mumbai-based galaxy surfactants makes difference in green process innovation - organic non toxic skin care products

mumbai-based galaxy surfactants makes difference in green process innovation  -  organic non toxic skin care products
After major scientific breakthroughs in new drug discovery in Mumbai
Headquartered in Luping Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. , in the field of cancer treatment, the company will receive nearly $1 billion in revenue in another city
Headquartered in Galaxy surface active substances Co. , Ltd.
Make a difference in green process innovation.
Known for its research and innovation advantages, Galaxy surface agents are recognized for their green process innovation in manufacturing amino acid surface agents for personal care products.
The company won the ICIS Innovation Award in London, resisting fierce competition from global giants.
Successful innovation makes more
Toxic and environmental
Friendly production of Surface Active Agents for personal home care products.
"For about 40 years, people have been eager for excellence," the company said . ".
Galaxy is an inspiring story where five young people from Mumbai gathered in 1978
79 years old, all 23 years old, formed a company in 1980.
Today, the company has developed into an Indian multinational company that provides products for the home care and personal care industries.
The company is by university friend Unnathan Shekhar, G.
Lamakrishnan, shahit Hill Bagh, C. R.
Ramakrishna and Sudhir Patil have invested £ 20 000 and each of them has invested £ 4 000.
The company is now a leading multinational company as well as regions and local areas such as Unilever, Reckett Benckiser, P & G, L'Oreal, Himalayan, Colgate palmolli and CavinKare
Originally a small factory in the suburbs of Mumbai, it has now become a global company with 7 manufacturing plants, 5 of which are in India, 1 in Egypt and the United States. S.
For the fiscal year 2018, the company reported revenue of Rs 713 and net profit of Rs.
When the company went public in 2016, the main beneficiary was India-
Born British, working in the Bay.
He invested 6 rupees in early 1980 and withdrew at a price close to 20 rupees, equivalent to 1 rupee
IPO scale fifth.
According to the company, small investors and employees have also sold their shares through IPOs, and their investments are 14 to 3,450 times the average.
In the best craft Innovation category of the ICIS Innovation Award, the Galaxy surface active agent is selected for its novel environment
Friendly process of producing N-
Surface active substance of amino acid.
"The biggest thing for Galaxy is to use smart learning to create smart catalysts," he said. Shekhar, co-
Founder and managing director of Galaxy surface active substances Co. , Ltd.
He said, "If a product is not good for the environment, then it is useless.
The important thing is that both the product and the manufacturing process are ecological. friendly.
This attitude is the main driver of search and subsequent invention of the "smart catalyst.
"This innovation applies to the entire amino acid family --
It is based on surface active substances that can be extended to other general acidic chloride, which are intermediaries in various chemical industries. The N-
A mild Yin-type surface active agent for personal care products such as skin and hair care, providing cleaning and sensory benefits.
The company said that the process of using "smart catalyst" to manufacture active substances on the surface of amino acids conforms to all specifications of green chemistry. Mr.
Shekhar said, "sustainability is an important part of the Galaxy's strategy to focus on the environment and provide sustainable technology development.
This is in line with our belief in the collective commitment to "do good, do good.
We are committed to developing an ecosystem that supports disruptive ideas that create new products or processes and add value through innovation.
"The company has more than 200 product grades for home and personal care products such as hair care, oral care, skin care, cosmetics, soap, shampoo, lotion, detergent, cleaning products.
It's one of the three major manufacturers of nonoxino.
Toxic preservatives for personal care products.
Ironically, this is not
Toxic antibacterial substances are made of corrosive starting substances phenol.
There are technological advantages.
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