my facial is tastier than yours - face mask after facial

my facial is tastier than yours  -  face mask after facial
Natasha Singh had deep skin in November.
2008. her face was expressionless under a thick aspirin paste, and Kim Tisdale, a student at the Graduate School of Social Work at Boston College, lay on a towel on the kitchen floor.
Sitting next to her is Sophia peckowski, a seventh-grade student from the suburbs of Boston, whose face is covered with papaya mud, and some of it has slipped into her left ear.
The two had cool cucumber slices on their eyelids, and they both volunteered to try simple recipes for the family spa.
"It feels good," Ms. Pekowsky said.
"Not for me . "
Replied Tisdale. “It’s itchy.
"Homemade cosmetics can be traced back at least to Cleopatra.
The ancient Egyptians used the broken Peacock stone to make eye shadow, mixing soot, animal fat and lead together to form the kohl eyeliner.
This is because the ancient Arcadia and Sumerian were earlier than CVS.
Nowadays, when it is infinitely fast, greatly reducing the confusion, and significantly reducing the cost of purchasing a ready product --
Products madeit-
Cosmetics are not only entertainment for family and friends --
Similar to baking cookies
As a beauty event.
Considering the upcoming family party holiday season, last Saturday, I quarreled with a small group of human guinea pigs for a family partyspa experiment.
The staff included Lisa Glazer, editor of the magazine;
Her daughter.
Pekowsky, 12, and Caleb Pekowsky, 7; Ms. Tisdale;
This is the mother of the reporter.
The program is one of three facial treatments for each participant to try in a mix: an avocado mask designed to moisturize the skin;
Papaya mask considered to be exfoliating;
Or an aspirin mask, which is said to relieve inflammation.
We will then test the body scrub consisting of turbinado sugar and coffee grounds.
Recipes adapted from recipes used by friends or found online are simple, with no more than three ingredients.
First of all, I should admit that I have been holding a slight grudge against this family treatment for several years.
A hair stylist I 've seen in Marseille swears that it's a home treatment to apply hair with olive oil, cover the hair with a shower cap for the night, and wash your hair in the morning.
Unfortunately, when I tried it at home, olive oil penetrated into some pillows from the shower cap.
It turned out that even if I turned to the liquid, it was not possible for the oil to be completely rinsed the next morning.
Over the next 10 days my hair gives off the flavor of salad sauce and looks more greasy than smooth.
So, last Saturday, we agreed on some precautions for homemade potions: covering the hair and kitchen floor with towels to prevent dripping water;
Use only those ingredients that we know we are not allergic (
Readers should be equally careful);
Apply a mask and leave a large area of untreated skin around your eyes;
Spare a bag of makeup remover towels. Ms.
Pekowsky chose the papaya mask.
Even though we put chopped orange blocks into the filter and added honey, the mixture still maintains a sour texture. Advertising Lady
The mother of Glazer and reporters chose a soft but rough avocado sauce.
"How does it look? ” Ms.
Greze, with a green face, asked her daughter when she spread out the towel.
"You look like a monster . "
Pekowsky said from the towel next to it.
"Like Glen Del of beowov. ”By then, Ms.
Tisdale and I covered our faces with aspirin paste.
Caleb, a sophomore, decided to wear a mask.
He said he would later entertain his friends with our stories, but no one would see him wearing a fruit salad.
"I just don't want to look ridiculous," he said . "
Instead, he was responsible for cucumber slices, carefully bypassing the towel and placing a lap on the eyelids of each volunteer.
"The taste is good," he said as he tried the samples in the papaya bowl.
His sister wiped her papaya.
Cover your cheeks with your fingers and drop a little into your mouth.
We lay on the floor, waiting for the mask to marinate our skin.
Soon, the couple, who endured the itch of aspirin paste, began to envy avocado.
"It feels great, like thick, muddy, sticky sludge . "Glazer said.
"I'm trying to take a deep breath in order to get the whole spa experience.
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She asked about the cost of the ingredients.
The bill for businessman Joe is $56. 03.
"This is definitely a $200 spa experience . "Glazer said.
"An advertisement for avocado?
It's ridiculous!
The reporter's mother exclaimed.
Ten minutes later, the oven timer rang and the volunteers washed the mask off the kitchen sink.
The green and orange little Luo Xia spots are attached to the collar, T-
Shirts, hair, towels and counter.
The verdict on the papaya mask is: "It feels cold and good, but it's been sliding all the time.
Maybe we should put oatmeal in . "
Pekowsky suggested.
"My skin feels cleaner and smoother.
"Her mother, magazine editor, believes that the effect of an enzyme in papaya called papaya on the skin may be similar to the effect on meat --
Break the outer layer.
"It is used as a meat tenderizer," she said . ".
Avocado puree got the best reviews.
"My skin does feel fresh and smooth," the reporter's mother said . ".
But the thumb is on the aspirin paste.
"I think this is definitely good for oily skin, but it may get too dry for normal skin," Ms. Tisdale said.
"It's hard to get rid of the grain.
After a short break, after eating the rest of the avocado and papaya slices at the party, we went into the ground coffee body scrub. Ms.
Tisdale stood in front of the sink and rubbed his arm hard with coffee and sugar.
"My arms feel ventilated just like my skin can breathe better," she said . ".
"I think this pair of feet is also very good.
AD caleb bites a mixture and crunches while scrubbing his forearm, suggesting that the combination might get better later on
Dinner was better than beauty.
"It will be good to eat ice cream," he said . ".
"You can make coffee Cologne with it.
"Even after washing, the scrub leaves a clear brown residue on the skin, just like the natural self-Tanna, and the aroma of espresso.
This is a huge improvement compared to my old nemesis olive oil conditioner.
A version of this article appears on the New York edition E3 page with the title: my face is more delicious than yours.
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