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| - natural skin care products not tested on animals

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-13
|  -  natural skin care products not tested on animals
Vegetarians refer to those who choose to avoid using animal products or through diet and lifestyleproducts.
In order to meet the requirements of vegetarians, you mainly need to shop in the natural food store or the natural food chain.
Even a lot of cosmetics, skin
Test care supplies and soap on animals, or test on animalsproducts.
The soap sold in the store usually contains animal products, beef fat.
It makes sense to make vegetarian soap at home because you can save money and customize it based on the smell you like (or lack of smell.
Doing this project with the kids is simple and fun.
It is also safe and gentle for babies and toddlers.
Mix the alkali solution.
So please wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.
Put 16 ounces of distilled water into a water tank. Weigh 7 oz.
The alkali in a can.
Add alkali to the water, pay attention to avoid splashing.
Stir until the mixture is completely dissolved.
Please note that the mixture will get hot.
Cool the alkali mixture in a safe place (away from children! ).
Mix the oil together in the glass measuring cup.
Pour the metal pan on the stove.
It is heated to about 100 degrees for all oil.
Make sure the salt water and spices are ready to join when the oil is heated. Turn stove off.
Add the alkaline water mixture to the oil mixture.
This makes the whole mixture appear cloudy.
Stir well with a blender or beat hard with a wooden spoon.
Using the stick mixer, it should take about a minute to mix properly;
With a wooden spoon, it may take a bit closer to an hour.
Add the scent, about 2 ounces.
Mix slowly.
Skip this step if you do not want to add a scent.
After mixing, pour the soap mixture into the mold and solidify it in a safe, warm place.
After about 24 hours it will get hard enough and you can cut it into pieces with your homemade vegan soap.
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