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Necessary indulgence: good reasons to head to the spa. - jidue therapeutic facial massage mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
Necessary indulgence: good reasons to head to the spa.  -  jidue therapeutic facial massage mask
Is there any science to indulge?
The reason to indulge yourself --
Isn't it because you deserve it? Aestheticians--
Experts in skin care and beauty-
Massage therapists agree that those who live a sporty lifestyle and/or spend a lot of time outdoors need regular spa treatments to counter the negative effects of their lifestyle.
Here are some suggestions from skin and body therapy experts that best complement specific activities, lifestyles, or fitness levels.
Of course, because you deserve it.
The sports lifestyle of exercise and exercise will bring great pressure to the body.
This requires massage more than simple relaxation.
After a heated tennis or golf match, Donna Theophille, a massage therapist at the Doral Spa, recommends deep tissue therapeutic massages that take advantage of various deep pressing and strokes of specific muscles
Jacki Blaylock Smith, black owner
OwnedDiva's day spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, also advocates deep tissue massages on physical activity: "It prevents injuries by keeping the muscles relaxed.
"The Spa in Doral also offers special massages of sport type to find more ---
We should say, strongly. than yourrun-of-the-
Deep tissue massage. It's called A-
Finger pressure, andit is a unique kneading process where the massage therapist stands at the top of the client, grabs the bar to keep balance, massages the client with his or her feet, and uses the weight of his or her body
"It's not for everyone, but it's great for people who exercise a lot," said executive spa director Donna Silverson . ".
"It can stretch," she said . "
"It releases stress in order to get a good night's sleep.
"Swimmers create a lot of sweat when exercising outdoors and in the gym, which in some way affects your skin, and the water in the ocean and pool affects your skin in other ways
The skin is dry, but the skin also absorbs toxins and other contaminants from the water.
The prescription here is clean, detox treatment.
Before and after going to the spa, you have to think about something else.
"If you're a swimmer, you can't get horny," said Rena Sencenkova at the Kiva Day Spa in Chicago.
"Can you imagine any more chlorine than that?
"Exfoliating includes any part of the shaving body, as a thin layer of skin is removed in addition to removing the hair.
Exfoliating makes the skin more sensitive than usual, so swimmers should choose alternative treatments.
Blaylock Smith at Diva recommends swimmers take a shower immediately after leaving the ocean or pool, or at least rinse their faces and bodies.
Leaving Salt, chlorine and other toxins on your skin can be very dehydrated.
She uses collagen on her face, which adds moisture.
You have to tell your masseur that you have any pain or injury before you lie on the table ---
Old or recurrent.
This means that your back starts bothering you after yesterday's golf or tennis match, and it also means that the shoulder has been a bit funny since you played softball in high school, that your therapist fell in love with that skillful knee, always let you know when it will rain or the recent symptoms of arthritis in your home.
The last thing you want to do is stand up from the table, worse than when you lie down.
Depending on the situation and/or the body part, you may need to postpone the massage for a few days.
Hot stones are good for a painful or injured body, but cold stones can also be treated and he ping can reduce inflammation.
Blaylock smithre praised a treatment that may provide some temporary assistance to any customer who has a sprain or injury or a customer who feels unwell ---aromatherapy.
She explained that physical discomfort usually results in a higher level of stress.
Aromatherapy can relieve the tension of customers.
Because golf and tennis are played outdoors, exposure to the sun and wind at hot temperatures can have a bad effect on the face.
The perfect way to keep the face fresh is to thoroughly clean the face, remove impurities such as white heads and blackheads, and get facial care that prevents the sun from aging, said the meteorologist.
Goddess Festival Sparecommends.
It removes dead skin and improvesdamaged skin.
Bleclock Smith says skin cells flip every 30 days, so regular facial care is important.
Once a month is a good schedule.
If this is too ambitious, the manicurist suggests treating himself four times a year.
For those who like to keep the sun --kissed look.
Smith says it is important to let your manicurist know if any part of your face or body has been sunburned.
In most cases, it is better to apply atopical agents such as aloe vera gel or cream on the affected skin, waiting for it to heal.
But if the burn occurs in a small isolated area, it is possible that atechnician can solve the problem.
If your face is too sunburned, you need to "calm your skin down," Smith said ".
To achieve this effect, seaweed and rose petals are used on Diva's face.
Although educated, serious sunloungers like you apply plenty of sunscreen with a lot of moisturizer, a long day of sunbathing can actually dehydrate the skin.
In this case, the manicurists order soothing, hydrating facial and/or body treatments.
Unfortunately, there is no magic cure or technique that will allow you to lose 20 pounds overnight.
Massage therapists and manicurists find themselves debunking the myth of spa treatment.
The oral therapist explained that the massage did not allow you to get rid of the fat mass, but increased the body color for a period of time and minimized the appearance of the fat mass.
The Diva's Day Spa offers body scrubs that detoxify the skin and allow customers to lose a few pounds in the water.
However, Smith warned: "The impact is very temporary . "
Kiva Day Spa has a special treatment for the fat group, but it is very laborious and only sports are recommended.
The deceased's thigh was wrapped in plaster.
Like a mask, the electrode is attached to the mask and a low pulse is applied.
When it comes to treatment, Paul Kroksays, an artist at Kiva, said: "It doesn't feel like the best, but the process can detoxify and break down the fat mass.
"In order to get the maximum results, repeated treatment must be done.
Special care women call the Diva's Day Spa to ask how to get rid of prickly pimples and ugly white heads and blackheads.
The Fort Lauderdale salon entertained them happily, cleaning and removing unwanted blemishes at any time, making the skin as soft and smooth as ababy's bottom-At the bottom of them.
Fanny's face is derriere's peeling treatment.
Brelock Smith explains that you sweat when you exercise ---
Even in less obvious places: "The pores on your ass open and become crowded.
Sports Women-
Including more and more black women. -
Anyone who wants everything going well on their body asks for this treatment.
"In the past, this was the only requirement for white women," said brelock Smith . ".
"Many sisters are asking now.
"This is the fullest indulgence.
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