds are all the work that pushes the volume forward.
"Accordion folds are especially important next fall," says designer Samuel Dong, who has launched his new work
End the collection of red labels.
"I also use them on the shoulders of some clothing to exaggerate the shoulder lines.
"The wrapped cardis and the comfortable big sweater continue on several runways, including the one by Melissa Neptune.
Women's belt coat, beauty in prom dress, double set and pencil skirt, boleros and full-skirted, wasp-
In a series of Lady styles, the waist dresses are all on call.
Shirt and dress from pure silk chiffon, organza and peep-a-
Booing lace also flirts with femininity.
Peplum is a prominent feature on dresses, dresses and jackets, especially in the works of Duy and Muse by Christian Chenail.
One of the most striking outfits of the week is Duy's architectural suit, which consists of a pair of black slim fit suits
Trousers with one leg and a jacket with a pair of nine points and a tail.
"Peplums are already popular this spring and will continue to maintain momentum next fall and winter," Duy said after his show . ".
Don't forget your red lipstick and some accessories like long gloves, fur collar and platform pump for high heels.
Color and color block gray neutral continues to make up the pillars of many series, but be sure to leave room in your closet, let the navy, cream and rust, brown, orange, water, tomato red and gold tones of wine, perform well in both dark and cream tones.
"Cream, mustard, copper, gold and orange ".
"These colors are pleasant and pleasant," said Mike Mitto . " Together with Payam taavan, he formed a design combination of taavan & Mitto.
Danielle Martin and Paulin's husband and wife team have come up with brighter purple crystal, papaya and aqua tones, as well as a small selection of magenta and black decorations.
Color blocking appeared in several other series, including Kollontai, Christian Chenail of Muse and Ca Va de Soi.
TEXTUREA looks forward to the hot spots of the next fall including a large number of textures such as wool, fluffy tactile materials, folds, clustered flowers and lace.
Brocade and sequins add a luxurious dimension to a number of collections, including Samuel Dong, while the worn-out cableknit sweater and kimono in Melissa nempton complete the deal.
"Comfortable cable knitting and comfortable materials plus warm colors have become one of my logos," said Nepton . ".
What fashion trends are you most likely to wear?
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