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Multicultural Skin Care - keratin skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Multicultural Skin Care  -  keratin skin care products
The use of Aloe Vera dates back to 6,000 years.
The credit for the first use was attributed to the Egyptian people.
The plant has many patterns in Egyptian art and sculpture.
It was given to the late Pharaoh as a burial gift because it was called the "immortal plant ".
Aloe vera is the best choice for multicultural skin care.
Aloe vera is a non-
Poisonous juicy plants
It can grow in dry places because its leaves can store a lot of water.
It has countless beauty effects.
Aloe Vera liquid is also used in different cosmetics such as soap, shampoo, moisturizer, etc.
Gel made from aloe vera is used to replenish hair growth such as baldness, reduce wrinkles, protect and treat sunburns.
Increase in the content of water in the enzyme, giving water and resistance
Inflammatory properties of aloe vera.
As a tonic, it reduces the excessive secretion of the facial oil glands and is the best choice for the treatment of acne.
Despite the common belief, aloe vera gel and juice are very different.
Four parts of the structure of aloe leaf are mucus, gel, skin and juice.
The bitter layer that protects plants from animal damage is latex or tree liquid.
Protective layer called skin.
Mucus and gel form the inner part of the leaves.
Made of mucus and gel.
Aloe Vera juice is a bitter juice, just under the skin of the leaves.
It contains aloe vera, which is a powerful laxative.
Preparing aloe vera gel in home gel is a simple and easy process.
Take the leaves of the plant, cut the edge of the tip, peel off the outer layer on one side, and scoop out the gel.
To preserve a cup of gel, add a powder of vitamin C tablets (2 mg) and vitamin E (1600 IU) and mix it fully in a blender.
In a sterilized glass container for about two months.
Aloe Vera gel is the best and wonderful stretch marks remover.
As a substitute for synthetic materials, it is a natural eye makeup remover.
The gel softens to provide moisture for dry, cracked lips and skin blisters.
This gel helps to reduce the itching and inflammatory effects of insect bites.
Gel information on dull nails adds to their natural light and gloss.
Aloe Vera gel is natural, the best shaving gel after shaving.
Place the cotton swab on the tired swollen eyes and soak it with a refrigerated gel for relief.
Aloe Vera gel nourishes dry facial skin and is best suited for eczema around the eyes.
The gel treated the wound and stopped bleeding slightly.
It can relieve burns and skin allergies.
The main benefit of aloe vera gel is the health of the hair, as this plant is almost similar to the biochemistry of the human body.
It is the best hair conditioner because it contains vitamin E and collagen.
Aloe vera oil is a conditioner that can delay hair loss when used frequently.
It enhances hair, nourishes scalp cells and stimulates hair growth.
When used as a shampoo, it is best to use it for a dry flaky scalp and for the control of lice.
Gel strengthens and moisturizes the roots of the hair.
Massaging freshly peeled leaves or gels in the affected areas is enough to reduce and prevent dandruff.
In hair loss treatment, due to its anti-hair loss effect, it stimulates the growth of the hair and reduces hair loss in the balding part
Characteristic of inflammation.
The gel makes the hair and hair look sweet.
It can treat dermatitis, skin diseases, skin allergies, skin sensitivity and skin diseases.
It can prevent itching and scratching of the skin.
It promotes a uniform complexion of light.
The gel removes the rash and blemishes, but retains the soft, soft and smooth texture of the dry flaky skin.
It reduces dark spots, pigmentation and freckles.
Therefore, it brings smooth and healthy luster to the face.
Care for the skin, enhance the skin color, restore the natural beauty of the skin; .
Moisturizing ability moisturizes the skin, and the penetration ability transports healthy substances to the entire skin.
It delivers oxygen to the cells, bringing strength to the skin tissue.
Rub a small amount of gel to remove dead cells and give the skin a perfect gloss.
The natural preservative and therapeutic ability of aloe vera can treat eczema, psoriasis, bruises, etc.
Vitamin C and E in aloe vera make the skin soft and increase its hardness.
Aloe Vera gel moisturizes the lower skin by penetrating five times faster than water.
It stimulates the repair of collagen and the synthesis of elastic protein by reversing skin degradation, which in turn restores the vitality of the skin.
This reduces the fine lines on the surface of the skin, eliminates wrinkles and eliminates dead cells.
Aloe Vera delays wrinkles by repairing damaged cells responsible for skin aging.
With coconut oil, it makes a cream nutritional supplement containing essential fat that moisturizes moisture.
This is good for dry skin.
Acne is a condition of the skin, when the skin's sebum glands and follicles become more active and inflamed, forming pimples.
As a gel, the gel reduces the excessive secretion of oil from these sortenoids on the face.
Aloe vera plant gel is used to cure acne and pimples due to its anti-acne and pimples
Characteristic of inflammation.
It can also cure lesions and reduce redness of acne scars.
When applied directly to the affected area of the skin, aloe vera juice can also treat acne.
Aloe vera can relieve skin burns caused by sunburn.
Because of the Mint-
Cooling properties like aloe vera.
The gel forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin and restores moisture through its moisturizing ability.
Because the sunburned skin is restored faster than the dry skin.
Frozen aloe vera gel is best suited for sunburned treatment and sunburned removal.
It has antibacterial effect and can resist bacterial infection.
It is used to relax and soothe the body and mind.
Aloe vera oil is most effective than juice or gel. Aloe-
An antiviral ingredient in aloe vera-rhubarb can kill the virus. Being anti-
It can prevent damage to the skin from radiation.
This oil can be used instead of gel for the treatment of burns and psoriasis.
Various enzymes of oil reduce itching and swelling of the skin.
In dry weather, oil moisturizes the skin to prevent blistering of the skin.
It stimulates the regeneration of cells.
It's a good soft agent.
Anti-acne-free smooth skin
The best is anti-inflammatory aloe vera oil.
This oil can also be used as a convenient agent due to aloe vera
Ingredients of rhubarb.
Oil, like soft ointment, is perfect for ulcers, dermatitis, etc.
Aloe vera can also be used as an-
Fungus oil for eczema.
Extract oil by distillation or pressing dry leaves of plants.
It can soothe the skin, increase blood circulation and accelerate healing.
The presence of zinc, vitamin E and vitamin C stimulates skin growth and skin repair.
Massage and nourish the skin, keeping the skin away from wounds and rashes.
In order to restore vitality to the maximum extent, in aromatherapy, oil is mixed with other essential oils.
Moderate use is harmless.
Be careful when using aloe vera.
Large doses of aloe vera are toxic.
All varieties of aloe are not good except for the few.
It has been approved as a natural food seasoning.
Phototoxicity sometimes occurs in local skin applications.
Juice can only be taken according to the doctor's advice.
Scientific evidence of beauty and medicinal effects of aloe vera is limited. 1. 2.
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