nepal earthquake: families wait anxiously for news - how to make papaya facial mask at home

nepal earthquake: families wait anxiously for news  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
After a devastating earthquake in Nepal on Saturday, some New Zealanders are still missing and there is growing concern that a New Zealand mother said it was "terrible" to wait for the news ".
As rescue work enters its sixth day, New Zealand families with relatives in Nepal are increasingly worried about their safety.
The number of missing persons has declined over the past few days as many have reached areas with telephone and Internet access, or Telecom has resumed online.
However, a small part
Believe is six
No news has been received.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat)
Refusing to confirm how many New Zealanders are still missing in Nepal, it said "only a few" are missing.
"The Ministry maintains regular contact with their families.
We will not publish personal details for privacy reasons . "NZME.
The news service, based on the family link of the Red Cross missing persons website, Google's search site, and talking to the families of people still missing, has compiled a list of missing New Zealanders.
Mary Grant, the mother of one of the missing persons
Doug cerley, 31, from Wellington
Describe the wait message as "very terrible ".
However, a recent credit card transaction on Mr. Sealy's account made her want him to be safe.
"Obviously, his credit card was used on the 28 th [Tuesday]
So I hope he will be fine.
I just hope not when the deal is done but when he uses it.
Grant said: "Mr. Sealy has been volunteering in India and was forced to travel to Nepal in order to renew his visa. MS.
He will be in the Himalayas when the earthquake occurs.
By last night, Mr. Sealy had not contacted his family.
In India, he has no mobile phone, only one laptop, and he uses it to communicate with Facebook via email.
"He may be in a remote location, the laptop is not covered, or there may be no power supply there, so I can only wait," his anxious mother said . ".
In the devastating 7.
The magnitude 8 earthquake, 99 New Zealanders registered as Nepalese on the government travel website SafeTravel.
Since then, the happiness of more than 260 New Zealanders in Nepal has been confirmed, Mfat said.
The ministry did not elaborate on what it was doing to help find the missing New Zealanders, but said: "consular staff are actively engaging with local authorities in Nepal and continue to follow up on all the clues provided by the family.
Mfat said that the airport's operating capacity was close to normal, and New Zealanders continued to leave on commercial flights.
Peter Gibbs, who runs the Nepalese Consulate in New Zealand, said he hopes all New Zealanders will find it.
"I hope they are all fine. this is a matter of communication.
Consulate is "working closely" with Mfat"
The ministry has sent a number of additional staff to Nepal to assist.
He says rescue helicopters are starting to enter remote mountain villages in the gor erkha area.
There may be some New Zealanders in these villages, "but to be honest, we don't know ".
However, he believes "we will have a more comprehensive understanding over the next two days ".
• UNICEF: Visit UNICEF: Nepal Earthquake Appeal 0800 5000org.
Oxfam: visit Oxfam. New Zealand/Nepal or call 0800 243 575. org.
New Zealand or 0800 600 700 Red Cross: visit the Red Cross. org.
New Zealand or 0800 Red Cross (0800 733 276)
New Zealand children's fund: Visit to the Children's Fund. org. nz/Nepal-Earthquake-
Call or call 0800 808 822 New Zealand Ming AI Aotearoa: visit Ming AI. org.
New Zealand or call 0900 4 11 11 New Zealand Nepal Association: you can call the bank account number 01-0142-0053378-
Himalayan Trust reconstruction appeal: a gift to visit. co.
RIP fund: visit rip fund. org.
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