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Drooping eyelids are a sure sign that Mother Nature makes your face look old.You know the look and feel of the heavy lidThey seem to have their own ideas.You keep raising your forehead as you speak, and your eyes may begin to feel tired, and this fatigue will not disappear.
Not only are your eyes bothering you, those forehead wrinkles may make you think that there may be a need for an injection of a paralysis medication, or more drastic measures, such as surgery, are needed.The medical community wants you to believe that you need to think about this path and make yourself look younger, but actually-that's not the truth!The upper eyelid, eyebrows, and upper forehead are connected under the skin, and the muscles are interwoven up and down the skin.The actual forehead muscle is vertical, and it originated from the hair line.
Usually at the age of 40, gravity will affect the forehead, resulting in poor muscle tension, sliding down will push into the eyebrow muscle, and then affect the upper eye cover, resulting in fish tail lines.If the lid splashes on the eyelashes, the downward movement of this loose skin damages the eyesight of the person.Enjoy only a few options for young eyes.Eye bag plastic surgery is a surgical method to correct the drooping of the upper and lower eyes.
Eye surgery actually involves cutting the eyelids, removing excess tissue, and then stitching the eyelids in existing creases.Although there are other types of local and oral anesthesia to choose from, surgery is performed in the case of general anesthesia in the patient;The procedure takes about 2 hours to complete, and like any other invasive procedure, there is also a risk to consider.Electro-Stimulation Devices using tiny currents claim that they can lift the eyelids and eyebrows.
According to some wells-Paid doctors they do work, but there is quite a bit of doubt among their peers.Excessive use can lead to cramps, headaches, irritation, redness and burns.Electro-Stimulation is very time consuming, as it takes about three minutes of treatment in each area, so it is not uncommon to spend an hour or more every other day trying to lift your face.
The above choices are not only costly;They are temporary.Yes, temporary!Surgery can not correct poor muscle tension, injection or electricitycurrents.What is the solution?Facial exercises are the smartest thing you can do to stop the cause of facial aging, but not all facial exercises work.
Why?Because scrolling and twisting are not exercises!!!When there is no resistance or anchoring to produce a contraction, your face cannot be raised or look younger.Real facial exercises are not for scrubbing or twisting, but real, precise movements to treat the causes of facial aging.How long will it take you to see the results?Well, most people will see the result immediately, and you should know that it will take about three to four weeks to see the permanent result.
When the muscles are strengthened enough to maintain a new position, permanent results occur.If you don't exercise your facial muscles a lot, you look old.Our whole body needs exercise, including the face and neck.
From head to foot, you can look healthier and more energetic without having to think about surgery, injections or electricity.It takes only a few minutes a day to exercise your face, and it takes less time to take a shower in the morning, you can have one that looks like 10-15 years youngerCynthia Roland is a recognized all-natural facial health specialist with over 30 years of experience in health and beauty related fields.She has appeared in View TV, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows.
The author, speaker and television celebrity is leading a campaign to make men and women look younger through natural technology without the legacy of spending their children
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