natures sunshine products inc (natr.o) - organic herbal skin care products

natures sunshine products inc (natr.o)  -  organic herbal skin care products
Natural sunshine Products Co. , Ltd. (NSP)
Founded in November 26, 1976 with its subsidiaries, it is a natural health company.
The company is engaged in the manufacture and direct sales of nutrition and personal care products.
The company has four business units divided according to its distributor base, sales and distributor compensation plan, product formulation and various features of internal organization and business operations.
Three business segments operating under the natural sunshine product brand (NSP Americas;
Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, China and new markets).
The Chinese and new market sectors also include the company's wholesale business, which sells products to various local management entities independent of the company.
The fourth business unit operates in collaboration with global brands.
More than 700 products of the company include a variety of different product categories such as immunization, cardiovascular, digestion, personal care, weight management, etc.
It purchases herbs and other raw materials in bulk and, after quality control testing, makes recipes, packaging, tablets or concentrates, labels and packaging for shipment.
The company is located in Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech republic, Denmark, republic of multi-republic plus, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, etc.
General health offers a range of general health products.
The general health series is a combination of various health products related to blood sugar support, bone health, cell health, cognitive function, essential oil, joint health, mood, sexual health, sleep, sports, energy and vision.
Its products include anxiety-free, CurcuminBP, Everflex, ionic minerals, spirit-Max, Nutri-
Calm, perfect eyes, bone strength, super vitamin and mineral supplements, Super Trio, Thai-Go, Tei-Fu, Vitamin B-
Multivitamin D3, core vegetables, flavor tica, NOI Plus, nutrient outbreak and spirulina vegetables-Cap.
The company distributes immune products.
The immunization product line is designed to provide products that support and enhance the human immune system.
Its products include elder wood D3fense, history lock, immune stimulating factor, silver shield,-
C. bodyguard and colostrum products.
The company supplies cardiovascular products.
The cardiovascular series is designed to provide products that combine a variety of heart health ingredients to provide the best support for the cardiovascular system.
Its products include Oxo-low density LP, blood, pressure, Co-
10, flax seed oil, King-
Chel, red Quami, Super Omega-3 EPA, E-9 and ProArgi-9 Plus.
The company supplies digestive products.
The digestive system is designed to provide products that regulate the intestinal and digestive functions to support the human digestive system.
Its products include probiotics, net oil, food enzymes, lbs ii, Proactazyme, probiotics 11, detox Plus, and liquid chlorophyll.
Personal care companies offer a range of personal care products for external use, including oils and lotions, aloe vera gel, herbal shampoo, herbal skin treatments, toothpaste and skin cleaners.
Products include EverFlex cream, HSN-W, Pau-
D. Arco emulsion
Yam cream, Tei-Rich emulsion, Vari-
No, bright updated serum, hydrating toner, 5 in 1 shampoo and repair complex.
The company offers a range of weight management products.
The weight management series is designed to simplify the weight management process by providing healthy dietary alternatives and products that increase the heat burn rate.
Its products include fat grab, rattan yellow combo, love and peas, MetaboMax, Natural Harvest, nutrition
Burn, smart meal, Stixated, Ultra Therm, dual burn and SLMSmart.
The company competes with Amway, Herbalife, nunking, shakley and USANA.
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