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My No-Frills Guide to Treating a Blood Blister - foot care products dead skin

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
My No-Frills Guide to Treating a Blood Blister  -  foot care products dead skin
When I was training for my first marathon (finished 9-18-
Part of this process is thought.
Blisters develop but my blisters mean walking is impossible.
In the end, I realized myself successfully. Diagnose yourself
Obviously I have not only blisters but also blood blisters.
According to the foot care center, blood blisters are "a bag of blood formed under the skin due to some kind of extrusion or bruising ".
"When I looked down and looked at the big blood bubble that stretched to the inside of my soles of feet, I only remember thinking," it's a little annoying. experience.
Pale compared to the blood bubbles I developed. blood blisters.
To be honest, some seem a bit nervous or expensive.
Helped me finish my first marathon (after that I had more exciting blood blisters ).
Garbage cans found materials. I found most of them at Wal-Mart.
You can find them in other health pharmacies. three. doctor).
If you already have some basic powder.
You didn't know what blisters or calluses looked like before.
Formed by volcanoes.
Therefore, floating stones are often used in pedicure.
In my experience, I find it very comforting.
Pack up the package or you will be far away.
Cover with transparent packaging. much. what to expect.
In the middle of the game.
Because of my ignorance
First, prepare the towels where you choose to sit.
There are shaved flowers on the carpet.
Second, there is a trash can nearby.
The bathroom trash can come in handy.
Clearing of shavingswatched.
If you look at something while doing it, it will help.
I watched a episode of Doctor, mainly blood bubbles and another smaller blood bubble.
When the treatment
You have powder, moleskin (or big band)
Aid) and scissors nearby.
These will work after treatment. to ten minutes.
Organize the materials.
When the stone feels too dry
So be sure to prepare your movies or TV shows before you start.
Down, gently start rubbing the stone on the blood bubble. pleasurable.
Unable to arrive.
Blister and tempered skin layer.
Very slow at first.
Be careful when you reach the soft part under your skin.
On the dead skin, not the fragile, pink meat below.
Start the final stage of treatment.
The disgusting skin left in the garbage.
One thing, then you are ready for the next stage of the treatment process.
First of all, I found it helpful to wear a special powder.
Due to a lot of friction and sweat.
Under the cover of a long distance, sweat mixed with friction can cause blisters.
Because the powder can catch water and sweat, it also helps a lot. behinds.
Causes the formation of blisters.
Be, you are ready for the final step in the treatment of blood bubbles: moleskin.
The time for this step depends on how long it takes you to get up and move.
You don't need to do any major trips, then I'll wait until the next day to give you a chance to breathe on your fragile skin.
Very helpful (although my husband doesn't think so, I noticed a difference ).
Blister profile on Brown part of mole.
The mole on the blood bubble.
Prevent infection and further irritation while healing.
There was a lot to do the next day.
Blisters, this is the process of my own treatment of blood blisters.
How fast is the remedy.
Finish my treatment for blood bubbles.
The whole process is relatively cheap. worked for me.
Obviously there are a lot of other thoughts and suggestions on the Internet, but since I can walk faster than I expected, I think this is a really great way.
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