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natural homemade bodywash (with pictures) | ehow - make own skin care products with essential oils

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-14
natural homemade bodywash (with pictures) | ehow  -  make own skin care products with essential oils
Body wash is a convenient and indulgent way to clean the body.
Hand sanitizer is a soft liquid soap that usually contains a moisturizer and/or perfume.
Most body wash tends to use chemical ingredients, especially if the product is added with extra flavors such as special scents or colors.
Buying Body Wash can also be quite expensive.
If you're looking for an Earthand budget-
Using a friendly shower gel with natural ingredients, your best bet is to do it yourself at home.
The body wash is essentially just liquid soap.
In order to make a natural homemade body wash, all you need is some kind of liquid soap or soap that can be turned into liquid.
You have a lot of choices about the type of soap you use.
However, the cheapest, easiest and most effective option is the castile soap.
Traditional Castile soap is made from olive oil in thin slices, sticks, or liquid form.
Using olive oil means that soap is both natural and moisturizing, and is the perfect choice for natural homemade body wash.
If the body wash you want is more than just soap and water, you can add extra moisturizers, scents, or colors to your recipe.
You can use various oils and butter to increase the moisturizing performance of the body wash.
For example, you can use cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado, almond or poached oil.
As long as you make sure that any essential oils you add are safe for your skin, you can use natural essential oils to add the perfect fragrance.
Natural vegetables
Coloring based on food can be used to add a little color to the recipe.
Even though any clean container can be packed with homemade body wash, the best option for you is plastic.
Most people use and store body wash in the shower.
It means fragile or water.
Containers such as glass, wood or stone that are prone to occurrence are inappropriate options.
Clean empty containers of shampoo, conditioner or body wash and store homemade body wash using plastic bottles.
For a convenient and light scented body wash, mix 1 cup of liquid castile soap with 3 tablespoons of soap.
Add coconut oil, lavender essential oil 5 drops, rose essential oil 3 drops in a small bowl.
Mix well and pour into a clean plastic container.
Shake well before each use.
You can change the type of oil or essential oil in the recipe according to your needs.
Instead of 3 tbsp, for example.
Use 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. almond oil.
Try 4 drops of sandalwood and 4 drops of vanilla essential oil instead of 5 drops of lavender and 3 drops of rose essential oil.
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