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"We Buy Ugly Houses" is the only national home buying franchise in the United States.HomeVestors offers full franchise or new joint franchise program to real estate investors seeking full franchiseTime, even part.The HomeVestors system is not a "theory" but is based on proven technology that has worked since 1996 to purchase nearly 50,000 homes.
Each franchise office has an experienced regional development agent who is responsible for supporting, training, mentoring and mentoring.Not only does HomeVestors teach their franchisees how to buy, they also provide training on how to quickly sell homes using one of seven mature exit strategies.HomeVestors has more systems than any house developed by any system.
As home sales slowed, the chain helped the property market buy homes from owners in the face of foreclosure.HomeVestors don't just buy "ugly houses", they also buy beautiful houses!But more importantly, chain franchisees are helping people who are in an "ugly" real estate environment every day.HomeVestors has been ranked in Entrepreneur magazine's "Franchise 500" for five consecutive years;Ranked "fastest" in Entrepreneur Magazine"A growing franchiseAnd ranked in Dallas 100 at the Dallas Cox Business School as quickly as possibleA private company that has grown in Dallas for four consecutive years.
In addition, in 2010, HomeVestors was selected as the top 50 Franchise Business Review for the fifth consecutive year ".In July of 2008, franchise brand Co., Ltd. acquired most of the ownership of HomeVestors®Companies in the United StatesThe guiding resource behind the franchise brand is the outstanding billionaire franchise legend Fred De Luca, owner of megabrand, Metro sandwich.Fred Drucker has joined the HomeVestors family, which fully illustrates the strength of the brand and the future of the company.
Rob Caldwell is a development agent with American family hotels and is more known as "We Buy Ugly Houses.Rob has been on the HomeVestors team since 2004.Rob's role as a development agent is to recruit, train and support assistant and full franchise offices in North Carolina and South Carolina to include part of VA.
, GA.
, and TN.
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