nestle to boost healthy food products in brazil, eyes partnerships - organic plant based skin care products

nestle to boost healthy food products in brazil, eyes partnerships  -  organic plant based skin care products
SAO PAULO (Reuters)-
Nestle will increase its natural and organic products in Brazil.
A spokesman said that as part of a broader plan to reduce sugar, sodium and saturated fat in foods in the United States, it is sold in the global market.
Local Swiss subsidiary-
Brazilian-based Nestlé's head of marketing and communications, Frank Polmer, told Reuters that the company had 25 plans to launch in 2019, compared with 20 last year, of which
Like other packaged food manufacturers, the producers of Nescau chocolate powder and Kitkat bars are aligned with the trend towards healthy food for consumers around the world.
Nestle Brazil allocated 0. 4 billion reais ($99. 66 million)
Pflaumer added innovation over the past five years.
He declined to give estimates of capital spending for the next few years, but said it was unlikely that investment levels would decline.
Pflaumer said that since 2014, Nestle has cut 14,000 tons of sugar, 5,000 tons of saturated fat and 300 tons of sodium in the production process in Brazil.
Last year, Nestlé opened a new quality assurance laboratory in Brazil and launched its first organic food production line.
"Organic production is not the hardest part, and the most challenging part is mass organic production," Pflaumer said . " Nestle will expand its product portfolio to launch four new organic baby foods.
He said that as the company looks for new ways to bring products to consumers, cooperation with startups including Columbia delivery company Rappi is also underway.
When asked about potential acquisitions, Pflaumer said Nestlé is monitoring all opportunities while still focusing on four priority business areas: coffee, pet care, child nutrition and water.
"There is no fixed --
Innovation budget. . .
"The deal could happen," he added . "
Outside Brazil, Nestlé has been actively acquiring other businesses.
In 2018, the Swiss company acquired a majority stake in the Ecuadorian company Terrafertil, which sells natural and organic plants
Based on food, after the deal in the United StatesS.
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