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Bank of America Merrill Lynch is trying to make sure they keep a 401 (k) share of the retirement plan market!Because it's a big industry, not an industry that gives up contact, they're making sure they leave unflinching.Merrill Lynch has a long way to go from almost bankruptcy lawyers like Lehman Brothers, who can't find a buyer.Merrill Lynch avoided the crisis as early as 2008, and they will all reinvent themselves in order to continue their excellent performance.
They should be happy because Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America (BofA), compensated too much in 2008 to get those.When he could have invested less, he wasted billions of dollars, and he was compensated equally effectively by Bank of America.The companies that served them protected the bay's bankruptcy lawyers, and there were no other companies except to buy their US financial institutions directly.
At present, they are putting a large number of organizations into independent financial institutions that can serve as trustees for 401 (k) and retirement program seekers.Merrill Lynch will be as long as they can't provide the same service to their customers.In order to ensure that they will never lose to independent businesses and economic institutions, Merrill Lynch is also considering turning to trustees as needed.
Another problem is that their best brokers make them independent economic advisers and trustees.It is also an attempt to retain their top expertise.Merrill will never want to be in a position where they used to need a bankruptcy lawyer, which means they have to keep up with the previous pace --Change the current market and provide the best service for customers.
Given the money scene the individual is in, the ever-changing loyalty seems to get less complicated in a minute
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