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Natural Magick Guide: Beauty - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-27
Natural Magick Guide: Beauty  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
As one of the most common natural health and beauty products for skin
Care products and food.
Avocado is a nutrient.
Dense fruits containing 13 vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C and B beneficial to the skin, and all other substances beneficial to the body's multiple systems that help your health, this will be reflected in your presence.
Get this super benefit
Fruit, eat it, or apply it to your skin as a rejuvenating mask.
Dry skin for easy use in magic spells including making your own flame for beauty or love
Related ceremonies or bathing ceremonies.
You can also plant an avocado from its pit to ensure that a child grows up in the longevity and health of the tree and the beauty that avocado brings.
Or, grow one yourself as you get older and keep yourself beautiful.
Avocado is often used as a basis for skin
But they can also be used to replenish the hair.
If your attention to beauty is related to dry skin or hair, it will be an ideal herbal medicine that is magical and practical.
Can be used as a viable spell ingredient in any form of it.
Evening primrose oil is sold as a vitamin supplement to help treat a variety of skin diseases such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.
Despite the lack of sufficient scientific evidence, it is also related to helping other health conditions.
Add a few drops of oil or decorate the altar in the beauty ceremony bath, or make other spellings in the form of dried flowers or powder.
Primrose is a female plant, so you can also use it for magic or for women in medicine --
Especially the pain in the breast.
If your attention to beauty is related to your body and body shape, it will be effective to incorporate the moon grass into your ceremony.
Another magical use of this flower is to attract love.
Hawaiian women traditionally use it to show their willingness to get married.
If your desire for beauty is also closely related to your desire for faithful love, use Furong in your ceremony.
It is said that Cleopatra used lemon horns to prevent wrinkles.
Other common uses of lemons are purification and cleaning.
Add lemon juice or oil
Rituals and spells based on aging.
All mushrooms are representative and illusory.
If your focus on beauty is to make yourself more attractive to a particular person, mushrooms are a good choice for rituals and spells.
Before you fold your nose unbelievably, let me tell you that people used to think of sardines as the hair of the most beautiful mermaid.
Although you may not like their taste, sardines have passed.
Rich in vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus and omega-
3 fat, all of which are good for your health, therefore, extends to your beauty.
I don't recommend putting sardines in your traditional bathroom.
But you can eat some mustard sauce to increase the beauty of your strongest features.
Palmarosa oil is extracted from the plant of citronella Martini, a green strawcolored grass.
Palmarosa oil is used to relieve fatigue, body and nerves, and other stress in terms of treatment
Related issues
It is also used as a physical therapy to balance skin secretions, necessary for acne, scar reduction and skin cell regeneration.
Add oil to the ritual bath or some dry grass or flower form to the beauty altar.
Diana, other fertility
This fruit is very delicious. There are many beautiful places.
Related properties that you may not know!
Strawberries contain sa, so you can choose to add some to the mask or body scrub.
In addition to this, it also contains
Purple light protection can also reduce blood pressure when consuming.
For the swelling at the moment, sit under your nose for 10-12 minutes.
The magic is that strawberries are most often used for love and desire. based spells.
Pink candles are sacred for Venus/Aphrodite's beauty society and her Japanese counterpart Benton.
Although it is not as limited as a candle. Any pink item-
Altar cloth, decoration-
Will add beautiful energy to the ceremony or atmosphere.
Blue candles are sacred to the Egyptian goddess Hathor and the goddess of the sky Nuit and the Hindu goddess Aditi.
Blue is also the representative color of elemental water, and Aphrodite is one of them. it is closely related to beauty and love --
There's also magic.
A wonderful stone with many uses, beauty is one of them.
In addition to beauty, the purple crystal is also used for transformation.
If your beauty ceremony is more special for self-evolution or change yourself, the purple crystal is the perfect gem for your bath water, altar, bathtub edge or side or any other beauty --
Related settings you created.
The Rolling Stones are cheap and can be found almost anywhere and still take advantage of all the energy in their original or cut form.
I prefer the original specimens (as shown in the figure), although they are usually a little more expensive.
Shells for the purpose of beauty.
Scallops are especially sacred to Aphrodite and a symbol of beauty.
The clam shell symbol is more inclined to love (especially when you have to stick the clam shell together ).
Most beautiful abalone-
Related to all shells.
Meditation on one person will help you to live in peace with your beauty and realize your inner beauty.
Mash the avocado until creamy and add honey.
Let's sit on your face 15-20 minutes.
1 teaspoon extra
Everything but avocado is mixed together and finally added to the avocado.
Apply it to your hair and let you sit 15-
20 minutes before flushing
Shampoo after rinse to get your hair back
Adjust yourself so it won't be too greasy. article!
Don't be afraid if you can't come up with your own beauty ceremony!
Here are some ideas about the beauty ceremony bath and you are welcome to make persistent efforts or adjustments based on your personal path and beliefs.
Any flower, symbol or statue you want to use is dedicated to your goddess or god of beauty and success.
Maybe a picture of a man or woman you want to attract with your beauty.
Also, if you want to combine elements like desire, love, luck, etc. Lemon-
Add salt to the warm water, then add lemon and strawberry to the tub.
Add salt to warm water first.
When the bath is filled, add oil and add petals or whole flowers to the water after the bath is filled.
I always add salt to the bathing ceremony to purify, you can choose to add another herb such as rosemary or rat plum in its location, however, if you choose to use herbs, incense, or more oil, please pay attention to the smell of conflict.
These rituals will be very effective when used with avocado face and/or hair mask.
Making a dish before or after your ritual bath will also amplify the spell and your intentions.
Is this about starting things up in the romantic department?
Check out the list of my love ingredients to perfect your ceremony!
At its own risk of using the information provided.
Although I have done a lot of research on this article, its intention is spiritual, not medical.
Do your own research or ask your doctor for medical advice.
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