my beauty spot 5 pc green tea facial masks 7 safe ways to safely get rid of pimples fast -

my beauty spot 5 pc green tea facial masks 7 safe ways to safely get rid of pimples fast -
Wake up and find a big red pimples staring at you from the mirror the day before a major event, the worst experience anyone has to deal..Here are some ways to safely and quickly eliminate this ugly oil bumps: 1.Before going to bed, relieve inflammation and minimize redness by applying a small amount of toothpaste on the blemishes.You can also reduce swelling and redness by gently pressing wet tea bags or applying cotton balls on the spot with lemon juice.2.Avoid using oil as much as possible-Based on makeup, because they usually cause pores to accumulate, resulting in pimples.Wash off your makeup with acne every nightCombat cleanser removes dirt, oil and cosmetics from the depths of the skin.3.Use hydrogen peroxide or sa acid cream on site or throughout the face.However, keep in mind that these ingredients may dry your skin if used over.It is not recommended to use these on sensitive skin.4.When you're in a hurry, just apply a meat --Apply a colored shade of conce cream on the pimples to hide it and cover up its greasy gloss.5.Wash your face at least twice a day with mild neutral soap or an expert acne cleanser with no tough ingredients.Use a mat or towel to exfoliate the skin, but do not wipe it hard because it will drain the natural grease of the skin, which helps to prevent another build-up.6.Hold an ice bag on it for about two minutes and let the pimples cool down.Doing it every 30 minutes will help reduce inflammation and redness and reduce the pain that comes with it.7.Don't adjust, press or play acne.This will only make pimples red and will also spread to other parts of your face to breed its microbes and oil.This can also leave scars on your face.Usually, follow these tips and you will have significant results in a day or two.However, if the pimples become a recurring problem, or if they continue to deteriorate, you can ask your dermatologist for a routine skin care procedure that suits your skin type.Using a mask, adjusting your diet and increasing your drinking can also help you fight overeating.The information in this article is for educational use only and does not mean diagnosis, treatment or cure of any disease.Please visit the health care specialist before starting any health care routine.
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