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natural supplements vs. pharmaceutical drugs: the politics ... - images of natural skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-22
natural supplements vs. pharmaceutical drugs: the politics ...  -  images of natural skin care products
After double-blind research, several years of research and millions of dollars of research, it is understandable that a drug should be credible.
But what if the whole system was flawed at the beginning and wasted money and time on treating symptoms instead of trying to find a cure or better to prevent the disease?
Or, what if the system is flawed, but in many cases, the person is in an unhealthy state after completing treatment using the drug?
All our knowledge of how the human body works, knowing the human body's intolerance to unnatural factors, why we as patients, so accept the idea that we should treat ourselves with synthetic drugs, are these drugs actually harmful to our health?
To alleviate a symptom, we get two or three new symptoms, a new chronic disease that we need to deal with, and, of course, a prescription drug that we take every month.
Of course, people who are engaged in the field of holistic medicine can never claim to cure, prevent or treat a disease, even if it is the expected result, no matter how many people find their health condition improved.
This can only be said by pharmaceutical companies.
In fact, they have these words.
Whether this right is worth it is irrelevant.
However, it is worth noting that most natural supplements have been tested for products for centuries.
Because I'm interested in finding a holistic approach to cancer, I recently came to distribute a product called "natural cell defense, this is a patent made of zeolite technology that is marketed by Waiora.
However, it was originally studied as an anti-cancer drug because it was both natural and was introduced to the market as a supplement.
Studies have shown that natural cell defense systems are able to remove heavy metals and harmful toxins in a safe and effective manner and activate p2 1 tumor suppression genes in cancer cells.
It also happens to be 100% Non
Toxic, completely safe for people of all ages.
This natural health care product can help alleviate the accumulated toxins and waste in the body of ordinary people, which are the culprit of many chronic diseases.
However, no matter how many people are helped by taking this natural supplement, we have not made any request.
It's not drugs.
For years, I have been frustrated by the aggressive and harmful techniques used by cancer patients to treat tumors and would like to see non-
More attention and toxic methods of legitimacy.
Too much time and effort has also been put into discovering diseases rather than preventing them.
Prevention is the key, not the test.
Testing means the disease has a chance to show up and control itself.
At the very least, once a diagnosis is made, we should not poison the body with toxic drugs.
Here is a list of potential side effects of chemotherapy, and you can tell if this sounds like a viable treatment option: low hemoglobin, low white blood cells, low platelets, infection, blood transfusion required, small plates for blood transfusion, pain, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, skin injury, heart damage, lung damage, liver damage, kidney damage, hearing loss, short stature, low growth hormone or low thyroid hormone, infertility, secondary cancer, decreased intelligence, worsening neurological symptoms, ineffective and death.
To better understand the hypocrisy of cancer treatment, consider the following: one of the largest and most prestigious cancer treatment centers in the world, the McGill cancer center in Canada, conducted a study of oncologists, to determine their response to the diagnosis of cancer.
On the confidential questionnaire, 58 out of 64 doctors indicated that neither they nor their families could receive all chemotherapy programs.
The overwhelming reason for this decision is that they believe that these drugs are ineffective and the level of toxicity is unacceptable.
Do you think these doctors would recommend chemotherapy to narrow down the patient's tumor?
Yes, in fact, they are a must if they want to follow the standard agreement.
There are alternative, non-
Cancer patients can use toxic treatments, but you have to find these natural treatments yourself.
Of course, you may find a natural treatment that you want to pursue, but find that the medical industry is preventing you from implementing a treatment plan.
I met a heartbreaking story a few years ago.
A two-year-old boy named Alexander has been diagnosed with the most common pediatric brain tumor, the melanoma.
After two brain surgeries in Alexandria, after a lot of consideration and thoughtful research from parents, parents chose a non for their son.
Toxic therapy proved to be very effective for brain cancer treatment.
However, the FDA rejected this treatment for parents, and their oncologist told parents that cancer would soon return without their State-of-the-art chemotherapy.
Alexander completed his third month of chemotherapy in December 1998 and died in January 31, 1999.
He is only two and a half years old.
You see, state-of-the-
Four years ago, the art chemotherapy regimen recommended by oncologists had proven ineffective in children's brain tumors.
The exact same chemotherapy drug provided to Alexandria in 1998 has been given to children of the same age as Alexander's same brain tumor, with similar results.
Of course, parents have never been told of the failure of such treatment.
You should note that when parents hesitate to ask Alexander to come to chemotherapy, oncologists are ready to control the situation by court order.
Parents want to use a non
Proven to be an effective alternative to toxic treatment but forced to use ineffective toxic treatment.
I am afraid that these parents may have been hurt twice by medical institutions, because brain tumors may also be caused by vaccination containing thiomersal, which is usually used for vaccination at that time, and is responsible for many cases of neurological disorders in children, such as autism, ADD/HD and brain tumors.
You can learn more about Alexander by visiting http://www . ouralexander. org/index. htm.
How dangerous is chemotherapy?
The following excerpt can be found on the website of iowa University.
Their treatment of chemotherapy spills is reminiscent of a rather terrible scene of contamination, as it is, in fact, a serious state of contamination.
Patients and caregivers should be taught ways to safely, appropriately, handle and dispose of waste generated during continuous infusion chemotherapy. 1.
Wear disposable latex gloves. 2.
If chemotherapy is sprinkled on clothes, take it out immediately and take a bath and scrub the exposed skin with soap and water.
Pay attention to redness, blistering or burning.
Contact your nurse to report the leak.
She will give you further instructions if necessary. 3.
Remove any and all sharp objects and place them in your sharp container or any jar with a lid, such as a coffee can. 4.
Absorb spills with disposable absorbing materials such as paper towels. 5.
Disinfect the spill area with soap and water or household cleaners such as window cleaners, 409, alcohol, bleach, or liquid carpet cleaners. 6.
Put the absorbing materials and gloves into the chemo waste container or garbage bag and mark them carefully.
It will be picked up later by pharmacy staff. 7.
If a leak occurs on the clothes or sheets of the patient or caregiver, the items should be cleaned separately from the regular clothes in the hot water. 8.
If a leak occurs on unprotected furniture, the area should be scrubbed with soap and water while wearing protective chemotherapy safety gloves and washed with clear water. 9.
Within 48 hours of treatment, patients and caregivers should be taught to use care when dealing with the patient's vomiting or feces and to use good hand washing techniques.
Now imagine the chemicals they are referring to and cancer patients are going to enter their bodies because that's true.
However, I would never want to demonize the entire medical industry, as there are many high quality doctors and prescription drugs that may be necessary, and I encourage caution when accepting advice that will affect your health.
It is important to consider the possibility that sometimes medical institutions may guide us on the wrong path.
Natural therapy may not claim to cure or treat the disease, but sometimes you just have to take a step back and do your due diligence, look at the results and come to your own conclusion.
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