natural beauties - organic plant based skin care products

natural beauties  -  organic plant based skin care products
Kiersten Hanly and Jessica McNeil are redefining the bush.
No, we're not referring to the classic TV show, or the sponge you use to clean the bathroom.
"You have sea salt or sugar, you have oil, you have fragrance," McNeil said . ".
Mix them together and pack them in a jar where you have a pure natural, inclusive, inspired skin cleaner.
It is so simple and basic that no chemicals need to be added.
McNeil and Hanly, 25, are both
The owner of Scrub, a business dedicated to providing natural body scrubs for your skin.
"Scrub can be exfoliated, cleaned and moisturized.
It simplifies everything, "said Hanly from Ont Stratford.
These products are chemical products and paraben-
Free, show in 125-mL and 250-
ML jar of combination of mint and vanilla, coconut, almond, Brown etc
Sugar Scrub, orange and pomegranate. They are vegan-
Friendly, gluten free, all edible.
Hanly and McNeil set up their company in October because they are tired of using skin
Mysterious care products of ingredients.
"Half of the ingredients you don't pronounce, who knows what effect it has on your skin," Hanly said . ".
When they worked at ByWard Market Bar about three years ago, they met as college students, who were responsible for all aspects of their business, including brand, product development and distribution.
"We just clicked," Hanly said of their friendship and the current business partnership . ".
"We know we work very well together and respect each other.
McNeil, from Cape Breton, resigned from her job as a marketing officer at software development in January, focusing on scrubbing, while Hanley worked at Shopify.
McNeil explained that the idea of the business began first with rosemary plants.
"In the summer of two years ago, I had a beautiful garden with herbs, and in the winter I brought two Rosemary.
McNeil decided that in addition to simply using them in cooking recipes, she wanted to do something creative with them.
"I looked at it online and found a rosemary sea salt wipe lotion that I liked very much.
They were raving about it when she asked a few friends to try to scrub, and she brought homemade products to Hanley.
While they like to promote a natural beauty product, they are also excited that the product is local.
"As Canadians, it is very important to support our local community and the local economy," McNeil said . ".
Scrub also means the community of two women, who are proud to sponsor several events in Ottawa, including the popular women's networking event, "Ms. Lunch", held at the National Arts Center ".
Hanly and McNeil sent 260 custom "lunch scrubs" for the ladies attending the event ".
The product starts at $10 with seasonal scrubs.
"These women are convinced to take young women away and push them forward," McNeil said . ".
"They helped us a lot.
"In business, women have such a terrible stereotype," Hanly said . " Real women will not break each other, but build each other, he added.
Both women are excited about the future and are considering the idea of opening their own shop one day.
"We want to dominate the scrub industry," said Hanley . ".
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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