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Neck Makeup and Care - facial clay mask studio 35 beauty

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-24
Neck Makeup and Care  -  facial clay mask studio 35 beauty
There is an Australian proverb that you can judge the age of the horse by his teeth and her neck.
Unfortunately, this is a true statement.
Women take care of their faces so carefully, but often forget the importance of taking care of the skin on their neck.
So how can women pay more attention to their necks so as not to reveal our age as easily as horses?
Take care of your neck when you care about your face.
When you clean, moisturize and make up on your neck, you can keep the whole looking young and try to prevent unnecessary aging.
When washing your face with facial cleanser, be sure to gently apply the foam to the chin line and neck.
Rinse with warm water and shoot dry.
Do the same with a moisturizer, apply it to the chin line and neck.
It is best to use facial moisturizer with SPF.
Once a week, it's a good idea to use a clay mask.
Not only can you apply it to your face, but you can also apply it to your neck.
If your skin feels dry, once a week, it's a good idea to use a heavier facial moisturizer on your face and neck.
These are important steps to keep your face and neck skin hydrated and clean.
Incorporating your neck into your daily makeup routine can be quick and easy.
Just take your neck as an extension of your face and the process will come naturally. Always pre-
Moisturize the face and neck before makeup.
To get the best results, the primer is used first.
Primer is a great way to ensure uniform makeup and help make-up last longer.
Its consistency is usually similar to that of the emulsion, but it is softer and more luxurious.
It helps to prepare the face for makeup.
Also, because the skin feels differently on the neck than on the face, it helps to evenly surface the skin so that makeup can be mixed together effortlessly.
After applying the foundation to the face, apply it to the chin line and gently apply it to the neck with a small stroke down.
Be sure to use the base color that matches your face (which may be different from your neck ).
Using tones that match your face will help subtly blend the skin on your neck with your face to create a natural and seamless look.
If the Foundation is used, be sure to remove the excess product from the brush.
The excess product can be removed by tapping the brush handle (closest to the brush) on the edge of the table or on the wrist.
First apply throughout the face, then work from the chin line with small round strokes in downward motion.
After applying the foundation, cross the neck with a powder brush to ensure that the applicator is well mixed.
Use the foundation brush or sponge applicator for liquid base.
Be sure to wet the sponge applicator first.
Use fewer products and layers as needed.
After applying the foundation to the face, gently sweep through the chin line, then gently work down to the neck with circular motion all the way to the collarbone.
Finish with translucent powder using a powder brush.
When you finish applying the foundation, apply bronze on the temples, cheeks, apples, and chin lines.
Gently sweep the neck and add a touch of natural color.
If in doubt, check the area again with an empty powder brush to ensure the mixing is complete.
Applying and mixing Foundation on the neck is an important process that is often underestimated.
The skin color and base color of our body and face are different, by completing this process you can make sure that your facial makeup looks natural and mixed.
Also, when your makeup blends seamlessly, it will lengthen the look of our neck and enhance your overall look.
Now that your look is complete, be sure to finish your perfect neck with a spark.
Add a sparkling necklace or tear drop earrings and you can go out at night: be confident your neck won't reveal any secrets.
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